Government cowardly over protection is threatening our natural rights

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Both Religious and Secular Governments are Dangerously Threatening Our Natural God Given Rights.

Human beings have rights long before the first modern government on earth and it is vital to know them and fight for them beyond the ones Governments confirmed and sometimes withdrawing from, in fear, greed, and arrogance. The Religious hypocrites will claim but ‘they are the ones God entrust to rule upon us, [justly]’, ignoring each have the right and responsibility ‘to exhort each other to Truth and Patience ‘, including with governments. The secular hypocrites normalize evil , including fear, greed, and arrogance; plus they arrogantly want to claim exclusive right to define what is truthful and to punish others over words they deem ‘misinformation’. Giving millions the right to lie and denying hundreds or thousands the right to be truthful is not Just, and hunting even one truthful one is a shameful defeat. Although our natural rights are many, we have to limit this discussion to what many describe as ‘freedom of speech’.

As Western media report how a Russian opposition leader is given eight years for ‘description’ that Russia may claim threatens its security, we must consistently show how western governments are doing something very similar or same things, sometimes before the states that may copy in worse ways. Those with ‘at least’ mindsets will claim western injustices ‘at least ‘ go through unjust laws or the courts. They will claim ‘at least’ Chelsea Manning went to more than five minutes court process. They will ignore our rights to truth precede our right to any form of interest. Our responsibility to be truthful with the public is also the first and most vital service. Public interest should concur with so called government interest , and where conflict exists, then serve the public that puts you there and the government to be conscientious.

The Law of conscience is the highest law of humans and any country. This is why ch.91 demands raising it to succeed. The constitution was supposed to be the agreed conscientious foundation, but our conscience can grow to update a constitution that justifies slavery as example. The other laws should concur with both the constitution and conscience. Then international laws equally demand conscience. Using your national laws to suppress international conscientious actions can only be described as national supremacy than ‘ national interest ‘ and endangering of humanity than few of your guilty ones , you may try to over protect. Interest or financial greed justified white supremacy and slavery; interest or financial greed is justifying nationalism over conscience in u.s, Russia, and every country that wants its laws to be worshipped and never challenged, even when clearly wrong. Since some citizens are guilty of unnecessary fear or greed, not just politicians, the questionable politicians and media may further mislead guilty citizens.

Truth should be seen as our national , racial, and universal saviour. The anti truth and anti truthful folks are the real ‘anti Christ’, from secular and religious perspective. If God is truth and with the truthful, then opposing truth means opposing God, the prophets, and the believers of truth. Love is an aspect of truth, so calling God love is not wrong, but not central. Loving your race was argued to lie for your race or against others; loving your country is argued to lie for your country, lie against others, be cruel to others and hide the truth against the truthful? If u.s democrats or UK politicians claim truth can be our national saviour, but not our universal saviour, then they underestimate the power of Truth and may selectively wish for truthful ones to defy national laws in which countries? In Russia, China, and Iran, not England and Canada, or we extradite? Our most dangerous mistake is putting intelligence above Truth, and second most dangerous mistake is putting questionable kindness or fear above Truth.

Any person or country that wants reputation should first work on perfecting its character, including punishing citizens that commit war crimes and other sins between creatures. If fear suggests hiding the truth until the God of Truth uses whom he wills to reveal the truth, humility means admitting the truth and rewarding the truthful, but arrogance means denying the truth and/or hunting the truthful. Russia or xyz saw war crimes on largely different race, religion or region called Iraq as seed or Bucha as watered plant of the devil, blossoming? U.s nationalism and laws above conscience will argue on fear to claim our ‘bad ones’ are endangered by truthful revelation? Russia’s nationalism and laws above conscience will also argue on fear to claim, ‘our soldiers may resist or be charged with war crimes’, instead of special operation crimes? Manning was psychologically tortured in the u.s before any meaningful court proceeding, but the ‘at least ‘ mindsets folks cannot see that or the dangers. So Russia may psychologically and physically torture some prisoners, and argue u.s torture suspected terrorists and run a propaganda they are terrorists to the fearful citizens to applaud; Russia or xyz may claim war is beyond physical and use u.s treatment of Iraqi or xyz prisoners to justify torture. Saudi Arabia or xyz may also claim we are u.s partners against terrorism, let’s make unjust laws like u.s , we can torture or even kill suspected terrorists or even opponents we can wrongly label. The world of modern governments is largely led by u.s , so every unjust law there is like a seed that blossoms around the world.

