Group criticize Ghana government over dismissals within the public service


A group, the United Cadres Front of Ghana (UCF-Ghana), says it is not happy with dismissals and transfers of public and civil servants in the country in recent times since the New Patriotic Party assumed power on January 7, 2017.

A statement released here signed by Camillus Maalneriba-Tia Sakzeesi said, “It is untenable that after almost twenty-five years of democratic governance, the NPP is eager to introduce its own style of rule which we can inconveniently say is ‘DICTATOCRACY and DIVISIONOCRACY’; and we see this creeping evil as unwelcome.”

The statement called on the NPP government led by Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to ensure democracy was made to work in the country.

Find below the full statement of the group.


The United Cadres Front of Ghana (UCF-Ghana), wish to express our disgust at the current dismissals and transfers of public and civil Servants which has become the order of the day, since the New Patriotic Party (NPP) took over the administration and governance of this country.

It is untenable that after almost twenty-five years of democratic governance, the NPP is eager to introduce its own style of rule which we can inconveniently say is ‘DICTATOCRACY and DIVISIONOCRACY’; and we see this creeping evil as unwelcome. Worse still is the unholy labelling that it is the so-called (Danquah-Busia Tradition) protagonist of the “rule of law” in this country who are laying such a foundation.

Recent alleged dismissals of some Public Servants such as the over one hundred staff of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) is very alarming. That of the Public Relations Director of Ghana Gas Company, Mr. Alfred Ogbame and the Medical Director of the Greater Accra Regional Hospital, Dr. Thomas Anaba, are not desirable developments. We cannot as well forget of respectable citizens who were also in Public Service but forced to go home on leave, or resign even though they were not due to go – some with a fiat of less than eight hours to hand over.

Currently in circulation on social media (which the UCF-Ghana has intercepted) is a document purported to be coming from a platform of NPP national executives which is captioned; “DIRECTIVE TO ALL REGIONAL CHAIRMAN [E].”

It reads:

“Kindly inform all our party faithful that, they should be patience [patient] as national leadership and the office of the presidency are in talks to get job replacement for our members. The president has giving [given] clearance to the head of civil servant service [sic] to replace all appointments made by the then NDC government last year especially just before the election 2016”.

It further stated: “Institutions to be affected are: Ghana Airport Company ltd [Ltd] All Government Hospital [s], All Ministries and Assemblies, Ghana Gas Company ltd [Ltd], NHIS, NADMO, DVLA, GHAPOHA, MASLOC, Other security agencies.

“Also we advice [advise] that constituency leadership should collate curriculum vitae (CV’s) of our polling station executives for onwards process for job. The office presidency led by the Chief of Staff is coordinating this job replacement. Thank you.” There is an indication that the document is signed – but no name is affixed to it.

The UCF-Ghana, cannot ignore this document because what we have reason to complain about – is what has been captured in it. The dismissals are on-going and the replacements are also being fulfilled.

As these divisive undertakings are ‘progressing’, the Civil Society/Faith-based organizations have closed their eyes/ears to them and their mouths also padlocked – disenabling them from talking. The know-it-all Institute of Economic Affairs which organized a number of programmes advocating for “all inclusive” governance in this country, has suddenly gone dead and probably buried at the Osu Cemetery. Very conspicuously mute about these happenings is the Ghana Trades Union Congress, Civil and Local Government Staff Association of Ghana and other Organized Labour entities. Their collective silence so far is very disappointing to us.

Note must be taken, that the former and moderate late President – Evans Atta Mills, did his best to change the status quo when he allowed appointees of the Kufour administration to stay till he replaced them. It was not the case of “proceed on leave” – as people stayed in their offices or involuntarily resigning. The Founder of the National Democratic Congress, never forgave the late Professor for this liberal attempt at introducing governance of “inclusiveness”. Eight years after the novelty – we are back to ‘Square One’ as Ghanaians will coin it. The good old Prof. must be turning in his grave as to the negative turn-around of his positive gesture.

Towards the end of last week, over forty very senior officers of the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority have been transferred out of the major port of the country, Port of Tema. We view the exercise as a ploy to relax the rigidness of the Port’s operations in order to have their way to engage in illicit acts/transactions.

Just about a month ago, it was alleged a consignment of suspected cocaine found its way into the port. In a rather suspicious manner the substance was mysteriously carted out and reference only made to ‘smells’ by intelligence reports pointing to the alleged presence of the stuff. National Security belatedly made it a mock public news. It has, as usual – become dead news despite Security Experts such as Dr. Kwesi Aning and his like proffering a thorough investigation which report must be made public.

We equally recall the NPP regime under former President Kufour, when Ghana made a ‘good name’ in illicit drugs – especially cocaine, including the ‘Colombian Cocaine’ which went missing at the same Port of Tema – never, and maybe, ever to be found. That is the Port that much has not been heard of when it comes to cocaine or heroin for some considerable time. So why the hasty transfers? Is the NPP Government afraid of these officers who are being transferred because they stand for Ghana and not political parties?

These things are happening and Ghanaians see, just as God sees – but wait to tell, and he will, and Ghanaians indeed will tell ourselves – one day.

Ghanaians are advocating for DEMOCRACY – not ‘DICTATOCRACY and DIVISIONOCRACY’. The country was handed over to the NPP, a united country so any illegitimate attempt which is made, or is to be made to divide it must be resisted by all. Ghana was born, and is older than all the political parties in it. Any attempt therefore, to divide it by a political party in whatever way must be condemned and stopped.

the United Cadres’ Front of Ghana

Source: Francis Tandoh/

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