Ghanaian ace producer, Appietus has expressed his dismay with a recent feature on Phamous TV?s Top 10 Video countdown segment, which suggested that hiplife group; D2 wore inferior clothing in the new music video, ?Mama Ne Dada?.

Appietus insinuated that perhaps Phamous TV made the disparaging remarks about D2?s music video because it wasn?t directed by renowned Ghanaian music video director, Gyo Gyimah who also is the producer of Phamous TV. ?I don?t know whether it is because Gyo is jealous or what?? he remarked.

But Gyo, in response, has explained that the Top 10 Video countdown segment just analyzes the technical challenges in Ghanaian music videos, and it is not aimed to target or disrespect any particular artists.

He added that the segment is about positive criticism and it is presented in a fun and jovial format to make it interesting for viewers.

Gyo commented, ?We need to look at music videos critically because that is what can take us far like the Nigerians have. Unfortunately most of the time, we in Ghana don?t attach the needed importance to music videos?.

He concluded that even music videos directed by Phamous Philms do come under criticism on the segment. He cited a recent comment by the host of the segment, Kim, that Chemphe should have learnt how to dance before attempting do to a dance video for his single, ?Number One? as an example. The video was shot by Phamous Philms.

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