Handling the President’s Phone Reloaded I

President John Mahama
President John Mahama

I went to bed yesterday quite enthusiastic. I couldn’t point a finger at where specifically my enthusiasm came from. Then I had a dream.

President John Mahama
President John Mahama

In the dream, I had a call from an unknown number. The voice from the other side of the phone indicated that the call was from the Flagstaff House.

In response, “Flagstaff House?”. What is my offense this time round if I may ask.

The gentleman on the other side of the phone attempted to allay my fears. “Gentleman, do not be afraid. It is for a worthy cause. The president wants to see you”.

“Really?”. I was astonished. Then he followed up, can you come over almost immediately?

I quickly made some body checks, located a shoe, a long sleeve which I hardly wear, a shoe, without which I would not be allowed to enter the House, and made sure I was well dressed.

I asked my cousin to check me up first to be sure I was fit for the Flagstaff House. Once I gathered his approval, I set off to the Flagstaff House from my hideout near Odorkor.

I arrived at the Flagstaff House at  about 40 minutes after I received the call. I picked a taxi and had to disembark at  a certain point since taxis are not allowed near the presidential palace.

When I got to the security, it appeared all arrangements were made. I was ushered into the compound where I was met by a security guard.

He took me to the Banquet Hall where I was asked to wait for some additional clearance. In about some 5 minutes, I was asked to follow another young man who appeared to be Mr Stan Dogbe to the President’s office. I was shown a seat and asked to sit.

A young secretary asked what I would take, but, because of the tension, I told her I was ok and would be fine. I must confess, the tension was as a result of fear that was rather shaking my bones.

Meeting with a president when you have little idea of why you are meeting him, when the caller had not even made extra efforts to give reasons for me to feel comfortable, was something you would wish to try.

In about 2 minutes, the president entered the room. I stood on my fit and greeted him. He gave me a warm handshake and a deep smile. “ASK, it’s nice seeing you once again. After you last appeared in my office, you handed the phone you were holding on my behalf. Since then, I have been thinking”. “Very well, how are you doing”. He enquired.

I am fine sir. I trust you are good too sir. “Yes I am, and thanks for asking”. He responded. “I can see you are tensed ASK, kindly relax your nerves. I called you here for a friendly discussion and I would be glad you feel as free as possible”. Immediately, I felt at home.

He asked that I sit and I did. He proceeded, “like I said earlier, since you handed the phone back to me, I kept thinking. I have really appreciated the work you did while having my phone in your possession. I would want to hand the phone over to you as I prepare for my campaign alongside governance. I trust you can handle it as you did the last time. But this time, I want you to be open with your engagements rather than the hide and seek tactics you exhibited the last time”.

Wow, that would be the greatest opportunity ever handed me to serve you sir. I would not hesitate to give of my best if you so desire and are convinced that I can better do so on your behalf. I said rather enthusiastically.

He handed me the phone almost immediately and said, “this is it. I have saved my other number on it under the name……, call me anytime you wish to get a clarification on any issue”.

Sir, I am highly honoured. In his words of confidence in me, he said “I trust you. You can do it. Resume the pieces “HANDLING THE PRESIDENT’S PHONE”. I will be enthused to read from you anytime you are done putting them together. Just send me a copy though WhatsApp on the line I saved for you”.

I expressed gratitude. He then thanked me for honouring his invitation and then, a gentleman was asked to see me off.

I was taken to the security exit gate, and I walked away.

On my way, I kept thinking. I have a busy schedule. Many things to do at the same time. How am I going to marry these? Well I am sure the president would not expect me to be almost regular one each day, but, I will do my best. I cannot disappoint him. I will do my best.

Then lo and behold, I woke up from my dream and was even much excited than ever before.

As it stands, I have the official endorsement in my dream to resume HANDLING THE PRESIDENT’S PHONE without fear. Within the cause of time, I shall be back appropriately. Stay blessed.

Source: Stephen Kwabena Attuh, ASK

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