JESUS CHRISTOf all these kinds of laws listed, the one that is obviously dangerous to man?s salvation, and from which he must be delivered, is ?the law of sin and death?. To deliver mankind from the power of this law is the reason why Yeshua was crucified; and it is, therefore, this law of sin and death that he nailed to his cross.


This law of sin and death, whenever present and in action in any human body, takes full dominion over all the members of that human body and, without having any mercy, forces it to sin, continually, never allowing it to rest from the committing of sin.


No members of the human body have any power over the dominion of ?the law of sin and death? and so cannot refuse to sin; the body of the unsaved man, that is. The ruler of the law of sin over man is Satan, the arch Adversary of the Most High One, who will never let go of any man in his grips.


Yes, the unsaved human body does know assuredly that ?the law of sin?, which has taken full control over all its members, will ultimately cause him to die a miserable death, physically. But then, even in the obvious scare of this death, he simply cannot help himself and stop sinning. Some super being must come to his rescue and break him from the power and dominion of ?the law of sin and death? and of Satan, the controller of this law.


And so, Elohim, as a first measure, sent His holy and good law?the Law of Moses?to the rescue of mankind from the tyranny and dominion of Satan and ?the law of sin and death?; but of course, this Law of Elohim was sent to only Israel among all the nations of the world at the time.


When the Law of Moses came, Satan, the controller of the law of sin, became very angry, simply because the Most High One had brought in a law to nullify his dominion over the slave-sinner, and so, taking occasion of the coming of the Law of Moses, Satan raised his power and control over his subjects, full throttle!


The controller of the law of sin, always works to cause mankind to disobey Elohim and so, with the coming of the good and holy Law of Moses?the Law of Elohim?he stepped up his works in all members of man?s body in his bid to cause him to, all the more than previously, disobey the Law of Elohim and ultimately bring about his death?both spiritually and physically.


Man then began to think that the coming of the Law of Moses was a bad idea since it seemed to have done him no good?holiness wise. The coming of the Law of Moses seemed to have taught man the full list of sins or those things which do not please Elohim, and, by Satan acting as a mask behind this law, had his appetite to commit sin raised to the highest level.


But then, unknown to the sinner, it was Satan, the controller of the law of sin and death, using the Law of Moses as a mask, who masterminded all what befell him and his hopelessness to fight and overcome sin, at the coming of the Law of Moses.


It then seemed that the good and holy Law of Moses was the guilty one, since it was in its coming that, the level of the sinning capacity of the sinner was raised to the highest limit and also that his committing of sin became more intense and regular.


Did the ?the Law of Moses?, therefore, do any harm to man? Not, at all. Was the coming of the Law of Moses a curse to sinful man? Never! How can a good and holy law from Elohim have the capacity to do evil or harm to man? Or how could the Most High One give a bad or harmful thing to His Creation? By experience, we know that not even our earthly fathers give us snakes when we need fish! And so, how can anyone think Elohim gave a bad thing to us in the Law of Moses?


The fact is, ?the law of Moses? is ?ordained unto life?, ?holy, and just, and good? (Romans 7: 10, 12) and thus, can never do harm, to, or stand in the way of the salvation seeker?in being the one causing mankind to commit sin against Elohim. Therefore, ?the Law of Moses?, the good, holy and life-giving Law of Elohim, does not have to be taken away by the crucifixion of Yeshua. Rather, ?the law of sin and death? is what must be taken away; and was indeed taken away, in and by the crucifixion and resurrection of Yeshua.


As said earlier, if there be any law that must be nailed to the pole upon which Yeshua was crucified, it must be ?the law of sin and death?. To rescue of mankind from this law of sin is what our one and only kinsman-redeemer?Yeshua?did for us in his sacrifice at Calvary. And this is all what the good news of the scriptures teaches us in the New Testament about our salvation in Yeshua and the love of Elohim for us.


At this point, let me ask a very simple question, which I believe all salvation seekers can comfortably answer: Who is Yeshua? If, for all the many answers one can give, one were to miss the one on the truth that Yeshua is the totality of the Word of Elohim, made to become flesh (John 1:14)?visible, tangible, and hearable?then, the one might just be a novice to the Bible or that the one?s serious study of it might not as yet have started.


Yes, indeed, Yeshua is the full and complete Volume of the Word of Elohim made flesh to be seen, touched and heard. For those who have matured in their fellowship with Yeshua?the Word of Elohim made flesh?they can even smell his sweet flagrance and enjoy his honey-sweet taste in their mouths!


