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Government is the Pornography Pimp against men and our children?


Government is the Pornography Pimp and How to Defeat them?

Pornography is one of the most destructive legal soft cruelties against mainly men , teenagers, and children, but it is a multi billion dollar industry that money worshipping governments and blind people will over defend or even promote. Need I admit I oppose banning it, but support tactical fighting of all destructive products and services ? So I recommend timely and honest education of both genders about Pornography. Questionable people in government, especially the u.s and it’s western allies are partnering with mainly ignorant and mildly cruel women against mainly unfortunate men on porn. Human evolution shows some individuals used women as prostitutes, but around which era did governments enter the sexual business and make it worse? Yes, you heard me right, government have been a problem in many areas, including the sexual problems of the world . Our age sees very rapid changes in sex trade shifting, dying, and changing colors. We also now have the LGBTQ folks, who are also using Pornography to bait our children and teenagers into accepting LGBTQ ? The Pornography industry can be easily killed or maimed, but it requires education and sacrifice. They are also using regular movies with LGBTQ sex scenes to promote the questionable way of life.

Before the Internet, I remember a Pope condemning the u.s as the primary engine of world Pornography. We received porn magazines in poor Gambia, as teenagers, and we largely saw it as ‘dirty whites’, while many appreciated it emotionally. Beyond emotions, what was porn doing to our minds, mentally enslaving us to think about sex than books? Banning such will never work, just educate and confront such with better alternatives or even lesser evil. Should I admit Pornography is no longer just whites or just u.s, but its modern globalisation starts with whites, then money invites all other races. The u.s is also still the number one producer of porn and arguably the number one fighter against prostitution around the world. All for money, pimp master?

The ignorant ones in both genders can be educated, and the resisting ones can be confronted with tougher education , smarter laws, and lesser evil competition. Since every sane male adult knows pornography is worse than prostitution, which is also bad and deceptive against another ‘unfortunate males’. You can make a personal or world class movie: Two or xyz girls into different sexual trade worlds. Imagine a girl who goes to only porn studio and go share the money with the man he loves. Then another girl who goes to porn studio one , prostitution studio two, then goes to the man who marries a prostitute for money or pay more to her? Which man or men are worse off? Which studio will eventually close first? A fairly smart teenage boy can see the movie to learn and skip, or go through it as consumers to learn and/or teach, or call it life with indifference. Even the male victim may open a porn shop or website with teenage girls whom the law may wrongly over protect against adults and teenage boys.

Capitalism and extreme matriarchalism are two married evil partners, but higher truth of education with patience can defeat them. People grow out of evil through thinking and/or education, as individuals and groups. No sane man will get a good woman and pursue porn or prostitution. Since we are not born sane, we must know timely education and avoid punishing where we would have preferred patience and more education for self or our blood child. Just like many women grow from porn or prostitution mindset+, men do grow from bad consumption. The problem is failing to educate or admit …

Educating the populace is not hard once all the facts are out, but government being the powerful pimp that can censor my poor type, we must smartly look for brave rich folks for movies. Until then, we have to use social media and songs are among the hardest to censor. We have to debunk their lies or excuses, plus use their admissions and statistics . Mr. Bill Clinton said, ‘we criminalised prostitution to protect women’, but say no, to protect an Industry and bad to worse women? They may claim diseases, making it illegal actually causes more STDs or use your mind with regulations and compare with places where it is legal? Since myself and many others admit prostitution is still bad deal for men, even if it was one hundred percent free of diseases, then we are just tactically using prostitutes against the Pornography industry and do what to other women?

The worldwide legalisation of marijuana will probably raise our minds and more people will hopefully have less fear, greed, and arrogance , including women. This means women will serve sexually with higher quality for men to see prostitution as a ‘curse’. Even some free sex will be rejected by highly blessed marijuana folks , our conscience will rise to reject adultery and many other things. Of course I am referring to mainly the Godly, conscious folks. Similarly with women, they will evolve , especially if they know men no longer see porn as ‘harmless’ or precious. The service quality of the so called non prostitutes will always determine if prostitution or Pornography thrives, barely survives, or dies in a given society. Although men have strong appetite for sex, our nature is also limited in sex. After having good sex, you may not care about porn for hours or days. Men deserve free sex just like women, men deserve love just like women. These things may sound weird to some just like saying blacks deserve freedom like Whites and Arabs was weird to some. Eventually more women will accept such facts and men will also evolve from worshipping sex, but just respecting sex. The arrogant women may see it as a curse, but society must evolve or more gender conflicts towards LGBTQ will happen.

