GPPAC Nigeria Celebrates 2023 International Day of Peace with a Call to Action


GPPAC Nigeria, a leading advocate for peace and conflict prevention, proudly joins the global community in commemorating the 2023 International Day of Peace with the resounding theme “Actions for Peace: Our Ambition for the #GlobalGoals.” This theme serves as a poignant reminder of the need for collective responsibility and decisive action in nurturing peace, resonating profoundly within the vibrant and diverse landscape of Nigeria.

The International Day of Peace, observed annually on September 21st, serves as a moment for reflection and a clarion call to individuals and nations worldwide to commit to constructing a more equitable and harmonious world. It underscores that peace is not simply a passive state but an ongoing endeavor that demands the active engagement of each and every citizen.

Nigeria, a nation characterized by its rich blend of cultures, languages, and traditions, stands as a symbol of hope for peace, not only within its borders but across the African continent. With a long history of community-driven peace initiatives, GPPAC Nigeria is proud to carry forward this legacy of resilience and reconciliation.

The Nigerian Perspective: Challenges and Responsibilities Nigeria, like many countries, grapples with a range of challenges, including security threats, communal conflicts, and socioeconomic disparities. Nevertheless, the people of Nigeria have consistently demonstrated unwavering determination to seek peaceful resolutions to these challenges. GPPAC Nigeria firmly acknowledges that peace is more than the absence of conflict—it is the bedrock upon which sustainable development can flourish. The attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (#GlobalGoals) is intricately linked with the pursuit of peace.

The Power of Local Peace Initiatives At the core of GPPAC Nigeria’s peace endeavors are grassroots initiatives. Communities often bear the brunt of conflicts, and they are also ideally positioned to identify enduring solutions. Time and again, grassroots peacebuilders have proven that when communities unite, they can resolve conflicts, foster reconciliation, and lay the foundation for enduring peace. GPPAC Nigeria is unwavering in its commitment to amplify these voices and lend support to local peace initiatives.

Youth and Women: Pillars of Peace Youth and women are instrumental in the peacebuilding process. Their dynamism, resilience, and unwavering dedication serve as driving forces behind peace efforts in Nigeria. The nation’s youth, with their innovative approaches and resolute spirit, are catalysts for transformation. Women, who are often disproportionately affected by conflict, play a pivotal role in constructing bridges, nurturing dialogue, and advancing reconciliation. GPPAC Nigeria recognizes their invaluable contributions and stands in solidarity with their endeavors.

Collaboration and Partnerships Peacebuilding is a collective enterprise that necessitates collaboration among government bodies, civil society organizations, grassroots entities, and international partners. GPPAC Nigeria is unswervingly committed to working closely with all stakeholders to cultivate a peaceful and prosperous nation. Collaborative efforts and partnerships amplify the efficacy of peace initiatives and ensure that no one is left behind on the path to peace.

A Pledge for Peace On this International Day of Peace, GPPAC Nigeria issues a resounding call to action to all Nigerians, urging them to embrace unity, reconciliation, and shared responsibility for peace. Collectively, we can construct a Nigeria marked by peace and prosperity, where each citizen can flourish. Our aspiration for peace is not a mere dream but a pledge to take concerted action.


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