Health and Cleanliness for Muslims and Public Toilets beyond Africa

Clean Up

Transforming Mosques, Muslims, and beyond on Cleanliness and Health.

The Clean Lord revealed the importance of Cleanliness to many people or creatures before Jesus (pbuh), Muhammad (pbuh), etc; but when He was ready to help Muhammad and Muslims on and beyond Cleanliness, the angels wrote very smart and clear verses that some questionable Muslims distorted through misinterpretation or resistance to efforts. Since the Clean Lord is indeed the Kind and often returning Lord, He has Chosen me to sow a seed of urge for Mosque Cleanliness around 2012/ 2014, and today He has re-chosen me with mightier words I am optimistic will improve cleanliness to millions or billions, beyond Muslims. Islam is largely Quran and ever rising Conscience , so let whosoever will gratefully learn , but also teach. [Quran Chapter 74]

4. And purify your clothes.

5. And shun abominations (filth, uncleanliness, punishment, foul, nature, etc through the root letters).

6. And show no favor seeking gain.

7. And be constant for your Lord.

These verses , including the verses before verse 4 are actually said to be revealed between the second to fifth time Angel Gibril (pbuh) visited Muhammad for all of us. Meaning cleanliness and shunning the opposite of cleanliness in the deepest sense, came very early as priority, and are vital commandments we must ‘exhort each other on’ in the spirit of ch.103. Verse 2 say, ‘get up and warn’; how many Verses you or Muhammad have to know before you share what may help your fellow human beings?

Bad leaders sadly contribute to many problems, because I have repeatedly heard questionable Imams claiming ‘Islam and these verses are about inner cleanliness ‘; but every honest mind will admit the verses, science, comfort, etc care about all forms of cleanliness. Ablution is another sign of God preferring cleanliness on us as favor that can rise. So rectifying their misinterpretation is relatively easy and may the Willing and Kind Lord help us, including my very self.

We need higher cleanliness inside the Mosque, the toilets beyond the Mosques, and re-educate people to come to the Mosque with cleanliness or stay away. Health is something we pray for, but also seek through actions, after research, research, and research. Our faculties, including nose for smell, exist to help us seek good. We must seek good based on standards and even compare ourselves with those we are tested on earth with to learn and teach, not detestable competition of bad or ‘pass the worse’ mindset, but good to best.

It is vital to acknowledge some Mosques and millions of Muslims are indeed clean, but it is equally important to admit countless Mosques and Muslims + need to improve on cleanliness. Countless Christians, atheists, etc also have clean and filthy people, but what is the percentage in each and shouldn’t we try to help as many as possible, especially our fellow Muslims and Africans first?

We will not just highlight the problems, but we will tender solid recommendations as solutions. We will start with what seems as the lightest problem, inside the Mosque. Within SeneGambia+, we are seeing questionable upgrade inside the Mosques. Although the problem of insufficient cleaning of the Mosques may be age old, including seeing spider webs and dust that may be there for a week or more. We largely clean our homes everyday, so cleaning the house of the Lord must be updated to daily cleaning. This precisely means we must have paid maids for Mosques + cleaning as a priority than what questionable Imams prioritised. I will reveal how and why we should fund it, with or without government and international help.

Building versus maintaining, beauty versus functionality: We talk a lot about the good of building a Mosque or making babies, but maintaining the Mosque or person in acceptable levels matter and sometimes more crucial. Although I won’t suggest mandatory paying, we must educate worshippers and try to earn their trust through transparency, transparency, and transparency. How we built Mosques then versus now and the future demands thinking, which is another requirement in Islam that many of us neglect. The good thing is Islam allows us to help each other think, as evident in what I am doing. There is lot of wisdom in trying to build future Mosques with hemp or other environmental friendly materials. Since hemp is sadly still illegal in many countries due to questionable politicians and religious leaders to be defeated, and we cannot just destroy and rebuild present Mosques; then our focus have to be transforming present ones.

Bad planning shows many Mosques need more opening for windows than fans. Public places demand enough air circulation. Since many African + governments hardly regulate enough and our builders include illiterates and barely educated non-thinkers who focus on beauty than functionality, renovating and upgrading should be centrally commanded with education. Virtually every Mosque in the Gambia have questionable loud speakers , fans, and carpets. Let us not endlessly debate how the Loud speakers may disturb the sick and others to possibly earn sins between creatures, but let us weigh what culture of cameras in and beyond the Mosque will help on? The cost of loud speakers versus cameras may be close, because they all have wide variety of choices; but cameras have many advantages. Cameras will reduce theft, including shoe stealing, but it will add security , Cleanliness, and even trust. With enough cameras, we can open the Mosques more often for reading+ or how many Mosques are closed within fifteen minutes after prayers? I want 24 hours businesses and even 24 hours open Mosques. Body Cameras for cleaners will help in what ways? Cash donations and its retrieving under cameras will help on trust and more donations?

