Mr Zakaria Mohammed Bakor, the District Chief Executive (DCE) for Sissala West, has tasked the newly inaugurated executives of the Gwollu Area Council to work harder to improve revenue mobilization efforts in the district.

Mr Bakor said “the Gwollu Area Council despite being the biggest and most populated lagged behind in resource mobilization”.

Mr Mohammed Bakor was speaking during the inauguration of the new Gwollu Area Council at Gwollu in the Sissala West District.

He said, “Being the biggest and most populated Area Council with more lucrative avenues to raise increased revenue for the Sissala West District Assembly, the area has been performing poorly as compared to the seven other area councils in terms of annual revenue mobilization”.

According to the DCE, the Area Council could divide some of the other area councils in the district severally yet they had been performing much better than the Gwollu area council.

“The Zini and Pulima Area Councils are doing very well for its people, but Gwollu has always been last despite our status in the whole district”, he said.

He bemoaned the chunk of revenue lost either collected or uncollected from some of the lucrative avenues such as Gwollu and Jeffisis markets, which the DCE said were benefiting few individuals.

Mr Bakor also appealed to the Assembly and Unit Committee Members to adopt communalism to undertake developmental initiatives in their various areas particularly in the fight against sanitation problems in their localities.
Mr Lukman Amidu Gbamie, the Chairman of the Executives of the Gwollu Area Council, expressed concern about the poor revenue mobilization effort in the area.

Mr Gbamie, who is also the Assembly Member for Wuljua Electoral Area, promised to adopt effective monitoring and supervision of revenue collectors to check the evasion of revenues meant for the area by registering all tricycles with approved sticker plates for easy identifications and tracking.

Mr Tahiru Ali, the Presiding Member for Sissala West District Assembly, urged all the area councils to work towards increasing the revenue of the council for the development of the area.



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