Is Gov. Rochas Okorocha a victim of hate Propaganda?

Gov Rochas Okorocha
Is Gov. Rochas Okorocha A Victim Of Hate Propaganda?
To classify a country anywhere in the world as corrupt means different things to different people in different places. Corruption going by its subjective dependency could be regarded as a universal problem hence every country in this world has some form of corrupt practices or the other. It could be bribery, drug trafficking, election malpractices or police brutality. The difference being the political will to which the leaders of that country care to whittle down its excesses. In that case adequate laws are put in place and anybody found wanting is made to face the music no matter how highly placed in order to deter other intended offenders.
Gov. Rochas OkorochaBut in a country like Nigeria the most populous black nation in the world, corruption as in corrupt practices means almost every unimaginable illegality against the state and the people in a wider scale. The acceptance of this act as a model made corruption visible in almost all the segment of the society including the Judiciary which supposing is the last hope of a common man. The Army, Police and Navy are all examples of how corruption has eaten deep into the fabric of Nigerian society, civil services, and religious institutions not out in these wide corrupt tendencies.
In addition to the speed and rate corruption is spreading in our society like a wide fire, it has equally attended a dangerous and alarming height which can be measured from the precision to which Nigerian politicians slander each other in their quest for political office. The hazardous effect of clumsy campaign and propaganda as practiced by politicians in Nigeria is much noticed during election period; potential voters choose their candidates based on who among the contestants had won the propaganda and not necessarily on whose Agenda or Manifesto they believed in, many hiding under the cover of my tribe, religion or party affiliation as an excuse for voting the wrong person in office, the way round voting out good leaders from office.
The perfection act of using propaganda machinery to blackmail perceived opponents is so entrenched in Nigeria political life that one may begin to wonder if Propaganda were enshrined in the1999 Abdusalam military decree called constitution of Nigeria, A political life style that appear the only tool Nigerians politicians knows too well how to use.
Nevertheless, one of the side effects of pull Down syndrome in any country is that oftentimes Good leaders with good intention are left at the mercy of clumsy campaigners and propagandist, especially if unchecked as in Nigeria. Many of which pretending to be politicking while unleashing venous, hate and attacks to political rivalries as seen in Imo-State today against Gov.Rochas Okorocha.
As a distance keen observer and an indigene of Imo-State living in Germany, my attention has being drawn to what I suppose is a flammable, uncouth, uncivilised and unacceptable name calling to the person of Imo State Gov.Rochas Okorocha by his distracters most of them paid agents from outside Imo state. What should have been criticism based on issues has turned into personal attacks and unwarranted pillar to post vituperation.
These campaign slander agents seems to have nothing else to tell Owelle than depicting him an illustrious son of Orlu Imo-state as an Alhaji Hausaman, Boko Haram and enemy of ndi-Igbo, all because of his style of leadership, political association and hard working in Imo-State. They left behind the debating issues of good governance which is what constructive criticism is all about and pursued a hate agenda. Their antics is character assassination of the highest order that?s nowhere near the political lexicon of a civilise people we claimed to be. If Mr Okorocha as allegedly claim by his traduces grew up in the north or that he?s may be half Igbo, should that have been an excuse to denigrate his person almost on daily basis? In fact, continuously making reference to Okorocha?s connection to the north by rivalries is sickening and should stop henceforth. I mean literally using that as a political weapon is baseless period.
Perhaps what those who thought they are making political points by referring Rochas as a northerner, do not know is that most notable pre-and-after-independence Igbo leaders has one or more imprint in the northern Nigeria, few were entirely born and raised there. From Zik ?(Niger State), Ojukwu (Zungeru)-,even our great Orji Uzo Kalu the richest Igbo man had his life started somewhere in the north.
Ok, take Ojukwu -Eze Igbo GburuGburu- for instance, he was born in the north grew up half way in the west and studied in UK, hence earlier he spoke Hausa and Yoruba languages fluently more than Igbo. During his early military career he was a pro-Nigerian soldier to the core and at the time of Nzeogwu coup of 1966 his military command were amongst the area that had not fallen to the coup plotters mainly because he resisted the attempt by his colleagues to truncate that Govt. at that fledging point of our nation first democracy.