Fans versus enough windows towards the environment or climate change, or even personal health should be gauged. We sadly often sacrifice minorities in Africa, but there are people who hate fans and A/C due to health or preference in comfort. So what percentage of every Mosque should be free of such like the days of Muhammad, cater for minorities, or how did they manage five to fifteen minutes of each prayer? Similarly, carpets may be ideal in some places, but I doubt in Mosques, because the prostrate (sujud) of the nose can pick very dangerous air or other particles. Recently, one of my cousins who happens to be asthmatic lamented how he stopped going to the Mosque due to filthy carpets, mold or xyz, that repeatedly got him sick. I think he should have wrote similar to help others around the world, or did God prefer me to meet him, know, and write to help beyond him? Will my cousin, other asthmatic patients and others share this article and help better the Mosques? What percentage of the Mosque can we make carpet free for health and accommodation of other minorities? When I was growing as a child, it was rollable plastic , but we have many other options for health and comfort. I personally believe tile is the best for easy cleaning, then we can have washable hemp or xyz clothes and a washing machine for every Mosque. We can also use yoga mats, wood or hemp boards, etc. Anyway, when science or conscience confirms any positive in Islam we tend to welcome it, but when the two questions some mainly new comforts we normalised in error, some sadly resist. Indeed many science papers confirm how dangerous carpets can be, especially when not clean regularly enough, and which scientists are ready to research the effects of sticking your nose about twenty to forty times on a carpet that is cleaned weekly with a broom or cheap to expensive vacuums vary in which ways?

Toilets beyond the Mosques: Air quality is something humans under estimated or still under estimating? When did the TV stations start reporting about air quality? Less than a decade and most are yet to start it? The human being consumes air, liquid, and solid. We do not have time and space to contrast all factors of air quality, so we limit it to toilets. When investigative journalists, health workers, and xyz visit toilets in the churches, Mosques, schools, and homes of different faiths+, their noses can tell air quality differences of toilets, their eyes can tell where solid and liquid exist in questionable ways, the machines can do the tests, etc; then the people and authorities can suggest and enforce better ways. Many of us are great excuse mongers, so I will try to make a list of doable things in different situations. If you claim you can afford loud speakers and many wives than more decent toilets, then how can you improve even pit or squad toilets? ‘ Adding enough water to pit toilets can have significant benefits, especially where ‘suck a-way’ exists. Pouring Enough water will reduce the odour to reduce sins, foul air, or sickness on the next user; it will also facilitate better transformation to reduce quick filling or need to dig a toilet or call questionable trucks to suck what nature can take care better if humans use faculties and care towards others. Again, this is verifiable research from nose to machines, but we lack enough media sensitization or echoing of the great marijuana guy.

Among the reasons we see bad usage of pit toilets is some people cannot squad properly and lack the care to rectify their own mistakes that may affect others. We can blame the culprits or find better ways? A fairly fat westerner from Netherlands knew she cannot squad, so she smartly built a seat with bricks in a pit toilet in Jihnack. Her’s was not super smart, because she could have used stronger concrete bricks and tile inside out the seat for easy cleaning . Anyway, I believe if government build few good examples of what I just mentioned and sensitise the people, public and private toilets will embrace such to help some fat or thin folks who cannot squad due to sickness and many other reasons. Anyone of us can feel sick, plus some of the elderly will truly appreciate a seated pit toilet than struggle to squad, make a mess for others to clean? So you can see the problem is beyond Mosques and so is my care and that of the Lord of cleanliness+. May He helps lot more this time towards achievements.

The ablution area is very similar, we need better planning, thinkers, and willingness to learn from each other. Designing ablution area around the sweet sun we sadly frown-at can greatly help in reducing wetness, where dry looks and feel better. Again deep care can go up to walking with personal towels or having the Mosque cleaner put enough towels there and use gloves to put in washing machines we can sure afford for Mosques.

