A group, calling itself Organized Youth of Ashanti (AOY), on Tuesday embarked on what it described as ?solidarity walk,? to highlight the achievements in the Ashanti Region of President John Dramani Mahama.

mahamaMembers of the group who were mostly members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), and clad in their party colours, marched through some principal streets of Kumasi, amidst brass band music.

They carried placards and images demonstrating some projects initiated by the government in the region, the inscriptions on some of which read: ?New Edubiase Community Senior High School,? ?Free sandals for students?, ?Proposed Central Market?, ?Kumawu Water Project,? ?Military Hospital,? ?Tepa District Hospital,? ?Forty-five Thousand Stores for Kumasi.?

Others were: ?Thank You, Mr President,? ?Yentie Obiaa,? ?Talk is Cheap, ? and ?Oluman to be President???Tweaaaaa.?

Regional party executive members, Members of Parliament from the region, District Chief Executives and other leading members of the party, were on hand to lead the youth in the march.

Mr Joseph Yamin, former Deputy Ashanti Regional Minister, told the enthusiastic youth during the march that, the government had been able to come up with, and executed numerous projects, despite the economic challenges facing the country.

He said the government was working around the clock to solve the energy challenge, which was having negative effects on the socio-economic development of the country.




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