GMW and Guba logo
GMW and Guba logo

The 3-day GUBA Greenwich Expo 2016, which is in partnership with the Royal Borough of Greenwich, is a platform to showcase an array of progressive and unique Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) of African descent in the UK.

GMW and Guba logo
GMW and Guba logo

It is scheduled to take place from 20th – 21stMay 2016 at the Charlton Athletic Football Club (North Stand, The Valley, Floyd Road, Charlton, SE7 8BL); and on 22nd May atthe General Gordon Square (Woolwich, SE18 6HD).

The first two days will focus on the establishment of business growth, where exhibitors will get the chance to pitch to industry buyers amidst discussions on branding, marketing, online presence and more. The final day is the African Market Outdoor Exhibition at the General Gordon Square (Woolwich, SE18 6HD) where Exhibitors get a chance to showcase, sell their various products and interact with the general public

“As part of recommendations from past events”, says GMW Festival Director, Verus Nartey: “the organizers will be visiting selected renowned international exhibitions/festivalsto market GMW in order tomeet its core target of promoting Ghanaian music and tourism to the world as well as drawing significant tourist traffic to Ghana next March”.

The GMWstand at GUBA will showcase (audio-visual and print) materials on Ghanaian Music and tourism; and provide opportunity to register persons interested in attending the 2017 GMW in Ghana from March 5-12, 2017.

Under the theme:‘Music, Heartbeat for Tourism Promotion’, GMW Festival is organised by the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, Showbiz Africa & Fantasy Entertainment.



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