John Mahama office
John Mahama office

A dramatically story is told of a pastor who was invited to say an opening prayer for a political event to commence.

The pastor in an attempt to elevate God before the delegates shouted, “Onyame Ye Kukrudu, Onyame Ye Kukrudu” to wit God is Kukrudu”.

Some irate delegates, who got infuriated by the instant accolade of another political party as a result of the pastor’s slip of tongue yelled, swore and cursed his mother.

Dashing to the podium in an attempt to take him down, they shouted, “stop that son of a bitch; hey, bring that political sniper down” as well as other unprintable words.

Sensing danger of an attack on his personal life, the pastor retracted his earlier statement now saying, “not that one, not that one” it was a slip of tongue. What I meant was “Onyame ye Kokroko, Onyame ye Kokroko” to wit God is great which calmed tempers.

That aside, former president John Dramani Mahama has described the president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo and his NPP government as super incompetent.

Addressing NDC hawks at Wa in his recent unity walk, he observed that the NPP government less than two years in office has performed abysmally that it will only take Obinim miracle stickers to perform wonders.

The reaction from the general public to the misstatement of the former president was a total condemnation as some commentators asked Mahama to live above reproach as a state man and not a party propagandist.

Realizing how the intended statement of attack on the president and his NPP government backfired on the Mahama and his NDC hawks, Mahama’s spoke person Joyce Bawa Munktare quickly went to her boss defence saying, Mahama’s statement was just a joke and pleaded with the president to take it as such.

Accepted that the president and his NPP stalwarts took it lightly, now the question is what message does former president Mahama have for the general public as he rallies the country in his NDC colours.

He claims he has not made his intention to seek re-election as president in 2020 but just embarking on a unity walk to unify the NDC party after that massive defeat it suffered in 2016 general elections.
That is fine but what sort of message does he have for Ghanaians? Jokes about the performing government of the NPP? Insults to the president Nana Akufo Addo and his ministers?

Or policies and programmes when implemented will create enabling environment for industrial revolution that will create jobs for the unemployed youth, quality education, health care, food and agriculture, social infrastructure and build human resources for the development of the country.

It seems Mahama has not noticed that since his painful defeat of the 2016 presidential and parliamentary elections, attacks he launched on Akuffo Addo and the NPP government all backfired on his Mahama’s face therefore the need for him to change for the better.

Mahama has refused to let go off the massive defeat he suffered in the 2016 general elections thereby building a pool of anger in him which propels him to launch attack on Nana Akufo Addo and the NPP government anytime he Mahama mounts the political platform.

But it is not working rather giving the sympathizers of the president and the NPP government the platform to condemn the former president and the NDC party.

It is time NDC super hawks in a massive in-house cleaning sit former president Mahama down and tells him in the face that he should criticize the president and his government constructively and not unnecessary jokes and insults which is collapsing the party.

He may listen and change for the better of the NDC party and democracy of Ghana. If he does not change too, he should not be surprised to keep losing till he changes.

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