Anti Hate
Anti Hate

One of my kids’ friends was talking about how his ethnic group doesn’t get along with another ethnic group because of long-standing tensions between the two. He discussed how his parents taught him how “bad” the other group was. He then asked, “So who do you hate?“ Our answer – ”Nobody.”

But how do I tell my kids that a lot of people hate us?

We’re Macedonian. Just saying the name of our ethnic group evokes outrage from our oppressors. Yes, our existence causes outrage. Our country’s name is Macedonia. It always has been, even during hundreds of years of foreign occupation. But it is now being forcibly changed. And so is our ethnic identity.

So what should I tell my kids? How do I tell them that our ethnic group is being forcibly renamed and redefined? That our identity is being given away to our oppressors. That the history of our people is being rewritten to satisfy those who want to eradicate us. That our basic human rights are being violated in every way imaginable. And that Canada, the country of our birth, is celebrating and aiding in the eradication of the country of our blood.

Canada has publicly supported the brutal US-led tactics in renaming Macedonia, including physical detainment and intimidation of female MPs, threats against their families, imprisonment of dissenters, attacks and beatings by riot police, violations of the Macedonian constitution, parliamentary rules and criminal code, shutting down media outlets and social media access, and shockingly, much more.

During a meeting that I had with Kati Csaba, the Canadian ambassador to Macedonia, she informed me that Canada will now recognize “North Macedonia”, instead of Macedonia (despite all the evidence presented to her, including details of meetings I’ve had with FM Chrystia Freeland and her foreign policy advisors). The forced name change instantly relegates our ethnic identity to “Northern Macedonian”. So what is a Macedonian then? Three recent US/EU imposed treaties on Macedonia – the Prespa Agreement, ironically-named Friendship Agreement and the Law on Languages – give Macedonia’s history, identity and name to Greece, Bulgaria and Albania. Partition of Macedonia once again, but this one with a modern twist.

In 1913, the entire region of Macedonia was partitioned among Serbia (now the independent Republic of Macedonia), Bulgaria, Greece and Albania. Macedonians have been fighting attempts at eradication, forcible assimilation and competing claims to our name since then. So how can Macedonia be Serbian, Bulgarian, Greek, and Albanian all at once? Macedonia is Macedonian. Political games and corruption cannot be permitted to erase an age-old nationality. Let’s not forget the irony too, that Greece outlawed the term “Macedonia” in 1913 and denied its existence until a dramatic propaganda switch in 1988, when it began a campaign of trying to deceive the world into believing that Macedonia belonged to them.

Put yourself in our shoes. What if your ethnic identity was being given away while the Western world participated in its demise, then celebrated with claims that a “diplomatic dispute” was being solved?

Look at one of a multitude of Pier 21 and Ellis Island documents from the early 1900s recognizing Macedonian immigrants to North America having a Macedonian nationality despite being under Turkish occupation. Now, at the stroke of a pen, our identity and history are being erased. My family came to Canada to escape persecution by Greece, Albania, Bulgaria and Serbia. Their “crime”? Being Macedonian. Now Canada is aiding our oppressors in wiping out our ethnicity.

Kati, you told me that you are of Hungarian descent. So what if Hungary was forcibly renamed “West Hungary” and the definition of “Hungarian” was suddenly given to Romania? What if Hungarian history was being rewritten by a group of Romanians, as Macedonian history is being rewritten by a panel of Greek diplomats (as per Article 8 (5) of the anti-Macedonian Prespa Agreement). What would you do if there was a 19-page document telling you that you and your ancestors suddenly have a new identity and that everything you ever knew about your ethnic group is now being changed?

Kati, we all deserve a response. And Macedonians deserve action. Without it, you ARE teaching hate.

Bill Nicholov, President
Macedonian Human Rights Movement International


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  1. ultra nationalist hate monger Bill Nicholv lecturing on “hate” is comical. He’d devoted virtually his entire life to his hatred of Greeks. For what? So he can ridiculouysly claim obvious Slavs founders of the Hellenistic period? When not a single historian on earth agrees with Bill’s bizarre historical narrative? Sorry to break it to you bill.. even your supporters know you are deluded.

    • No, there is no hate towards Greeks. In Canada there are many Greeks and there are many Macedonians. In our daily interactions we get along fine, I call them my neighbor, they do the same. Politics pose the problem, not the people. The politics of the Greek parliament with regards to Macedonia, is to eradicate it. That is what Bill and many Macedonians around the world are fighting against.

      As for your claim that “no Historian on earth agrees with bills historical narrative”, please see the following link:

      The historians discussing the issue are not Macedonian or Greek (though some Greek individuals do try to chime in). There is evidence on both sides.

      In the end, the Macedonians only want independence and peace from persecution.

  2. Zaev government represents the democratic will of the majority of people in the former Yugoslavia republic.. so despite bills rants that he represents the “Macedonian people”… he only represents the former Yugoslavians that are fanatics. The majority of former Yugoslavians dont agree with Bills bizarre claims that they have been calling themselves Macedonian since antiquity. Its a lie. Bill Nicholov is a shameless liar.

    And those that give this fascist cockroach a podium to spew his drivel.. when Bill’s own government has agreed they aren’t related to ancient Macedonians and agreed to use term “North Macedonia”… are RACIST Greek hating cockroaches too.

    • Your comments are supporting Bills argument. Can you not see the out right hate in your own writing?

  3. ” Greece outlawed the term “Macedonia” in 1913 ”

    What a load of horseshit. Greece NEVER outlawed the term “Macedonia’ you great hating liar. Many Greeks even consider themselves Macedonian you shameless lying troll.

    What Greeks object to is obvious SLAVS trying to usurp Greek history and accompanying irredentism. As Bill’s behavior shows, Greek were right to object .And government around the world now recognize Skopje as “Republic of NORTH Macedonia” and praise the Prespa agreement (which explicitly says they have NO CONNECTION to ancient Macedonians).

    What does the owner of this alleged “news’ source hope to achieve by giving a fanatic like Bill Nicholov a podium to spew his racist rambling garabage? Bring war to the Balkans for the sake of his ancient Macedonian fantasies? The entire world is going to call Skopje NORTH Macedonia whether Bill agrees with it or not. The owner of this alleged “news” source is only making himself look like an idiot for aligning himsself with a racist fanatic Bill Nicholov.

  4. Bill needs to stop the Hellenic hatred and stat familiarising himself with his Bulgarian ethnicity rather than his fake Macedonian one. A region does not constitute an ethnicity. Bulgarian , Greek, vlach, Turk, Roma – take your pick bill you deluded antiquization crazed Slav. You should have died of cancer.

    • Wow… That is a terrible thing to say… People are simply fighting for their right to exist. Not wishing death upon others… That is truly a terrible way to present you opinion…


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