Gyakie Hints At New Music With Her Alter Ego, ‘Song Bird’


Ghanaian singer, Gyakie has hinted at dropping new music soon. The Flip The Music signed artist tweeted “Songbird ft Gyakie” last night, leaving many to wonder what she meant;

For devoted and observant fans of the fast-rising Afrobeats/fusion star, the name Song Bird is no mystery and is often used as an alias for the artist. Song Bird made a debut as her alter ego on “Audience”, the sultry soulful intro to her sophomore EP, “My Diary”. Song Bird and Davido were the only featured acts on the project.

Alter egos music aren’t uncommon in music. We’ve seen Beyonce as Sasha Fierce, Prince as Camille, Nicki Minaj as Roman, Eminem as Slim Shady, and many more. For artists, it’s sometimes a way for them to express themselves differently and for fans at least, it adds a little fun and diversity to an artist’s catalogue.

If Gyakie drops this feature any time soon, it’d be interesting to start to understand who Song Bird is, what they stand for, and if we’d be seeing more of them.

Watch Gyakie’s music video for “something” here:

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