Although about or over ninety percent of Muslims go to Mosques with clean clothes, but almost every Friday prayer, I will see people with very filthy clothes at the Mosque, often from work. Why the Imam and other Muslims cannot ‘exhort them to truth’? Of course if the Imam happens to be among the questionable ones who claim Islam does not care about outside cleanliness, then he wouldn’t say anything. Your prayer is a favor from God, but you think it will earn you thousand points, refusing to think or accept truth may earn you sins of up to million points of atom’s weight or what? Verse 4 clearly says to Muhammad and all of us to ‘purify our clothes’, which most of us do except around work, but that is not an excuse to earn sins between creatures anywhere, especially at the Mosque. If you happen to be a mechanic, carpenter, etc you are likely making enough money to build a shower at your workshop and buy over roll light-coats where need be. Take a quick shower and change clothes on Friday before heading to the Mosque or you may surely earn more than atom’s weight of sins between creatures, which many Imams do not know is not one to one, but can be multiplied against you for refusing to think, use your faculties, or worse to arrogantly reject advise through ch.103? Beside the mosque, how many times you enter public vehicles and dirty mechanic or xyz will seat next to a sweet lady or a journalists in white shirt and tie? Advising each other directly there without cameras can be slightly dangerous, but worth taking, worth writing on your social media, worth sharing my article or may you be the next victim and/or carry the sins of refusing to help culprits who may have learnt? If you and the journalists echoed me enough, then all commercial vehicles would have had cameras by now to reduce possible fights, accidents, etc. Or more people would have had body cameras and upload how a dirty mechanic+ spoil clothes of one or two and smell of how many? It is not too much to ask, put your dirty clothes in a bag until you get to work, build a shower or arrange payment for shower, change clothes, when you have to travel, etc. Of course we have individual responsibilities, but if ten to twenty percent failed on thinking, then where are our journalists, religious leaders, and government folks? Where are the educative videos of journalists, government, or other activists who can echo me? Where are the rules that both the driver and mechanic + should be charged if camera evidence or police stop exist? They are busy fighting marijuana and other personal rights, not sins or crimes between creatures?

Indeed the primary financial responsibility is local and I strongly demand a transformative approach in Mosques, financially, not just on Cleanliness. The old way of the limited charity that comes to the Mosque be shared among attendees should stop. As said, transparency is what can raise the trust and donations towards even paying Imams. So cameras are number one priority in our age. Can we raise it locally or demand our folks in the Diaspora help us with enough cameras? All cash donations should be counted under camera and forwarded to other trustees. Things like candle donations was before electricity, but if such comes then build a big box to store and sell after. Only perishable goods like cola-nuts should be shared or sold where possible. We must sensitize the worshippers about the need to donate enough to Mosques or any public places you go to. Grateful people give back, they understand maintenance cost exist and it is only fair to do your part. So think about a weekly or monthly donation to your primary Mosque and lot less to your secondary Mosques, especially if they have transparency approach. For example, donate about two to five dollars monthly if your primary Mosque accepts transparency, so you can gauge if it is well spent or they are giving most of it to the Imam to marry wives who may never volunteer to clean the Mosque or ask their daughters to? Donate one dollar, if no transparency, because you are still using it. Similarly, secondary Mosques you pray should have boxes and signs of complying, including how clean it seems or notices they put to educate people.

When you enter the Mosque and see a poster: ‘We are with Jarga or xyz Transparency standard. Be careful, we have cameras, may expose you on social media or sue you to court where need be. Also donate for the upcoming of the general Mosque (20 to 30%), payment of cleaners (5 to 15%), stipend to Imams (2 to 5%), helping of the poor and oppressed (20 to 30%) , etc. Check xyz website for verification or large donations, etc then you donate big, otherwise drop a dime or a penny, or just advise them. Although it may seem like the Imam is the most important worker, if the Imam side is clean and he indifferently let his followers get sick unnecessarily, then he is a bad Imam to change or be kicked out. If the cleaner failed to clean properly and our precious Imam got sick to cause us stress or die, then you know cameras can show the best cleaners to hire, give bonus, or sue to court of man or God. Many Christians claim ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness ‘, but the Quran seems to have many cleanliness oriented advise than the bible, or did I forgot many bible verses? Anyway, we are all humans in a small country and global village , so let the WHO , OIC, and all parties do their part in love. Indeed, the angels of God know where each is personally weak or strong; their videos see and we should not allow the church to be cleaner than the Mosque by what points? Then the Mosques in North Bank division versus South Bank of the Gambia and Senegal? Then how are the Mosques in Africa versus Canada, France, Saudi Arabia, etc in atom’s weight? No! It is not just about money, but willingness to sacrifice and even urge each other.

Although many Mosques are indeed built by Gambians to the best of my knowledge, but we want to know how many Mosques Saudi or Arab world built with or without sponsoring the maintenance with at least advice? They can easily say , you suppose to build your own Mosques and maintain them as per Quranic wisdom and Jarga’s or xyz conscience . We can admit that fact and ask can we get one billion dollars from a caring billionaire, the state from oil or hajj money, etc. OIC of humans did not come to the Gambia, but the God of OIC + came to the Gambia through Jarga, and demanding reforms beyond the Gambia. So forward the message to all OIC countries+ and let us see in what ways can we improve each other before the God of conscience come to judge conscientiously. Remember ch.4:123 said , ‘it will not be the desires of Jews, Christians, or Muslims, God will Judge by…’ May be conscientious and help our people be conscientious. May God bless us through Showlove Trinity: Let’s learn, let’s work, let’s have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo

An Activist and Transformer.

