Harmless Use and even Typical Defects regarding Hammer Mill


Hammer mill is employed to crush distinct styles of hard components. For instance: gypsum, lime stone, salt, coal, tile etc. It is also employed to crush fiber structure, damaged wood and paper. And it has large software, these as: cement, chemical marketplace, electrical energy trade, and so forth. Its largest attribute is that short article labyrinth gap may be adjusted according to your distinctive desires. As a result hammer mill is an crucial devices for production line.

Wood pellet mills really is prevalent that you will satisfy different types of problems. Can we prevent those people problems from appearing? Sure, we can easily. Now below I inform you some thing about hammer mill, hoping are going to be valuable for the function.

1 Safe and sound operation of hammer mill

(one) You really should put on protective equipment when checking.

part 2 Checking whether or not every pieces function typically.

1st you should really look at irrespective of whether the hammer is damaged or worn out. Then examining whether quick-wear areas are worn out. If usually there are some damaged pieces, you have to change them right away.

(3) The size of supplies never extra the common.

(four) You should really pay attention to the operation voice of hammer mill. Checking whether hydraulic stress and lubrication system are usual. Then checking whether transmission belt, basis bolt, shield of coupling is free.

(5) You must recognize the temperature and voice of bearing.

In case the temperature of bearing is as well scorching, you ought to prevent performing to look at what’s wrong. And when there may be odd sound from hammer mill for the duration of functioning, you should request expert technician to examine thoroughly.

(six) Including lubrication oil on a regular basis. For instance: roll bearing, gears, no cost bearing and slide aircraft.

two The regular faults

(1) The bearing is too warm. Probably there isn’t really plenty of gloss wealthy oil, you can include gloss abundant oil; perhaps the gloss loaded oil goes bad, you can transform it; or even the bearing is broken, you should certainly change it.

part 2 The size of materials are much too large. Hammer may be worn out or grating is broken. You could modify a whole new hammer and grating.

(three) The quantity of production is down. The gap of grating is blocked, just cleaning it.

(4) There’s weird sound in elastic coupling. Probably pin roll is loose or elastic ring is worn out. Screwing the pin roll nut tightly. Or shifting elastic ring.

(5) There may be peculiar sound in interior of machine. Possibly other supplies which will not have to crush arrive into machine. Lining board fasteners are free. Hammer or other elements are broken. You could cleansing crushing cavity and checking the gap among hammer and grating.

(six) The machine is vibrating. Probably the static balance of rotor does not in accordance with standard when modifying hammer or conical head is worn out. Or pin roll is out of shape. You are able to get away hammer and select a suitable hammer in accordance with its excess weight. Let each hammer has the very same weight. Or switching hammer and pin roll.

If the machine has the same issue, I think you are able to offer with efb pellet machine on your own. In a word, for your sake of your protected, please controlling it in demanding accordance with risk-free operation.

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