Hannah Tetteh, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Hannah Tetteh, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Hannah Tetteh, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Hannah Tetteh, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Please,? some of this theories on the EPA doesn?t reflect the?economic situation of the day. Which country exports more to Ghana?than any other country in the world? It?s China.

Which other countries do we derive a significant amount of our imports?from? India, Turkey, Brazil and on the African continent South Africa.?Where do you import your sugar and poultry products from??Mainly Brazil.

Rice is not grown in Europe, most rice imports are from?the Far East and the USA. How many different varieties of rice in the?market don?t you see labelled ?Thai rice?. Where do the bulk of our?exports go to? What do those figures mean in terms of existing jobs in?Ghana. What do the countries of the EU export to Ghana today? How much?of what they export to Ghana is already coming in duty free because?they are capital goods and are zero rated.

When we look at revenue loss from liberalizing tariffs i.e reducing?tariffs over a period of 20 years (which is what the EPA proposes) how?does that compare to revenues from Corporate taxes and VAT from?company?s that will be able to access the EU market on a duty free?quota free basis under the EPA?

How many businesses would shut down if we didn?t have an EPA. How many?products are manufactured in Ghana which do not have any imported?components? In our manufacturing sector how much of our output can be?accounted for that is entirely based on locally sourced raw materials?

The companies that make cables, pots, pans, toilet rolls, soaps,?deodorants, hair products etc. Where do they get their raw materials?from? Where do they get their packaging from? Are the materials?locally manufactured or imported? Do they attract duty?

If those inputs could be imported duty free would it make the final?product cheaper? Which products would benefit most on the EU side if?we had an EPA? When we consider those products would it be cheaper &?safer to import them from Asia rather than from Europe?

Pharmaceuticals for instance These are some of the questions we must?debate and answer for ourselves in this discussion on Economic?Partnership Agreements. Even with an EPA what amount of exports from?the EU would still be cheaper than imports from China that attract?duty?

The world is not static it is dynamic. While some of the matters that?were factual in the past are still factual today, there are a lot of
things that have changed and in this debate and discussion we must do?our analysis properly before we come to conclusions.

Please note I have not taken a position on this matter in this post, I?have asked questions and as we have this debate on EPA?s these are?some of the questions we must answer.

Source: Hannah Tetteh

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