The same could be too said about Zik who many knew all over Africa as a Nationalist, his views even in the heat of Nigerian onslaught against Ibos were one Nigeria till the war ended and till he died in 1996. That these great sons were born outside Igbo land was never a factor or an issue for discussion throughout their political carers, they fought gallantly and fulfil their dreams and aspiration for their people.
And rightful that way they had set a standard that no matter where you are born, as a true Igbo blood you are obliged mostly if you find yourself in a position of power to work hard, fight hard to advance the course of your fathers land. And to me Gov.Okorocha represent the strong, boldness and resilient spirit the likes of Zik, Ojukwu and many great Igbo?s sons who were born outside but made it stronger at home, afterall they are few well educated rich Igbo?s living in Lagos and Kano and other places around the world who due to political disadvantage of our people -for now- had decided to stay put in their places birth.
So can anybody in the whole wide world tell us why Gov.Rochas Okorocha case should be different from other Igbo Leaders? Could it be some of his colleagues? Who may not like his political audacity and sagacity as a fire brand politician sponsoring this campaign to bring him down? Is he being bullied? Or, Are we Igbo not accommodating? I hope that?s not the case.
So, when I heard or read opinions of some people who are thinking loud that Rochas may be working for northern Agenda with no reason than that he was born there, I laugh knowing too well that their views hold no water as most of Igbo leaders in the past had the same fate like Rochas born and raised partly outside Igbo land. That he defected to APC for a possible Presidential/Vice Presidential slot is equally not enough reason to call him names as there are no rational in expecting every Igbo man to remain in APGA, a seemingly regional party with only one state to its name and little known at the centre could not possible pull the trigger. In politics people can jump boat provided the decision to do so was anchored on principles and policies that could benefit their immediate constituencies.
For those who do not know Rochas is not the only leader in Igbo land that had in the past defected to a political party at the centre against the popular wish of some people. Back to Ojukwu again when he came back from exile in 1983,? there was a wide expectation by the Igbo?s for him to join the popular NPP party founded and dominated by easterners but to everybody surprise he joined NPN a party predominately Hausas and he never won any election there. His excuses that he wanted to move to the centre politics to help re-integrate Igbo?s back to centre politics was criticised by few sceptics but applauded by many who bought into his ideas, of which was the best thing to do at that time. Ojukwu views about centre politics and Rochas joining APC are in tandem, a Siemens twice.
Although Ojukwu failed in that adventure, he was rigged him in favour of his opposition candidate young Jim Nwaobodo that time, his party members who were afraid of his brilliance, boldness and outspokenness wanted him out and they manipulated the result as usual. Nonetheless, his decision to join northerner?s party teaches us not to be far from the centre politics. That whatever maybe the case we should not put all our eggs in one basket.
Anybody who is following Rochas antecedent will attest to the that fact he had always played politics at the centre with every intention just like other Igbo?s to contest the Nigerian presidency probably jostling to break the long held acrimony by ndi Igbo to produce the Nigerian presidency of Igbo extraction . He demonstrated that by boldly contesting against Obasanjo in a general election in which he came second. So tell me who these people who are making the unnecessary argument that decamping to another party is a mortal sin against ndi- Igbo. And on whose interest are these dirty campaigns against Imo State Gov. being served?
Having said all that, it?s also important to point out the buck of Rochas critics and attacks has nothing much to do with Imolites rather with some neighbouring state govt. sponsored agent of blackmail. Since Rochas assumed office 2011 there has been skirmishing between him and some state Govs. First was T.A.Orji the Gov.of Abia State, when out of Rochas standing ovation and oratory gift stole the occasion of Dim Ojukwu burial at Aba stadium while he Orji was booed by his subjects. Since then all hell were let loose, the sisterly state cooperation between Imo and Abia has suffered greatly to the point even the state transport corporation of the two states nearly collapsed the last time as a result their vindictive policies. At some point Rochas birthday bash organised by some Imo State indigenes living in Aba was quashed by the bullying Gov.T.A Orji whom since he entered office has waged an endless propaganda media war against his political mentor and predecessor Kalu.