African governments, media houses, and people must ask how to educate our people and their people on Pornography. If you couldn’t stop porn magazines then, you must be delusional In thinking you can stop the Internet, USB drives, and how many other harder to control ways to access porn. Work on the people’s mind to refuse even free porn, then work on the bodies of the weaker ones and educate them right after sex. Marriage can only be promoted with less government dictates, but with more suggestions. Prenuptial agreements should have templates for people to choose or you risk creating a divorce industry that creates more gender divisions and up-to spousal killings. Tolerance must be taught and divorces be studied without gender bias. We cannot just defend Africa, we have to push to influence the west, including killing their Pornography industry, help legalise marijuana, help legalise prostitution there, etc. They want to give us legal LGBTQ, alcohol, and we cannot directly stop their porn, so let’s give them something less worse than they are selling us and our children may go there to have alternatives when tested with much worse women and government sexual sanctions. May God bless us through Showlove Trinity: Let’s learn, let’s work, let’s have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo

An Activist and Transformer

Optional note:

Many European countries have bad legal and illegal prostitution , so advising them to improve their regulations will help worldwide. Because Europe is extremely matriarchal, they do not care about educating men, but once they accept marijuana, we hope to see more care and more justice. Matriarchalism does not help women either, it directly hurts men more and some men over retaliate on women in a nasty cycle. Many Europeans see Chinese and Russian women as dangerous prostitutes , but their media talks about how Africans , especially Nigerians, are the willing and trafficked street prostitutes ? How bad you educate or treat your men to resort to prostitutes? As long as demand for prostitution exists, then legalising it makes more sense and you gradually educate the people to evolve. Human trafficking for sex is a huge problem and legalising prostitution will certainly reduce forced prostitution . If government truly care about women or the real victims (forced ones) and children, then sacrificing few willing adults and using the proceed and other facts to educate the populace will help. We eventually want no or least prostitution on earth.

I have called for mandatory worldwide education for up to twenty years and that will literally solve countless world problems. Hardly you see a woman or man with even bachelors degree directly in sex sales, except few as consumers because men are mentally over sexualized. They talk about women’s body are over sexualized , but refusing to admit men’s minds are over sexualized? We need both to think about sex less. The reason many women worry less about sex is it is readily available for them , often times. If men are honest, when you have a partner who hardly denies you sex, you gradually reduce thinking about sex. It does not mean your sexual interest dies, but it becomes under control. Like food, we act better with both sex and food when available enough without temptations and denials . Married men largely have such control and thus tend to behave well before questionable women, and she may wrongly prefer such without thinking why one person seems patient and the other impatient.

Look at the pornography industry from financial perspective and question if the u.s government does not make the most money as chief pimp? Does it benefit what percentage of women versus hurt what percentage of men, mentally? Like lottery, a percentage of the tax proceeds was suppose to be educating mainly men, especially teenagers and addicts based on frequency , then offer help services. All porn sites+ should pay special ‘dangerous product or service ‘ tax and have helplines and other essential information beyond vague age to enter.

Similarly, look at a well regulated prostitution industry and you know it will adversely affect the porn industry and government coffers. Help services should be to help both genders, because male consumers are indeed willing victims, like gambling addicts… what percentage of men and women may try it for how long, before admitting it is paying for low service or even diseases? Whereas the service can significantly increase when legalised compared to the underground world, there are many ways to teach men love is higher and how to seek it; then tactically show women how to offer better than ‘best prostitutes’. From added security to sweet conversations, to those who want children, I cannot fear legal prostitution taking many men for long. And it is vital to control their advertising, because we are not legalising it to encourage it, but rather to control it in much better ways, study and help people out of it. Both Sex and love should not be hard to get, and God’s curse be upon those who think men should sexually suffer than women in the extreme. You want us to suffer for the crime of being a male, then how can it be wrong for you to suffer until you love us duly or at least tolerably?