For years we called for culture of cameras and u.s resisted , and continue to kill mainly black males over Cannabis. Persistence and God’s help is gradually defeating the anti truthful folks in many states, but study Florida and how people and u.s politicians weakly spare Florida’s unjust laws. The anti truthful folks often claim truth revealing is not intelligent or endangers their precious guilty ones. So Florida claims filming cops is illegal and endangers cops, including abusive cops? U.s democrats did nothing or hinted China should enact the Florida laws and the hypocrites will support the Chinese who film protests or riots/abusive police? The Governor of Florida is terrible as Trump and some form of anti truth , spared by the same democrats that under confronted Trump’s lies? By refusing to argue public space demands public responsibility, and citizens have the right to film public spaces, especially if it involves potential injustices, you are spreading unjust laws beyond Florida and China. You were suppose to tell the millions of democrats in Florida+ to buy body cameras than pay for abortions , or shift ten percent of the defence and offence budget to culture of cameras for Iran , Saudi Arabia, the Gambia, etc if you are serious about sins between creatures, including women’s safety. A percentage from the profits of weapon sales can go to cameras for world justice.

When you argue unjust laws should still be respected and challenged with only words, so that you selectively monitor top Marijuana activists; or challenged with inefficient protests, so that you arrest how many ‘Martin Luther kings’ even today and trigger riots, then you arrest even more and harm citizens. Then, Iran will also argue it’s unjust laws should still be respected and challenged with begging? They will copy your arrest of peaceful protesters and it will trigger riots, but your hypocritical media will call it protest, never riot or condemn at least the rioting aspects? Depending on what is being protested against, the u.s, u.k, and many so called democracies still arrest peaceful protesters and target leaders of movement for a better world, where personal rights are absolutely respected and sins between creatures are strongly confronted beyond culture of cameras. When you allow India to force millions of Muslim women to remove simple Hijab or be denied even education, then God or Satan have to allow Afghanistan to deny girls/women education through clothing or xyz to test world character or consistency. You can censor some on social media, and dictate mainstream media to ignore or barely cover India+, but the thoughts, words, and actions like sanctions against individuals and countries are in God’s record, from why, how, when, and beyond.

In which year did the u.s constitution gave you freedom of speech versus even when the Koran says, ‘exhort each other to Truth and patience…’, plus other verses that clearly point to absolute personal rights of adults, patience on words, or fight words with words, etc. There is no Islamic state on Earth to the best of my knowledge, but the hypocrisy in governments is very troubling. You are allowed to read those verses of ch.103 in Saudi Arabia and Indonesia, but practising it or even conscientiously explaining it may get you in trouble, unless God’s help you like he helped me on and beyond Yahya Jammeh. If America truly wants to help improve Saudi+ human rights then you must first sincerely repent and partner up with me and my type. We can have TV, Radio, etc on international waters and I can use mere words to peacefully subdue the hypocritical leaders or enlighten the populace to rise with ch.103. May God ends the abuse of all governments and help us minimise sins between creatures, especially in public places.

Worse than LGBTQ is denying people the right to express their thoughts on it or ‘exhort each other to Truth and patience ‘. People have the right to criticise polyandry, polygamy, pornography, monogamy, and others, so how can LGBTQ be above criticism and people losing their jobs over simple harmless opinions. It is such over protection that actually endangers them. Whereas the Bible questionably called for their killings in older books, The Koran deems it personal sins that gradually went to sins between creatures to warrant God’s punishment. It seems as you are repeating the crossing of that dangerous line. So any so called Muslim or xyz that wants to censor me in the name of protecting LGBTQ will face my imprecations and God’s punishment can come against you. I do not believe in killing or jailing LGBTQ, but clearly sees it as over protected disposition. We demand worldwide marijuana legalisation and give me marijuana with only pretty so called lesbians when in need… Since many of them hardly look good, then I pray for a good and great

looking heterosexual woman, but knows some heterosexuals may be worse than LGBTQ. I do not want adulterous heterosexuals, especially against children; do not want child molesting heterosexuals, but give me some u.s teenagers some claim as ‘children’. Description is a crucial part of freedom of speech and classification can be wrong in the world of governments.

Classification of marijuana as schedule one drug before social media was dangerous, but it could have mean claiming marijuana has medical benefits is ‘misinformation’ they may censor or jail you for. Activism alone could not have legalised marijuana, we needed growers, acting to change laws is sometimes necessary. We know covid misinformation by governments and individuals exist, but governments must know how to react

and never try to over protect. Classification of cruel acts in a war as classified information is a question of description. Starting an NGO to tell the people lying and cruelty should be exempted from classified information or revealing them should never be a crime , can get you killed? Did you know ms. Sarah Palin called for the killing of Julian Assange, using ‘special forces’ and we need to know how many times u.s and others used special forces to kill individuals in Ukraine , u.s, or xyz?

