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GSA Advocates for Management Systems Certification for Businesses

Social Gsa Certification
Social Gsa Certification

The Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) is pushing for appropriate certification of management systems used by Ghanaian businesses to ensure they operate more efficiently in line with international best practices.


Director-General of the GSA, Prof Alex Dodoo, said appropriate certification of management systems would, among other benefits, enhance customer trust and satisfaction.


Speaking at an Annual General Meeting for a cross- section of businesses in Accra on the theme: ‘Management Systems Certification: The Key to Unlocking Business Potential,’ Prof Dodoo said  certified products or services were more likely to be chosen by customers because of assured quality and reliability.


Also, Certification can help businesses enter new markets or expand their existing ones, as they can demonstrate their conformity to the requirements of different customers, regulators, or trade partners, help businesses to improve operational efficiency and performance by optimising their processes, reduce costs, increase productivity, and prevent errors or defects.


Besides, Certification helps businesses to develop new products or services, or improve their existing ones, by providing them with feedback, guidance, and recognition.


Social Gsa Certification
Social Gsa Certification

“What we are trying to bring to Ghanaian businesses from the GSA is we want Ghanaian businesses to be efficient. Across the world, to be efficient, you go in the particular approach. You write out in very simple language, this is where the fan is, you turn it on by pressing the switch,” Prof Dodoo said in an interview.


Prof Dodoo maintained that certification ensured that what was being done in terms of quality met the specifications of the certification body, which could be the GSA or an international company.


“They will come and look at what is being done. If there are problems, they will help correct them,” he said.


“If you are good, they will give you a paper saying that you meet this standard so that once you are quality, you are quality. If GSA gives you that certificate and your client checks it and you failed, then GSA’s credibility is gone because GSA is saying you have something that you don’t have,” he stated.

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