jennifer-and-justinIn the new issue of?Life & Style, insiders claim that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux?s lengthy engagement was caused when the duo hit a stalemate while negotiating their prenuptial agreement.

?Haggling over assets and money put a real damper on Jen and Justin?s wedding planning for months,? an insider exclusively reveals to?Life & Style.?It really held things up.?

Friends even began to worry that the couple might not make it to the altar at all. And for good reason: A second source tells the mag the couple have canceled wedding plans three previous times since their August 2012 engagement!

But it?s all necessary because Jen has a lot to protect: ?Justin is worth $20 million and Jennifer is worth $150 million,? Brian Warner of Celebrity Net Worth reveals to?Life & Style.

Despite these numbers, insiders tell the mag that Jen trusted her man so completely she wanted to move forward without an official agreement. Pals had to remind her that ?she?d been burned before in breakups,? the source discloses.






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