The real purpose of Government is what many people failed to understand and this is how they keep changing colors throughout history. Some use governments to satisfy their personal greed, but others use it to satisfy their personal fears, group fears, and against others. Even using government to satisfy arrogance

exists, or study some privacy claims in public space. Rather than trying to cure the unnecessary fears, greed, and arrogance of people, some normalise or even encourage them. The boundaries of government should consistently remind people have personal responsibilities that is primarily theirs; extended personal responsibilities and collective responsibilities in a Global village. Without collective responsibilities, many of your so called personal rights will not be highlighted and meeting your personal responsibilities would have been largely impossible. May the Universal God quickly conquer lot more devils, even if it means sending angels on earth and arresting government officials and other guilty folks around the world. May God bless us with Showlove Trinity: Let’s learn, let’s work, let’s have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo

An Activist and Transformer.

Optional note:

Through many Verses, we forbid you fear , greed, and arrogance; then inspire Jarga to claim they are the roots of evil. So which gender ate or is still eating the apple of fear, greed, and arrogance? I suspect both heaven and hell have every gender, so let the foolish debate which gender dominates which homes.

How many teenage boys feared teenage girls to masturbate? Should we blame the scary girls who publicly shamed boys or the boys who succumbed to fear? Where masturbation feels good, you can continue to dangerously masturbate, conquer fear with girls, or try boys as gays. All may feel good, but sometimes as a trap. Even those who conquer fear, will be tested on greed and/or even arrogance. Some boys get greedy with girls to seek many or lie for one until she denies him. Then some boys cry or arrogantly force. Well, fear, greed, and arrogance is not exclusive to heterosexuals.

Ms. Fear said men are mean according to the media or experience, so she wants to try women or only women. So an ugly girl who could not find man choose her as friend and threatened her to subdue or just appeal to her other weaknesses. Baby, you won’t get pregnant like the boys without condoms. So they played and it felt good like or more than masturbation or wet dream? She may try men, but if a five minute man cannot go second round, then many women have problem of sexual greed, not just men. So Ms. Greed is born and looking for Ms. Arrogance.

Ms. Arrogance or Griner says no man should lay on top of her, she is a husband in the bed and looking for another arrogant and lazy woman who wants a man made woman called plastic dick. No more under five minutes men and you do not have to look for a black man for over one hour, and some racists agree, but even black girls like Serena Williams says black men are unworthy?

Arrogance perfectly needs fear to exist, but arrogance can also happily marry greed. When a culture chooses culture of masturbation in fear , greed, or arrogance it may seem harmless, but debate the roots of evil. Why should my beautiful neighbour fear to ask me out for one night+, I may reject her or thank her for saving me from masturbation or terrible prostitutes? She may fear my arrogance or may actually be too arrogant to try a fellow single neighbour. She may even say, he is too poor, she can find a richer guy like Trump or the boss at work may ask her out one day. Fearful mind, greedy mind, and arrogant mind exists before words and deeds. The Truth remains wet dream is a test that no sane person prefers, we will proceed to masturbate or find a partner of some sort. Since sex can lead to children, our generation have it easier on that part , but our modern temptations are much higher. The so called professionals like doctors can be grossly mistaken beyond old standing on cannabis, masturbation, and beyond. Masturbation is very dangerous, especially for women. When men masturbate, you will likely release within five minutes and only unfortunate men will try second to endless rounds of masturbation. Women have the dangerous capability of masturbating for hours, get addicted, and arrogantly walk on the street with ‘men are crazy about sex’. Women who are addicted to masturbation have very few men they may appreciate, sexually. Lacking sexual satisfaction with men leaves you unhappy or trying women, because very few men may want to lick you or wear a plastic dick for you. LGBTQ is largely due to sexual greed and arrogance, but can start through fear.

So Ms. Arrogance or Griner grinds her for hours and the politicians told them they are fearless, but are they free of greed and arrogance, or even all branches of fear? Ms. Griner may enjoy hearing female sexual cries or why many women watch porn? Is Ms. Griner a virgin or she tried sex with men and didn’t like it? Was it a weak white male or ‘arrogant’ black male, and felt like trying different types of men is not worth it? Heterosexuals have bad sexual experiences in and beyond the bed, but further seek in which ways? Whereas some may lie it has nothing to do with sex, the truth remains sex do contribute to choosing partners. Ms. Griner cannot say my type of soft natural voice is still not tolerable, she prefers female voice and may thicken her own voice? Some arrogant women like control and since men are harder to control, Ms. Brittney Griner may enjoy controlling Cheryl Griner than being with average men. Emotions is the central part in relationships, and people value and control emotions differently. Sexual emotions are also very hard to control at times, or ask the heterosexuals who commit adultery or seek prostitutes and legally chastised than polygamy or bisexuals.

