Government committed to transforming Ghana into industrialized nation

Chief Executive Officer Of The National Youth Authority Pius Enam Hadzide
Chief Executive Officer Of The National Youth Authority Pius Enam Hadzide

The Ghanaian government has reiterated its commitment to transforming the country into an entrepreneurial and industrialized nation to enable the youth to secure decent jobs.

More so, the government has intensified efforts to ensure that the youth are well-educated and empowered to take advantage of the growing opportunities in today’s global village, which is characterized by technological advancement in every sector.

The Chief Executive Officer of the National Youth Authority, Pius Enam Hadzide, made this known during the 2023 National Youth Month Celebration which was held in Accra.

According to him, the youth are pivotal in the socio-economic development of every country, including Ghana hence it is essential for the youth to be well-educated, emboldened, and supported in order to enable them to unearth and reach their full potential.

The youth in diverse ways, contribute to achieving local and global development goals, such as the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the African Union (AU) Agenda 2063 – which seeks to create “the Africa We Want.” In the wake of the rising impact of climate change, the youth’s role in addressing issues in this area can also not be underestimated.

He noted that the partnership between the NYA and IYF is anchored in the firm belief that the present and future of the country can be motivated by the example of South Korea, moving from third to first world in record time.

The Chief Executive Officer stated that the conference will discuss challenges, and problems and propose workable solutions for the country.

He stated that other avenues will be explored during the conference to reform various aspects of society, from education, employment, technology, and governance.

Additionally, the conference inspires new perspectives, challenges old paradigms, and catalyzes the emergence of a reformed Youth population that is ready to take up the mantle of leadership.

“A Reformed Ghana is not merely a vision but a shared aspiration that requires concerted efforts from all quarters. It is about fostering an environment where the potential of every Ghanaian is unlocked and celebrated” he explained.

He urged the youth to participate actively and network during the conference as the journey of a transformed Ghana begins with them.

Vice President Of Iyf West Africa Oh Sei Joe
Vice President Of Iyf West Africa Oh Sei Joe

The Vice President of IYF West Africa, Oh Sei Joe, also encouraged the youth to share their hearts with others by having a challenging mindset that seeks to change the world.

He advised the youth to focus on educating their minds to think deeper and solve the many problems in society.

“If you educate your mind and have a different mindset, then this Country will be a wonderful place to be in for you and also for others,” he said. He urged the youth to be diligent and cooperate in helping each other to build the nation.

The conference culminated this year’s Youth Month Celebration which sought to provide opportunities for the youth to advocate for policies and actively engage in matters of national interest.

The conference under the theme: ‘Reformed Youth, Reformed Ghana’ was a collaborative effort between the National Youth Authority and the International Youth Fellowship (IYF).

The conference brought together about 3,000 young people from across the country to participate in various youth empowerment activities.


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