After those episodes and in a twinkle of an eye, the media war of attrition against Rochas had extended to Gov.Peter Obi of Anambra and his aids. Although their problems was more of a case of mistrust, and distrust occasioned by the fear that Rochas was about to hijack the APGA party national structure then and that sentiment was echoed largely due to the conflict that enveloped APGA between Anambra State Gov.Peter Obi and the then National Chairman of APGA Chief Victor Umeh shortly after Rochas took office 2011in Imo State. Thanks God that protracted and bitter dispute was settled finally otherwise it had got APGA lot of mistrust as loyal members across east of the Niger were practical fed up with incessant court cases? and ego induced politicking when the issue of governance and party building was relegated to the back burner.

This political system of destructive campaigning peculiar to Nigeria is most detrimental to citizen?s right to choose candidate during election. Majority of the voters mostly illiterates are left with no option than to vote whoever that won the propaganda in the media. It?s a complex system that projects every politician to be corrupt whereas many came to power with enormous good will and resources at their disposal as in the case of Rochas Okorocha of Imo State. A man before he came into Govt. had massively invested in humanity through his mega free education programmes designed to help less privileges in our society. A fit he had since repeated in Imo-State as Governor.
While, it?s not out place for politicians to clash at times based on policy variation, opinions or party interest. The ugly situation is when little matters arising from differences of opinions are allowed to snow ball into full time conflict of interest that?s capable of derailing cooperation needed amongst this sisterly state to prosper its people. In the case of how South east Gov are going about fomenting trouble with each other and using propaganda to settle scores is frustrating, its leaves no Igbo man in doubt that our collective interest at centre is in jeopardy.
In the main time, My hope is that the fine gentleman Gov.Elect Dr.Willie Obiano in Akwa Anambra will find it expedites to try and resolve the problems within the rank of south east Govs forum since Obi who featured prominently in this saga is on his way out
At this point, let me also advice those who may be warning up to scheme Rochas out of Douglas Road Owerri come 2015. I have heard cacophonous noises about how money bag politicians from in and outside Imo state are planning to pump billions of naira to sponsor clumsy campaigns against Rochas in a “do or die” manner reminiscent of Obasanjo South Western politics come next election. The truth is Imolites are not fading up with Gov.Rochas and will vote for him again unless fate has it that he will go for a high position at the national level. I am convinced Imolites are in love with their Gov. The hope, energy and warmest he brought when Imo was on the brick with Ohakim-Ikiri-PDP Government cannot be wished away easily. At that time I believe Imo-state people voted for Rochas and not a political party as against the thinking of many easterners. Mark it this time, Imolites will vote him again irrespective of his party affiliation. No amount of propaganda, blackmail or intimidation will sway the wishes of Imo-state, we know what we want.
To round it up, I have said that Ala-Igbo is one indivisible land and people trampled under the jungle contraption called Nigeria. We have only but two choices to survive in this forced belligerent, distrusted and shoulder looking marriage, one to find the unity of purpose to pursue and help create a vibrant democracy within Nigeria where each component of the federation will flourish in a true federalism states where our God given talents, dreams and collective aspiration will be fulfilled. While it?s good that our politicians are well represented at the centre, the other option is for our leaders precisely these present Govs. To wake up from their chilling air conditioned rooms and clandestinely give support to the numerous nationalistic groups emerging in Igbo land to forge ahead with an International acceptable ways of asking for self determination for a right of a father land. It is achievable and can happen as it has happened in east Timor, former Soviet Union and recently in south Sudan.
Discrimination, Jealousy and stiff competition among we Igbo?s makes us vulnerable before our political enemies who can neither allow us go our way as a separate country nor accept us properly in a our country-instead had slaughtered us in the past , keep slaughtering now with ever propensity to do more. No nation under- siege like us had escaped the trampling of her political enemies without first having found the unity, strength and cohesion to strategise and reposition itself.
Igbo are a people hated, envied, discriminated and marginalised in the Nigeria project; ours is simply political survival and remember any nation or a people without a formidable political front and unity must prepared to be ruled by others. Tufiakwa, Chukwu Abiama Ekwe-kwala.
Concern Imolite Citizen.
By: Adams Kennedy Chidi
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