Penalties to teenagers who willingly do commercial porn makes lot more sense than rewarding them as victims… human laws, beyond sex, should always differentiate children from teenagers, and teenagers from adults. Making a movie where a teenager starts with marijuana or xyz sales to get punished in many countries, then a porn pimp telling her to make sex videos and claiming to be adult in some… They tell you it is your responsibility to verify a lying fifteen year old who claims to be eighteen or twenty in dating, and using similar in lying porns? Of course there are porns who use real teenagers or even children, or tiny adults to claim ‘child porn’? They want money, period. You can create many scenarios to show bad laws significantly contribute to why teenagers make many ‘ porn’ to harm unfortunate people at many levels. Some countries, governments or individuals, may even use such as political weapon, planting evidence on people’s computers, including activists? The number of times I saw things I never knowingly downloaded, not necessarily sexual material, in my computer is scary. The fact remains people and governments can plant evidence that may get you in trouble through our over protective sexual laws. Even animals do not suffer each other over sex like many humans do, and how varyingly some humans suffer than others, through culture, until when? It’s our choices that may influence God’s choices. we must ask why nature is seemingly hard on us sexually as humans or even between the races/genders? Let us save the children and the teenagers through truthful discussions and regulate public places to be more sexually considerate . Not one of us can deny we know many children and early teenagers will despise even public kissing and will be less interested in the prostitution world they should not be allowed. It is the so called adult or women rights that tend to Gamble children in gradual steps and sadly girls suffer worse where we discuss rights more than responsibilities.

Deception is hard for humans to police, but it is indeed a crime. You can warn the culprits and educate the victims, then let God do the rest. Many African+ women still see deception of men as no crime and need I admit there are deceptive men and women in every race? Porn happens to be less problematic in Africa, but other deceptions exist , light porn probably started in Africa and we are seeing a rise in at least street porn as freedom. The reason studying the African woman is vital is because humans started in Africa and look what deception karma did to Africa? So initiating or defending deceptions in the name of culture or kindness is a very dangerous illusion. Whether or not the best or worst of Africans were expelled or rescued from Africa, we are in a global village and should globally care with facts .

Life does not like unjust favors, so we must cautiously know kindness without truth and intelligence may lead to unexpected problems. Some Cultures, Religions, and now governments have repeatedly failed to focus on the best or average women to make sensible norms and laws, but wrongly focus on the weakest women to make choices that eventually hurt too many. Both hell and heaven will have both genders, so being largely gender neutral seems best. Social media is indeed one reality that shows many failed to train females how to understand the purpose of words and life is beyond short term emotions. Sex is a dangerous world (blessing), but not equally dangerous. All genders must know cruelty is not just a physical thing, nor is cruelty the only possible crime in sex. Even ignorance can be very dangerous, but lying for or about sex is not minor in the eyes of God and the Godly. Avoid sins between creatures or supporting them, but respect personal rights and remember the world of mutual consent still deserves education than indifference.

Optional note 2:

Cause and Allow between cultures or races: Women like to compete on beauty, but we are in the era of character . Every race have beautiful and ugly women, but every race also have good and bad character women, then their men. Since our primary discussion today is Pornography and secondarily prostitution, we should contrast the types of porn and prostitution we encourage between regions and ages. We love to contrast how politicians differ, how our oppositions, media houses, etc differ, but contrasting our women in character is very vital, because we can change evil to good, or make good much better. Humankind are largely very deceptive creatures and in the world of sex, females are by far more deceptive , and this does not mean you do not have millions of extremely deceptive men.

