Amoawiman Progress Group (APG)
Amoawiman Progress Group (APG)

The Amoawiman Progress Group (APG), a civil society organisation, has condemned the recent destruction of some farmlands at Amoawi in the Offinso Municipality of the Ashanti Region.

“The Group will support the affected families (land owners) against any attempt to unlawfully usurp their land.

We want to be clear that the Amoawi farmlands belong to the families or people of Amoawi, and that, chiefs are put in place by the people to protect their interests and wellbeing,” a statement signed by Mr.Paul Fordjour, Executive Director of the Group, noted.

The statement comes in the wake of a recent demonstration by the affected farmers to register their displeasure over the destruction of their farmlands by some private developers.

According to the farmers, the development is an attempt to deny them of their livelihood, and also forcibly take over their lands.

“Our ancestors fought along with the chiefs to preserve the land, and that is the reason our people deserve to be on that land,” the statement emphasized.

Therefore, the APG would fight tooth and nail, using the courts and all possible means, to make sure that “our people keep their land.”


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