I truly recommend a study where thousands of LGBTQ will be given marijuana and long list of questions of their sexual experiences, because marijuana demands truth than people credited for alcohol. Searching for sexual happiness sometimes demand searching beyond your country or continent, but how can a teenager knows that or for racists try such. Griner can travel to Russia for money, but can she travel to Russia, Africa, or Middle East for a man, very different from average u.s men? Relationships also demands ‘exhorting each other to Truth and patience ‘, which does not mean unnecessary fighting or over tolerating. Even mainstream media admits LGBTQ change partners more frequently, hinting on lack of Tolerance or what? Our heterosexual worlds had expectations for each gender, depending on tribe or region. So when you are not ready to perform what you are expected of, bravery is telling them precisely why. For example, African culture demands men satisfying the financial needs or greed of women, so if you are poor or feel otherwise being with many African women will be challenging and you still need sex. Your options to try whites, Arabs, Asians, as example can be easy or hard; but by simply searching or confronting the financial greed or expectations of black women, you may find one of the millions of black women who are free of such. That requires higher bravery, but fear means trying your fellow man and someone may still call you a hero.

Do remember, every race or gender have problems of fear, greed, and arrogance. So black women may indeed be more guilty of financial greed, but Trump told us many u.s white women are like that, and Biden and Obama implicitly confirm it with weird workplace rules. I also believe white women have a bigger problem of arrogance or why do they want me to beg on a knee, or gay whites will copy? Well, since millions of Whites, Asians, Arabs, etc may humble up with me , with or without marijuana; we should focus undoing the terrible marijuana laws and curse the spirit of Harry Anslinger for fun or make interracial Obama babies.

Optional note 2:

Fear, greed, and arrogance are the cause of separation between individuals, but also between groups. The most honest gays will tell you they consider women to be greedy or arrogant; but the honest single heterosexual men will confirm many women are and hope to find the good ones. Similarly, the most honest lesbians will claim men are weak, implicitly admitting sexual greed or lack of experience with certain men; or men are greedy or arrogant. They may not have the courage in some instances, but you cannot dismiss a whole gender or race for no reason. Sex and the general attitude of a gender outside sex are the only two main sources of attraction or distraction. Why you prefer a gender is a simple question, but why you don’t prefer another gender or race is a much harder question. Loving your type is very easy, loving and tolerating others is much harder. LGBTQ are actually guilty of the crime they accuse others of, intolerance. Our differences in race or gender is indeed a learning challenge, but good and bad exists in all , also confirmed in ch.49:13. So when you are a man tested with a woman, there is a part to tolerate and part to demand change or separation. If you do not know tolerance, you may make children suffer; if you ignore needed ‘exhorting each other to truth…’, then you may live in hell or cause her to live in hell. A believer in God understands the test is beyond earth, try to help, but remembers patience, especially if children are involve.

The LGBTQ folks are now having children and society must help the children by demanding truth and patience. If Pete Bouttigieg cannot sexually satisfy a sexually greedy white woman and is told LGBTQ is OK, if another man touches him/her to feel good, running from happiness is hard. He can try other natural products and even prayers to be a super man. In a world of should, can, and want, sex cannot revolve around one or two. Should and should not exist in sex, including the heterosexual world. Everything in this world have a primary purpose. the anal is for excrete, do not try men/women in the wrong hole. Even many animals are beyond oral sex and masturbation, but humans have the option to be better and worse than animals. So when they claim few animals are gays and waiting to be lesbians, remember a higher percentage of animals rape or resist rape as challenge to humans?

Some of you may laugh at prayers, but God is very active in our sexual lives. He can sexually kill , sexually empower, or even over empower. I had the experience with a Chinese woman, we repeatedly enjoyed sex of over one hour for about a year. I got inspired with some words, mantra, plus simple vegetables and my manhood became too much for her. Three times sex within four days, and few minutes was too much for her and I did not release sperm in all three, plus no pain for me. Contrast that with our over one hour sex for a year and she was closer to asking more then. We ended up separating. This is not a brag, and may God curse me if I intentionally lie about it. The reason I am sharing it is to give hope to weak men, to seek God directly, because I will not share that mantra… You can pray or pray for your partner for a measured sexual power, but avoid LGBTQ . Also remember marijuana boosts sexual performance for many, and can help reduce sexual fears than sexual greed and arrogance on many. May the Truthful Lord give us lot more kindness, beyond sex.

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