by Maria Spiliopoulou

According to the latest data, a total of 356 patients have been treated in intensive care units (ICUs) throughout the country, including 118 people who are still hospitalized in the units.

Epidemiologists called on the public to take the necessary precautionary measures to avoid contracting the virus, warning that the danger was not over.

KEELPNO still records dozens of new cases over the past two weeks and scientists expect that the epidemic’s peak will come early next month in Greece.

They noted that the high numbers of fatalities were linked to the fact that the majority of the population in Greece, including people belonging to high risk groups due to suffering from other chronic health problems, has not be inoculated this winter.

Only 5 percent of patients who have been treated at ICUs this winter had been vaccinated, according to KEELPNO. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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