Daniel Radcliffe has repaired his relationship with his parents since giving up booze, admitting his mum and dad were terrified of talking to him when he was drunk.
The Harry Potter star stunned fans after going public with his battle with the bottle last year, admitting he became reliant on alcohol to have a good time as a teenager.
Radcliffe has since quit drinking altogether and the Brit admits he feels much healthier and happier – and he gets along better with his parents Alan and Marcia too.
He tells the Telegraph magazine, “It’s lovely. I barely think about it, and I’ve got the most fantastic relationship back with my parents because they were worried about me. They found it hard to talk to me because they were so frightened.”
Now the actor relies on his mum to take care of his finances and his property portfolio, which includes two houses in New York, two in London and one in Australia.
He adds, “My mum handles all that. Occasionally she’ll say, ‘We’re being told to invest in stamps. Apparently stamps are going to be worth loads in 10 years. Do I do that?’ And I go, ‘Yeah!'”


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