Government appointee to prioritise economic empowerment of women


Ms Love Peace Kpedekpo, a Government Appointee of the Adaklu District Assembly, said she would work hard to push for the economic empowerment of women in the District.

“Though I am a government appointee, I am not only representing the interest of government but will also work to empower women so that they can control their own destinies,” she said.

Ms Kpedekpo, the only woman in the 19-member Assembly, said this in an interview with the Ghana News Agency at Adaklu Waya.

She said she would facilitate the formation of women groups to enable them to have access to government’s interventions.

Ms Kpedekpo, also the Executive Director of Help Our Village Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organisation, said she would liaise with investors to establish small scale industries in the District to generate employment for the youth.

She said she would not be overawed by her male counterparts but would contribute meaningfully during the Assembly’s sittings.

She appealed to her colleagues to make sittings very conducive for all to contribute freely for the progress of the District.

She called for unity to ensure development adding that no meaningful development could take place when there was chaos and lawlessness.

Ms Kpedekpo urged the people to embrace government’s programmes and policies, especially the Planting for Food and Jobs and Planting for Export, to better their lot.


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