Marital culture started in Africa and was it fair and when did it start to be deceptive? The precise time is hard to know, but are we willing to change or at least educate the children with facts? Deception can start with lies, but often start with faulty classification, and fractional facts victims may accept. When the African woman claimed she is higher or sexually doing favor to men, was she factual or deceptive? Some historians claim prostitution was the first human trade, but it does not have to be the last and can be minimised. We can reject Norms we found parents in if we deem them deceptive or worse. We can take entry dowry as example: the liars in Africa+ want you to believe it is just symbolic, but the reality is millions of men suffer through it up to date, and caring people should smartly confront the questionable culture. Black Prophet Moses (pbuh) was said to work five to seven years as servant to get a wife and as ‘favor’? Deceptive people are always claiming to be doing favor, including slavery, colonisation, paid wife, paid prostitutes, and many other ills. The liars may claim religious books are lying, but up to date, the dowry amount in many African countries can amount to savings of at least ten percent of an ordinary laborer for ten years? It is not the amount in Africa versus Middle East we should contrast, but average laborer per region, because every adult deserves free sex or at least reasonable sex . Beside the entry dowry, Africa demands endless gifts to even the relatives of the woman and that is now causing divorces against children. Those worse than prostitutes will beg to differ and they are the ones that may see men in transitory hell with prostitutes as ‘lucky’ or abusive men to criminalise?

As terrible as porn is , it shed lights that women do enjoy sex and God is doing both favor. If you look at the sexual nerves of women, science confirms women may actually enjoy sex than men. Many women are now admitting sex is helpful and enjoyable. ‘Use your eyes, ears, and faculties, [to reject her lies] or beg her towards hell’? The way women scream in sex is unique compare to donkeys, dogs, or any visible animal we know of. I believe this is a favor that should be appreciated or God may take it away. So if you do not teach your daughters right, then they may become among the women who are sometimes expelled of sexual happiness. Feel free to accuse me of hating women or under the ‘illusion ‘ of God, God, God, but I can assure you that God exists and have power over our sexual powers towards reward or punishment.

Whereas Africa has mild porn on the streets, we have many ‘girlfriend’ porn stars who send men to prostitutes, as resort. When you have a so called girlfriend who seems to enjoy wet dreams more, thinking about her ex , have a secret lover, or waiting for a big gift before sex, then you likely have someone worse than prostitutes. Just like you should run from pretty prostitutes and porn stars, you should also run from those worse than prostitutes . As parents, you should teach both genders factually. Marriage is primarily witnessed by God, so we only include humans as secondary formality. The culture of dowry and other fears hamper marriage opportunities, and I understand a much smaller percentage of virgins rather wait for marriage. I think such should resist parents to marry without dowry or stay away from relationships. Of course our parents around the world are not perfect, and have been over favoring women against women in ways they are yet to fully comprehend. FGM is one example, it was to help women over men, but it hurts both or against women more.

The west have conquered entry dowry, but they are largely worse on porn and imposed exit dowry. Their men are slowly waking up , because deception cannot last forever. I actually see many western men slightly smarter, sexually, than average African men, but they have censorship problem and powerful corrupt men who abuse or lie for women. It is vital for all men, especially western men, to push for prostitution legalisation in the west , especially considering adultery, porn, LGBTQ, etc are legal. Marijuana legalisation and culture of cameras are more important than prostitution legalisation, and will likely eliminate prostitution if censorship is defeated.

