Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry

Rather unfortunate news but it appears the very public relationship and marriage between Halle Berry and her third husband, fellow actor Olivier Martinez, is headed for the rocks even before we could blink.

The two tied the knot just last year after much drama between them and her ex Gabriel Aubry concerning their daughter Nahla. The couple became the paparazzi favourite and were photographed together constantly and were never afraid to display public affection for each other.

The actress was very hesitant about her third marriage as she has been very unlucky in that department but she reportedly said Olivier Martinez made her feel safe.

When Halle Berry?s first marriage to former baseball player David Justice in 1993, ended four years later, she was so broken she attempted suicide. She then married R&B singer Eric Ben?t in 2001, only for things to end in 2003 and divorce in 2005, he was allegedly a sex addict and after being in therapy for a while, they just had to part ways.

HollywoodLife reported earlier today that Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez haven?t been seen together since 7th December and are living separately. Halle Berry has also been seen without her studding wedding ring for a while now.

We hope they manage to work things out quickly because this is the third marriage for the 47-year-old Halle. The two got married at the Chateau des Conde in Vallery, France last summer and have a 5 month old son? Maceo.


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