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Hate When Not Controlled or Restrained Can Cause Havoc

Manasseh Azure
Manasseh Azure

Those who hate are easily betrayed by their deportment – the poisonous inner character. And one such person is journalist Manasseh Azure and others within the media space.

The young man should bear in mind that poison is not always something one eat or drink. It can be instinctive or intuitive feelings, distinguishable from good reasoning or knowledge.

Hate is one of them, which usually eats you up inside and causes destruction. The path he is traveling is becoming more difficult and could lead to calumny.

May I ask, do you have hate in your life? If you have then keep reading on to find ways to control the hate before it takes absolute control which will damage you or your loved ones. If you have hate towards any person you’re either sick in the mind or suffering from schizophrenia.

Most people don’t realize that hate is very powerful affecting the mind, senses or emotions. This mental venom can defile or corrupt your spirit, poison your emotional or intellectual energy and seep into all of the relationships that surround you.

Persons who clothe or wrap up themselves in the arms of hate knew how damaging and mind-consuming it can become, one would have been wary about it. The word hate carries power, no matter the direction it comes from – a friend, a family member or a child.

The truth about hate is that it can be focused or concentrated at almost anything, be it animals, foods, jobs, movies. With all things considered, the greatest of all and most destructive – is hatred geared towards other people.

I want you to ask yourself these questions: Does hate have a home or place in my life? Do I harbor any feelings of hatred toward myself or anyone else? If you do, I earnestly ask you to take a look at this destructive feeling before it becomes something much more dangerous.

Hate, when left uncontrolled or unrestrained, will deprive you of your strength and the vitality of your spirit. It will damage or harm your soul and cast a shadow over your days.

To conclude, know that, at the heart of all hatred is blame, and this is particularly true for hatred turned outward. When one feels like they’ve been seriously wronged or victimized by someone, their discontent and anger carries with it the potential seeds of hatred.

To all who harbors hate, I leave you with Siddhartha Buddha’s quote that says it all: “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned”.

Forgiveness isn’t just a kindness to others, it’s a kindness to ourselves.

Good day

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