The New Patriotic party resounding victory in the December 7th 2016 election with 53.72% sends the National Democratic Congress government success story on the economy, and the sloganeering campaign on infrastructure does not yield any commanding votes to keep the NDC is power.

The political leadership under the president and leader of the NPP Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo, good intention to turn the echoing voice of the NPP campaigning hope to turn the Guggisberg economic around, in effect there is the need to expand the economic base to create massive employment for the youth who buy into the political aspiration of the NPP “One Dam one village, Free Senior High School, and restoration of Teacher training Allowances” does the electoral magic for the NPP to win the 2016 election convincingly.

The NPP government which is barely one year in office, governance and leadership is really staggering with policy direction and trust. The flagship programme of the government; the Free Senior High School policy is really facing huge deficit of funding. The reports and general assessment of the programme within the period of ten months has nothing to drive home, as majority of stake holders raised this salient point questioning the government on the source of funding for the programme is hunting the government.

The government has suffered so much on the front of lawlessness which has to do with “Vigilantism” institutions and personalities have suffered from the attacks of party loyalist to the government by taking the law into their own hands causing so much political instability for barely six months in office of the NPP.

Though the government has suffered so much condemnation from private, independent and religious institutions, Ghanaians unreservedly in their opinions thinks the president does not done much to contain the situation for the period.

In another development, Energy, Agriculture and the Economy are some of the cardinal points the NPP touted during the campaign to bring back hope to Ghanaians. The expectations of Ghanaians to see drop in water and electricity tariffs does not see any change for barely one year of the government in office. The constant increase in prices of petroleum products and instability of prices of goods and services has really affected the stable and resilient economy the government promise has failed.

The government robust economy the NPP promise with the leader of the economic team in a person of Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia has had a backlash of huge loan agreements the government has contracted within the short time the NPP take over power, does not point to the truth and trust the party campaign on describing NDC of mismanaging the economy with huge borrowing.

Energy stability was another key area the NPP promised to work on is quiet yielding much confidence as a result of huge investment NDC has carried out before exiting office. The country has really enjoyed quiet stable electricity supply and this has given a positive hope to the industrial sector which has suffered many setbacks in production of goods and service.

The government Agriculture policy for “Planting for food and job” does not see much positive policy direction. Though the government has celebrated a lot of news headlines on all major policy within the period of one year, the New Patriotic Party government governance and leadership does not point to hope among Ghanaians since expectations are high, while quick and results answers is the only way the government can work on in the coming year.

Positively though the government can speak to success story such as, Introduction of Free SHS, One dam one village, and introduction of national identification card, etc Ghanaians are very hesitant to rate the government very high. Since the government policy directions is not well defined and clear more especially on direction and key performance index on time and targets of all the touted policies.

By: AYM Kukah



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