Government Has More To Answer In Nayeli Scandal

Nayele Ametefeh aka Ruby Adu Gyamfi aka Angel
Nayele Ametefeh aka Ruby Adu Gyamfi aka Angel

Nayele Amatefe has been?sentenced to eight years, eight months in a London Court. The testimony by her lawyer included the statement that Nayele was aided by powerful people back home in Ghana. This revelation raises pertinent questions.

Nayele Ametefeh aka Ruby Adu Gyamfi aka Angel
Nayele Ametefeh aka Ruby Adu Gyamfi aka Angel

1. How was Mrs. Ametefe able to access the VVIP/Presidential transit lounge at the Kotoka International Airport?
2. How was she able to carry over 12kg of Cocaine in her hand luggage through the VVIP/Presidential transit lounge?
3. What gave her the confidence that she could carry that amount of cocaine in her hand luggage through Heathrow airport as she had done at the Kotoka International Airport?
4. Why was she arrested by the British Border Agency on the aircraft and not allowed to disembark?Did the British Border control suspect that she was not going to pass through the airport?

5. Is it mere coincidence that there was a Ghana High Commission diplomatic car on the tarmac to pick someone?
6. Why the seemingly confusion in government over bits of the story: NACOB, a government agency asserted that it was in the know about the arrest, only to be flatly debunked by the British authorities; The Attorney General charge sheet alluding to her transit through the VVIP/Presidential lounge, only to be reaffirmed that she indeed travelled through the VVIP/Presidential transit lounge
7. Why have persons who government has charged with abetment of NayeleAmetefecocaine saga been admitted to bail in Ghana?
8. What steps would Ghana government take to ascertain the so called powerful personalities in Ghana who were alluded in court to have supported NayeleAmetefe?

Recently in the MV Benjamin Cocaine case in April, 2007, the then NDC in opposition blamed the lapses of NACOB on the government of the day. Subsequent actions of the government of the day, such as a setting up of aMinisterial committee to investigate, the successful prosecution of seven people, etc, were all pooh-poohed by the NDC in opposition, as cosmetic and insincere. The NDC in opposition concluded that the government at that time was complicit in the MV Benjamin case and other cases.

By the same standard, the massive lapses, omissions and commissions in the NayeleAmetefe scandal, at the very least, by the NDC?s own standard in opposition, makes President Mahama?s NDC government complicit in this NayeleAmetefe cocaine scandal.
Ghanaians await further developments.


Nana Akomea
(Director of Communications)


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