Contrasting our best ones is hard, Contrasting our wives is also hard, but contrasting our prostitutes and worse than prostitutes is easier. First you check their mindsets and laziness. The mindset that sex is hard is by the lazy, because sex is closer to fun than work. It takes lying men and women to claim sex workers are hard workers, they are closer to lazy robbers. There are countless much harder working women than porn stars and prostitutes. Or introduce massage with sex and see how many African, Arab, or xyz prostitutes may rather lay down in lazy positions or may charge double or triple for different positions, or with massage? Smart journalists should ask questions and you will learn buying lies is very dangerous. You can ask many teenage girls in Africa and they may claim they do not have wet dreams, because some African cultures lie wet dreams mean you have invisible boyfriend? Why African boys do not lie about wet dreams like African girls? We can blame the parents or teach children the dangers of even such lies. Then some parents or cultures frown at sexual positions like ‘doggy style’ due to laziness, but may claim it is a curse or just for husband? Without changing positions in sex, a man who goes for an hour+ can easily develop health problems. Beside the girls who totally deny men sex towards resort prostitution, the one who is denied doggy style or xyz may try it with prostitutes? The lazy woman who denied his elder brothers doggy style positions may charge lot more for different positions as ‘hard’. A team of journalists can go underground to test prostitutes, ask missionary position rate, ask doggy style rate, ask one hour rate in every African country and do similar in Europe and every continent to know the African or xyz woman is largely lazy and our prostitutes are much worse until we legalise marijuana and prostitution and pressure them for free sex or import free sexual partners or even much better prostitutes around the world? If the journalists are too weak for such an investigative job, then they can interview the men who consume them. With education and pressure, they will change or perish. The type of prostitutes a country have is a thumbnail picture of their women, and improving them towards non-existent will improve both men and women. You see Senegalese and Nigerian tax- free prostitutes In the Gambia and refuse to ask how Gambian women contribute to it, or it is coincidently that Senegalese and Nigerian men are also said to be smarter and harder working than Gambian men? A u.s government lists where every country is importing prostitutes, but how they know and how accurate they are is just a what, what, what, issue; how and why should be studied. Low and high quality exist in every human choice, including sex. A low quality sex may include those five minutes affairs and some may wrongly tell you to be ‘grateful ‘ or sex is sex. Such a man may take the worst of prostitutes until they know quality sex. However, if he is used to hours of long sex, hugging, and kissing, then how can he even pay for hours? Knowledge and great service is part of how we elevate each other.

When you indoctrinate millions of white+ to pay for even porn and see it as ‘blessing’ , then ‘unauthorised ‘ touching becomes a big raise and you wonder why sexual assault (spanking) or groping is prevalent beyond teenagers? These adults whites+ males will see five minutes with African prostitute or an hour with Asian prostitute as huge raise or ‘paradise’, but even some animals may be getting better sexual deal. The evolution of humankind demand we push our women out of sexual deception or God may punish them worse than animals. Men who justify the character of worse than prostitutes will not be spared. The African male+ have a huge opportunity to study, but also to learn, because right and wrong exist before gender, race, tribe, etc. The west have a huge propaganda machine, not only do they have greedy women (prostitutes), they have many arrogant women, perhaps more than other races. However, some white women are also very diverse and tend to like learning and truth more, this gives them advantage until mainstream media tries to destroy them and humankind. Abusing good man or woman is very dangerous, and your culture may not rightly define a good man. So thinking or conscience is your best bet. Resisting truth can be very costly, so accept truth, try and go higher.

Also contrast smartly, street prostitution and housed prostitution are often different. Whereas many western street prostitutes are drug addicts, African prostitutes are hardly on drugs, but strictly for money and about five minutes in dirty areas, not hours and bathing before and after sex. Their dirt may make others run, but sexual hunger (emotions) will take some there for decades. Cleaning them may help in other areas, pressuring them to work harder in sex can kick them out of the dirty business. You can have religious, journalists, or political liars claiming they are poor women, but their robbery rates worldwide can start a business within a month or so, they prefer easy money. Europeans have their prostitute women as escorts and import Asians as massage prostitutes for those with wives who deny them sex…? When your wife denies you sex at will and her friend’s daughter offers you porn as right or favor, someone may take a prostitute or fool another girl next door until when? Then the Africans (Nigerians+) who refuse learning and even sexual positions to Africans will be on the European streets until when? They will make lot less money in harder conditions until they understand deceptions are dangerous and no race or gender is above learning and working on earth. I thank God millions of Africans+ are learning better ways, but we must confront our liars and cruel ones to rise further. A culture of camera is inevitable, but we push to help people and will cameras not reduce prostitution or at least street prostitution with social media? So you may accuse me of wanting prostitution, but I clearly educate and confront them than many of you do. It is illegal in the Gambia and many African countries, but our prisons have mainly marijuana folks, not prostitutes. By not regulating it, poor services will continue and add only woes to our society… the money worshippers say prostitution is why Africa is not developed, but Singapore, Netherlands, and how many countries have legalised prostitution and more ‘developed’? Financial development have more to do with accepting learning and working, and Pornography offers more than prostitution financially; similarly, alcohol offers more than marijuana on direct finance, but God through hemp and knowledge can raise finances. Spin-offs of killing both the Pornography and prostitution industries is not totally known, but more focus on real work+ is good… After educating them illegal prostitution brings more physical diseases than well regulated legal prostitution; show them legal prostitution (sex) reduces mental diseases on men and Pornography raises mental diseases , plus probabilities to masturbate towards physical disease, plus tendencies to grope or even rape.

