HCP Cure Blindness’ Work in Ghana Restoring Sight


October 12, 2023 is World Sight Day – the time of year to focus global attention on blindness and vision impairment.

HCP works to eradicate preventable and curable blindness throughout under-resourced communities worldwide. With the help of its 65 implementing global partners and a volunteer network of over 100 collaborators, HCP provides high-quality eye care, education and world-class eye care infrastructure in over 25 countries.

Since its founding in 1995, HCP, together with its partners, has performed over 1.4 million sight-restoring surgeries and provided screenings and basic eye care to over 14.5 million people.

HCP and its partners have also established five eye hospitals, performed 195,000 corneal transplants, prevented 50,000 cases of corneal blindness and trained 19,500 eye care professionals.

Started in 1995 by two visionary eye surgeons, Dr. Geoff Tabin and Dr. Sanduk Ruit, HCP works in countries across the world with a focus on those individuals in need in Nepal, Bhutan, Ghana, Ethiopia and India.

HCP Cureblindness’ Work in Ghana

HCP first began work in Ghana in 2006. Since then, HCP has improved access and quality of eye care in partnership with government, local and medical professionals. With its partners, HCP has performed 1,212,830 eye screenings and basic eye care, and over 87,000 sight-restoring surgeries.

HCP Cureblindness’ Accomplishments:

Inaugurated the Surgical & Training Facility in Kumai at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (2014).

Created the National Cataract Outreach Program with the Ministry of Health (2018).
Supported the establishment of a 2nd Surgical and Training Facility in Cape Coast scheduled for completion in 2024.

HCP’s Work in Ghana – tells the story of HCP’s past and current work in Ghana and how this is making a major, positive impact to tens of thousands of individuals to regain their sight or protect their vision.

Leadership – connect with one of the founders Dr. Geoff Tabin to understand how HCP started and where they’ve been, to HCP’s new chief executive officer K-T Overbey to learn how they’re growing to more countries and more partners to allow for further impact globally.

Patients – travel to one of the areas HCP serves to meet current patients telling their sight-restoring stories and what it means to see again. HCP has helped 16 million people globally with screenings, basic eye care and sight-restoring surgeries. B-roll is available with patient stories if that is easier.

Sight Restoring Surgery – travel to one of the areas served to experience firsthand and highlight the 10-minute cataract surgery -costing as little as $25 in materials – that HCP performs to restore sight. HCP has helped 1.4 million to see again with this surgery and there are many more who need this globally. B-roll is available highlighting this surgery if easier for you.


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