One of the saddest things about our country, is that very often good free advice that will benefit the nation, is simply ignored by those at the helm of affairs – either because it doesn’t benefit them directly, or fails to increase the net worth of their regime’s crony-capitalist pals.

Take the case of Intercity STC for example, the partially divested state-owned bus company, which was once the transport sector’s leading passenger bus company. Alas, it is now a pale shadow of itself.

It has been crippled by a daft bus-purchase decision, taken during the Kufuor-era, which benefited some of that regime’s crony-capitalist rip-off merchants mightily, but did not redound to the company’s benefit.

You would think that those in charge of our country’s affairs, now grappling with turbulence from frequent public-sector employee strikes, would seize the golden opportunity offered by the Social Security and National Insurance Trust’s (SSNIT) decision to divest itself of its 80 percent stake in Intercity STC – and move quickly to acquire it for the commercial wing of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF).

It is a strategic transport sector asset, that will serve as rainy-day-insurance, which will enable the government to have the capability to keep the nation moving – in case there ever is a full-blown transport sector strike, engineered by its political opponents, in order to bring it to its knees.

I am flabbergasted to hear that the usual negative cries of “we don’t have money” have already started coming from the corridors of power – when government appointees have been urged to quickly take over Intercity STC and hand it over to the commercial wing of the GAF.

God give us patience. Why do so many of our political leaders seldom think creatively, when faced with such nation-building challenges? Will SSNIT not happily accept long-term government paper, with a decent coupon, in exchange for its 80 percent stake in Intercity STC, I ask?

I repeat my question: Has it never struck the geniuses who now rule us, that to buy Intercity STC and hand it over to the military to run, will provide it with a strategic asset, which, should the need ever arise, will enable the government of the day to keep the nation moving, regardless, were Ghana’s private passenger bus companies to embark on a nationwide strike, for whatever spurious reason its mostly pro-New Patriotic Party (NPP) owners were to conjure up – ostensibly in protest against high fuel prices, should the world price of oil soar to the US$160 per barrel, which the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Managing Director, Christine Largarde, has said it might spike to, for example?

Let the National Democratic Congress (NDC) regime of President Mills move quickly to purchase Intercity STC, and hand it over to the Ghana Armed Forces.

In their very capable hands, Intercity STC will keep the nation moving, when the transport sector grinds to a halt and passenger bus companies stop operating, because of a nationwide strike. A word to the wise…

Articles by Thaddeus Ulzen, Dr.

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