The implicit prostitutes are also problematic. Once you cannot offer even free joyful sex to a man, then truly loving your children can be challenging. Your mind becomes corrupt and you see ‘free’ as a curse, then lack altruism. This is precisely why too many mothers and questionable fathers (partners in crime) over pressure children for money and forward many fractional facts to justify their greedy and sometimes arrogant expectations from off-springs. It is not the act, but the mindsets we must try to change. Arguing in fractional facts will not help you, because God can point to animals or other humans around the world in resisting evil and helping others resist; accepting good and help others accept good. We are all at different levels of good or bad, but justifying bad or denying facts will never help you. Humans evolve in the world of character, but some copy wrongly or become worse than prostitutes and prostitute consumers… So do not over worry if you are guilty, by admitting and repenting with efforts, God is always able to give you more than what man, woman, and children can give. Take conscience above culture, religion, and government lies through dying or xyz media houses. Ch. 91 told us the ‘conscientious will be successful ‘, not which culture, religion, or xyz. We have seen exit dowry and adult child support gradually challenged in mighty West, even by women. Heard vs Depp reveals how the ‘me too movement ‘ approach is faulty , dangerous, and defeat-able. Even my imperfect self will refuse to be an unjust witness, so the cameras of a just God is indeed worth remembering and God will not become an unjust witness or judge.

Love is possible and it is far beyond porn and prostitution. Even African girls do love, but bad culture destroy some at a very early age to think about money, money, money. Once you repeatedly tell a girl men should take care of women financially, then it won’t never make sense to marry who ‘cannot’ take care of you or the poor. Some may not think about except how to capture a rich man. A mindset is largely built through words , including the rectification. So telling the African + girl, learning and working is not exclusive to men, showing her millions of African women, higher millions of whites, Asians, etc are embracing showlove Trinity and seeing the benefits. Tell the religious folks to look at Khadijah of Muhammad (pbut) and that conscience is higher than religious hints, and Islam allows zero to xyz dowry to check character? Evolve or separate.

If you happen to be African, Asian, middle Eastern, European, or xyz good girl who happens to want me , or even lower than me, remember education and great service keeps a good man. Machines are taking over laundry, dish washing, etc. Cooking is closer to fun than work, especially in a nice kitchen or I run away. Sex is also closer to fun and an African Queen of South Africa, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, admitted and preached ‘every woman needs a man’, while Madonna was prostituting the minds of girls with ‘material girl’? So come take me or xyz and show us you can do much better than prostitutes. After great sex, I want us to thank God together rather than looking at me as I owe you an arm and a leg, or ten times what porn stars or prostitutes charge? Then walk with me or yoga with me in the house, beach, or park and whisper reality to me? Admit to me it is not about gender, that prostitutes or worse than prostitutes may try to take me or xyz from you, but we should know better or run through a hard cycle. Read with me or xyz a book than trying to gossip. How about edutaining music and strong herbal teas? Then I or xyz will also know many men you skip or may try you, but why did you choose me or xyz? The God of man and woman want me to be grateful than all the men you ever had or dreamt about, but ch.103 is the marital vow. So where our truth differs, let’s compete on patience and other good deeds. Conscientious sex or relationship should be blessed by a Kind God.

