Hate Does Not Win In This Politics

Mr Samuel Ofosu Ampofo

Initially I decided not to respond to the many unwarranted attacks on the National Chairman of NDC, Hon Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo on various social media platforms by some individuals because in my view, I thought they were the handiworks of some primitive and backward thinking individuals who have their necks deep buried in the pockets of some cowards, who prefer to throw jabs from the dark but at this point I’m so convinced beyond every doubt that these individuals are so determined to heighten this campaign of hate surprisingly at this crucial moment, the reason for this brief response !

These detractors either it’s personal or by commission have made it a daily business to peddle blatant falsehood about the hardworking National Chairman of the NDC, Chairman Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo. Very usual about these Godforsaken cowards, they’ve resorted to using fake Facebook and YouTube accounts to moot this dangerous political game.

In as much as I downplay the impact of these trivial political machinations, that’s if there’s any at all, by these faceless unwitty cowards, it’s equally important to assure all party faithfuls of the great NDC who gave Hon. Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo the nod to lead the party as Chairman that his commitment to serving the party is unwavering as manifested in the savy manner the party has so far been managed and organised since taking over as Chairman and nothing done by these contracted mercenaries or their hired masters will warp the resolve and the commitment of Chairman Ampofo to lead as Chairman to a greater heights. In fact, he is focused, determined and resolute and will discharge his duties as National Chairman of the great NDC

What seems surprising to me is the timing of these dirty machinations, even though I still recount similar machinations in the build up to his election as National Chairman and I thought his victory in the face of tough opposition would cement his position as someone who does not bow to silly machinations !

The NDC at this point is on course to reverse the travesty of justice masterminded by the EC and the Npp, shockingly, these individuals find same time convenient to run down the very person leading the party as Chairman to turn the fortunes of the party around. so my question, what is the motivation ?

Sometimes it’s heartbreaking to see someone so determined as Hon. Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo is, a man who has given his all to the service of his party be subjected to such infantile vicious political games.

If there’s someone who really knows Chairman very well, that person is me, and I can confidently say, I know his heart, I know his commitment, the sacrifices he’s made before, during and after the elections, the numerous strategic moves for the party and other behind the scenes consultations one of such culminated into the massive triumph of the NDC in Parliament which made Rt. Hon S.K Bagbin, Speaker of the 8th Parliament of the 4th Republic. It didn’t just happened, there was a master planner and that master planner is Chairman Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo, if you don’t know, just keep quiet.

I need to point out to these individuals that, unlike the stone age era, modern politics is strictly premised on finnese, strategy, critical thinking and logical reasoning and not noise bulletins and unceremonious appearances on social media and tvs to advertise things you do in private or staging of daily press conferences to taut achievements or plans. Chairman Ofosu Ampofo is a strategic politician who prefers the submarine approach as himself has stated on several occasions.

So pls enough of the many evil campaign against him, Hon. Ofosu Ampofo is a distinguished politician who has led a clean political life from the beginning till date, the NDC faithful across the country who voted for him know what he’s made of, they know his commitment, his hardwork and his passion for the NDC and trust me, nothing will set him back so stop wasting your time and let’s work together to achieve goals of the party party. These unwitty attacks seek to serve an invitation on our opponents on the other side of the political divide to invade and capitalise on these overt social media skirmishes to get to us.

Where we’ve gotten to, , we are required to remain focused, determined and united and pursue power with a united front and base and nothing must distract us. So pls when you hear or see such writings and videos, disregard them with vulgar impunity….they are persons who wish to set the NDC apart.

This is 21st century, politics in era is about ideas, hate does not win but ideas , you cannot destroy a good man, dad is a kind hearted person who holds no grudges against anyone, so those hatching an agenda to malign him or trying to impugn his reputation…you are wasting your time. He remains indestructible !

I’m Ivan Kyei Innocent and I’m no cynic !

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