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Government Urged to Increase School Feeding Grant to Enhance Student Nutrition

Coalition Meeting
Coalition Meeting

The Bono Regional chapter of the Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition (GNECC) has called on the government to raise the feeding grants provided under the Ghana School Feeding Programme.

During a recent council meeting held in Sunyani, the coalition expressed deep concern over the current grant amount of GHC0.97 per child, describing it as woefully inadequate.

They advocated for an increase to GhC2.00 per child to better support the nutritional needs of students.

The coalition also highlighted the issue of delayed fund disbursement to caterers participating in the program. Mr. Raphael Godlove Ahenu, the Bono Regional Coordinator of the GNECC, advised the caterers to prioritize the nutritional content of the meals they provide to schoolchildren.

He expressed disappointment after witnessing the unsatisfactory quality of meals prepared for the students during a visit to a beneficiary school at the community level.

Mr. Simon Asore, a council member of the GNECC in the Bono Region, emphasized the importance of timely and regular release of the feeding grants.

He explained that such promptness would alleviate the financial burden on caterers who often had to borrow or rely on credit to fulfill their responsibilities. Considering the rising prices of food items, Mr. Asore suggested that the grants should be increased to GhC3.00.

Speaking on behalf of the coalition, Mr. Kobina Afena-Sam, the Bono Regional Chairman of the GNECC, commended the school feeding program as a commendable initiative that has motivated many children to attend school. However, he called on the government to address the challenges hindering the program’s effectiveness.

Mr. Afena-Sam also proposed expanding the program to benefit junior high school students and extending its coverage to all public schools in deprived areas at the community level.

The Ghana Education Coalition’s appeal to increase the school feeding grant reflects their dedication to promoting the well-being and educational opportunities of Ghanaian students.

By addressing these concerns, the government can ensure that the Ghana School Feeding Programme continues to play a vital role in enhancing student nutrition, supporting academic performance, and fostering a brighter future for Ghana’s young learners.

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