Gov’t urged to invest in Digital Music Education Incubator Programs

Kofi Adams and Joni

In the wake of a successful Digital Music Education Seminar held at the Jasikan Municipal Assembly Hall in the Oti region, the influential digital music authority, Jonilar, calls upon the Ghanaian government and stakeholders to allocate funding towards Digital Music incubator programs in Junior and Senior High Schools across the country.

The seminar, organized by in collaboration with Digishare Africa, brought together industry patrons, musicians, producers, event organizers, bloggers, and government decision-makers, including the Honorable Member of Parliament for Buem Constituency, Hon. Kofi Iddie Adams, who delivered a great speech to restoring confidence in attendees.

Jonilar highlighted the escalating interest in technology and digital music among the younger generation, emphasizing the importance of adequately supporting this emerging field through educational funding.

The time is ripe for digital music education to be integrated as a compulsory subject in schools to ignite curiosity and foster a thriving community of digital music enthusiasts and professionals.

“By investing in Digital Music incubator programs within Junior and Senior High Schools, we are paving the way for a future where students can explore and learn about this exciting realm of music academically,” said Jonilar. “With such educational opportunities, students will gain valuable insights into the digital music space, identify potential work prospects, and unlock their full potential.”

During the seminar, industry professionals and experts shared their knowledge and experience, enlightening the audience about the vast potential and career possibilities in the digital music industry.

The gathering aimed to impact knowledge and raise awareness about the importance of digital music education among industry stakeholders.

Mr. Christian “Ziordan” Ziorklui, the Administrative Secretary at, indicated that the Digital Music Education Seminar is part of a nationwide initiative by the company to foster knowledge sharing and empower the youth with valuable skills and understanding in the digital music landscape.

The Honorable Member of Parliament for Buem Constituency, Hon. Kofi Iddie Adams, addressed the audience, urging students to seize the opportunity provided by such initiatives to fuel their passion and pursue their dreams of attaining stardom in the digital music world.

Jonilar’s appeal for government funding of Digital Music incubator programs comes at a time when the industry is witnessing a surge in technological innovation and creative exploration among the younger generation.

By investing in their education, Ghana can foster a new generation of digitally savvy musicians, producers, and entrepreneurs who will drive the nation’s digital music sector to greater heights.

About Jonilar:
Jonilar is a renowned expert in the field of digital music, whose influence and expertise have been pivotal in shaping the Ghanaian music industry. With a passion for empowering young talent and promoting digital music education, Jonilar has been at the forefront of numerous initiatives to enhance the growth and development of the industry.

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