So then, Yeshua, the full and complete Volume of the Word of Elohim, has within him, the Law of Moses, which is the same as the Law of Elohim! See? How then can one be fully in Yeshua, as every born again person must be, and not be dwelling inside the Law of Moses/Elohim?


Thank and praise Elohim; He sent Yeshua to come down to earth from Heaven, to take out of man?s body ?the law of sin and death?. This taking away of sin out of a man?s body, is the blessing and spiritual condition or state of all salvation seekers, who are truly begotten of the seed of Elohim in the sacrifice of Yeshua?such people can no longer sin (cf. First John 3:9, 5:18), having been delivered from the ?law of sin and death?.


With ?the law of sin and death? taken away, in the sacrifice of Yeshua, man is now free to obey all the laws of Elohim to great gain?peace with Elohim, comfort and eternal life here on earth, and eventually, the life of Heaven.


Now, since sin is the transgression of the law (of Moses/Elohim)?First John 3:4?with ?the law of sin and death? now out of the way, for all who are truly saved in and by the sacrifice of Yeshua, salvation seekers can now obey all aspects of the Law of Moses that are yet to be fulfilled while living in a state of rest and comfort in all fulfilled parts of this same law.


The very good and holy things that the Law of Moses spelled out for the Israelite to do, which he found very difficult to do, because of the presence and dominion of the law of sin in the members of his body, he can now do, since the law of sin is overcome and taken out of his body by his understanding in and subscription to the power and values of the sacrifice of Yeshua.


Let me say that, for all the good and holy things in the Law of Moses, observing them even in the strictest manner cannot bring any salvation seeker the spiritually uplifting experience of being in Yeshua. Of course, life in the Law of Moses could only bring its dedicated loyalist some spiritual uplifting but of nowhere comparable to that experienced in Yeshua, when the Holy Spirit of the Most High One comes to reside in the bodies of those saved in and by his sacrifice.


In all the teachings of Saul on the Law of Moses in his letters to the saints of his day, he is consistent about one thing?the Law of Moses, per se or of its self, cannot save. Saul has taught in Romans, Galatians, Colossians, etc, that, since the Law of Moses did not save Israel, but only came to them after their salvation or deliverance from bondage, so also will it not bring anybody into the born again experience in Yeshua today.


But then, since the Law of Moses greatly aided Israel to live in his deliverance from this bondage unto perfection, so will this same law assist those salvation seekers today who are truly born again to reach their ultimate destination if they do live by all and even the seemingly most insignificant parts of this law, that are yet to be fulfilled.


Nowhere in any of the epistles of Saul does he teach that the saints of the Most High One should discard the Law of Moses because some people suppose these laws as having been nailed together with Yeshua to the cross of his crucifixion. That would be ridiculous and inconsistent with the teachings of the Master on the Law of Moses and Paul?s own lifestyle in relation to this law!


Of course, whatever ordinances that Saul mentions in Colossians 2:14 as having been taken out of our way and nailed by Yeshua himself to his cross, are what pertained to the Law of Moses in the offering of blood-sacrifices and other ceremonial washings with water, to deal with the sins committed daily by Israel.


This aspect of the Law of Moses?referred to as ordinances?as difficult as it was to be perfectly obeyed, has now become fulfilled in the sacrifice of Yeshua, and so, all truly born again people are freed of them and must now live in the power, blessing and comfort of this fulfillment.


Funny that, even though this aspect of the Law of Moses has been fulfilled in and by the sacrifice of Yeshua, thereby also rendering the ministers of those ordinances?the Aaronite/Levitical priesthood?redundant, many salvation seekers today, who believe the Law of Moses to have been nailed to the cross in Yeshua?s crucifixion, are all too happy and zealous in paying tithes to people who think to belong to this defunct priesthood in this era of Grace!


Very funny that people who call themselves believers could show such attitudes; they believe they may nullify a part of the Law of Moses so they can live by the part that brings them wealth and fame! This is no mark of true believers, but simply Pharisaic!


For all the yet to be fulfilled parts of the Law of Moses, however, all salvation seekers have the obligation to live under them, as the Master has said to his teachable disciples, till the Lord of the Harvest shall come to take to himself all who belong to him and reward those that are truly in his workforce.


It is therefore advisable for all salvation seekers to study the Word of Elohim, to know assuredly, those parts of the Law of Moses, that are yet to be fulfilled and to live in full commitment of these. Shalom.


The writer is a Bible-expositor and author of the book: Beware of This False Doctrine: Of Reciting the Sinners? Prayer for salvation, published in Ghana and the USA. His e-mail address is: [email protected]

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