With a heartfelt gratitude I wish to with all humility extend my respect to Mr Femi Fani Kayode for the sheer selfless expression of the wrongful and vengeful persecution of Major Hamza Almustapha,it is obvious and crystal clear that you are really a man of high intellect,it takes more than a lot to be objective towards an adversary of which he once was to you and be passionate in calling for justice on the same man’s behalf,before I forget at a point in my life you were to me one of the most despicable persons in government and I made a promise to slap you any place,anywhere and anytime I saw you minister or not,my reason emanated from your pompous rude referrals to the then VP Atiku Abubakar, I personally was not a fan of his by any chance but I was so upset by your actions on account of the office he occupied,its my firm believe till this day that you erred in your utterances,meanwhile as God will have it I almost got hitched to a daughter of his and on a day he sent for me alas! There you are,I believe in the company of one Mr Akin Osuntokun,I came out the lobby so you guys could go in,believe me it took more than a handful to calm me down,Elder statesman Lawal Kaita,Fmr.Gov Boni Haruna and Mahmoud(cso) and a host of others you owe thanks to, although you probably didn’t even hear the commotion(laughing),in any case that was that until today when I saw your write up I couldn’t help feeling a deep sense of respect toward you because unlike Atiku,I am a big fan of Maj. Hamza Almustapha who is literally my dad,and has been in that role for more than 29years and counting,I’m not going to defend him purely on the basis of emotional attachment but to a great extent he is quite one of the nicest personalities you will ever be lucky to know and befriend,whatever evils he has committed in office I am not privy to but I am obligated to say on a personal level he is exceptional,his character in Nigeria as perceived is largely the imagination of Yoruba reporters whom as you may know share only bitter,vengeful,hateful,nausea ting,enmity,treacherous and diabolical feelings towards him,meanwhile his closest associates are mostly Yorubas or southern christians,look at people that come to court with him,Fanny Amu,Asari Dokubo,John Fashanu etc. I also know that despite making a few people governors by using his influence none did he come out openly to show interest in and support like that of James Ibori,so to classify him as tribal or religious is utterly wrong as mostly being portrayed,in conclusion I want tell you without mincing words or blinking that you have indeed evolved Mr Kayode,power and authority you can shoulder justly,for myopia is a strange word in your focus with no space to settle,the judiciary has indeed erred and politicized its place which has in turn stirred the wrath of people poised to transform Nigeria into the much desired egalitarian society it has long over due to attain,one such people is FFK my new friend.

By: Jamil Gaya([email protected])



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