Gov’t lacks Political Will to Save Lives on our Road – Road Safety Advocate

Road safety campaign

The CEO of Samuel Whyte Foundation, Mr Samuel Agyapong who in the recent months taking upon himself to advocate for safety on our roads has chastised the government and other relevant stakeholders for lack of political will to help curb road accidents on our highways.

According to him, road safety is not high enough on the political agenda of the government table adding that they have failed in their campaign to revert such trends.

Mr Agyapong opined that , the government through state authorities mandated to put in place measure’s has done little to mobilize the political will that needed to increase actions and finances to save lives on our roads.

He acknowledged that, Advocating for road safety is equally important because it helps save lives , and prevent accidents.

The road safety ambassador also took the opportunity to elaborate more in an interview with NewsDeskWorldWide by raising awareness about the importance of following traffic rules, wearing seat belts, and avoiding distracted driving.

When asked about whether Road accidents and fatalities can be considered a “silent pandemic” because it claims millions of lives worldwide every year including Ghana .

His answer was absolute and he continued that It’s crucial to raise awareness and take action to prevent these tragic incidents from happening.

Ending his interview, he outlined few more reasons why advocating for road safety is important and called on all stakeholders in the country to join the movement for safety on our roads

1. It reduces the risk of injuries and fatalities on the road.

2. It promotes responsible driving behaviors and discourages reckless actions.

3. It helps create safer and more livable communities.

4. It encourages the implementation of effective road safety measures and policies.

5. It raises awareness about the impact of road accidents on individuals, families, and society as a whole.

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