I do not forbid you helping women financially, but check her mindset and try to lift her in character where need be. You want more than finance from God, you should want to give her and her children more than finance. Also she is not forbidden to raise you financially and in character, especially through ch.103. Character and health mindset matters. In my SeneGambia, many women hardly use destructive products like cigarette and alcohol, men seems to have that problem. However, many women do not embrace good things like exercise and men should lightly pressure them to or leave. Similarly, when a man gets a good woman early, the problem of drugs, cigarette, and other ills hardly come. A man can be happy even without a woman, so adding a good woman is a plus, but a bad woman is stress towards more ills. Again, in SeneGambia we are seeing more young women taking education more seriously, perhaps more than young men who focus on going to the west or illusions of luck. There are other branches of learning+

to respect, not just formal education. Even such educated women may carry the problematic mindset of marrying only someone richer, plus we should not want to fail any gender. Men being often physically stronger may form gangs and face our culture of cameras. We are trying to legalise many things in Europe+ to kill the underground world, so teach the men to embrace education and thinking. Once you find a good woman, stop womanising or God may punish you for sins between creatures and ingratitude. We must think beyond sex or our gap with animals may never widen much. I admit sex is a great blessing, but a challenging one — avoid sexual stupidity, sexual lies, and sexual cruelty, beyond physical.

Many Women are sadly indoctrinated with lies they willingly believe without thinking much? We have talked about the African woman, but how about other regions? They probably do. While in Edmonton, Canada, I over heard a white woman claiming she told her ex ‘she does not want to be his prostitute and the only one worse than a prostitute is one who takes a prostitute’. These may or may not be well meant sayings, but they are not factual and have repercussion on our mindsets. I like her resisting, but it means she will see the robbed man by prostitutes as the worst man? How about the lying , raping, and other cruel men? If she truly believes prostitution is the worst, then she may even ignorantly be worse than prostitutes ? Also in Vancouver, Canada, one of my female Facebook friends who claimed to be a social worker to rescue prostitutes claimed, ‘men who take prostitutes are trying to raise their social status’. That cannot be true unless you were with someone worse than prostitutes and how will you escape prostitutes thereafter? I am concern about what she will tell the robbing prostitutes, but any man who believes her lies or illusions may wrongly try prostitutes? Although there are mysteries in sex , but trying to pray to God, then Learn and work hard may raise your social status than taking prostitutes. Try getting much better than prostitutes and I am confident they exist. Your social status may actually reduce with prostitutes unless God helps you greatly. Humans can be very naive and may God protect us lot more , confront their lies or illusions before they mislead people.

Regardless of your position on prostitution, what is your position on porn? Will you urge the governments to shift from being a pimp towards a more honest reluctant partner and visionary regulator? We have mentioned higher taxes to help victims, among others. Can we have a worldwide consensus to give porn sites a special ending (not share .net or .com) and make it easier to block in a country? We can also fight their advertisement partners through shaming and public boycott. Which companies take our monies against our boys’ minds, towards over sexualization and up to contributing to rape? If it was directly paid, less people will get involved or lessen time? Even ‘free porn’ is paid with precious time and lower animalising a precious mind. They say we are animals, but which animals have LGBTQ, porn with femalicious indifference, or rape and punish rape like humans? Some humans may reincarnate as worse animals, but our responsibility through conscience and reciprocal law demand we help the potential victims with facts.

We have seen the ‘me too movement’ and how countless western women cannot forgive even groping, but that is just an aspect of sexual cruelty. When God have to judge lies and deceptions, how many will be guilty even with their wife or husband? It is exceptionally vital to teach ourselves and our children to avoid lying and cruelty in and beyond sex. Marry if you are comfortable with the person and laws of the country, or at least be factual in the different forms of transitory relationships. If you are for one night, few months, etc just be candid and God may make it for life or perhaps not punish you. Avoid adultery, especially where children are involved. The term ‘lower your gaze’ is indeed a hint of how dangerous porn can be, but I truly believe the remedy of human sexual problems is making sex more readily accessible. A good man who have enough sex at home can walk pass naked women without much problems , but society have teenagers and adults without partners to consider. There are also some marijuana strains that seems to tame or even sexually satisfy on whom the Lord wills.

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