Optional note:


1. Educate the populace of regular donating to Mosques and any public places or person they benefit from regularly.

2. Make educational contrasting videos of advantages versus disadvantages of different toilets as examples.

3. Set up some form of third party transparency and advisory body for Mosques+.

4. Make educational videos of health impact between two environments , systems, or products on a person or people.

5. Have different types of cleaning materials, men tend to like stand up brooms, while many African women prefer bending down.

6. Allow and encourage teenagers and Young women into the Mosque beyond cleaning purpose, just have a clear dress code for them as per Quran or reasonable conscience.

7. Have informational Notices for those who can read and do not buy excuses people do not read. Do it for those who can read to relay and use other methods for others.

8. Welcome volunteers, but paid workers should be maintained for super essential things like cleaning.

It is very important to educate the populace on why they should gratefully donate and demand transparent accountabilities. The original purpose of the Mosque and Church are many things, including freedom cause, funding education, feeding the poor, etc. The Bible clearly demands it goes through the Church, but the Quran make many things optional, meaning you can go through the Mosque to give Zakat/charity or give out directly. Since the Quran refer us to conscience and now we have governments as primary care taker of the poor+, we still must urge each other to Truth, including taking care of the Mosque than buying excuses. The Christians pay taxes and still donate to their churches for self care, some of those donations led to ‘Christian Schools’ in Muslim countries and other good causes, but we know some churches abuse some donations . We should do our part as individuals before we assume how Imams may abuse donations. We can even consider some form of financial constitution for our Mosques, but failing to donate is irresponsible. We should not leave everything to the rich either or no so called rich person should encourage such mindset. Reduce phone call cost to your wife or girlfriend to donate, reduce clothing budget or whatever, but using the Mosque mean you should contribute some how. Beyond the Mosque, make a video in your head or xyz, why is a nightclub, gambling Houses, etc cleaner than some Mosques? The people have to demand it and fund it. An ungrateful person may enter a bar for girls and refuse to buy even a bottle of juice and claim I do not drink? The problem starts with mindset, then words, then actions or inaction. If the Imam cannot make the case clearly or find excuses for the followers, then nothing works. We have countless workless youths in Africa, but we cannot see how to create employment or volunteer even for Mosques? The Imams should also be paid , but they must work. Since it is based on donations, it is best through percentage and a cap. Also when an Imam is sick, a percentage of the pay have to go to the serving Imam. You can occasionally make special requests for things like supporting a sick Imam , but the main donations should be strictly for the Mosque and quotas that are specified in verifiable manners.

Sometimes it get kind of scary, between memories and inspirations. We are on earth and our test is indeed very complex. When I was in Canada, I was largely regular at the Mosque, but I had a bad culture shock when I came back to the Gambia, including how dirtier Mosques are. I am serious, I think it was not this bad when I left the Gambia and fairly certain some Mosques and toilets may offer better thousand years ago. I was invited to an Islamic conference around 2012 to 2014 and I raised the question of Mosque Cleanliness quoting the verses of ch.74, mentioned. I was not happy with the response, but coincidently one of the Imams in that conference got arrested within a week and the other Imam reportedly died within months. Both pains me, but what will happen or should happen to Imams who resist where they should cooperate? I have respect for both Imams, journalists, etc, but society cannot be this bad if we are doing our job properly. I happen to have personal problem of cleaning my environment to the desired level, so sometimes it feels like I am condemned with similar folks until I do right and/or can say right. When I take some marijuana strains I am very agile and enjoy cleaning+, but the ones that keep me lazy are like devils I have to avoid and resist in better ways than the anti marijuana folks. Of course, by and large, my environment is never as bad as the Mosque, market, and other public toilets. In trying to clean them, may the Lord improve my own cleanliness+ to the highest level. As said, money helps, but we cannot use lack of money as excuse. We need bigger bathrooms at home with shelves to make cleaning fun, tide places are harder to clean and organise. So take note builders and would be home owners. Public Toilets should also have enough room and even cleaning materials for self cleaning, then staff will re-clean where need be.

I returned to Canada and came back to the Gambia, then years after sent to the provinces of the Gambia to enjoy more in one way and facing other challenges for learning, teaching, or what purpose until when? My family home in the bigger towns have fairly decent flush toilets, but the Island I moved to have mainly pit toilets until I can build a nicer home for myself. Actually, I have one semi-flush toilet for myself now, but next to a pit toilet I once used and still allow people to use, and this has educated me how to use and improve it than those who used it for decades… So one part feels scary, but the other seems as I am sent back to Africa to help improve lives, except people hardly learn and God is yet to squarely reward me. Running will be cowardly and expect peace corps and which whites+ to help my people? Running will be ungrateful, because my health and hours of air have improved, but the five minute to the bathroom (restroom) was/is burdensome. Of course, I am educating the strangers who use my toilet and may consider banning who do not comply. Above all, I feel privileged for God to choose me to inspire and have the courage than the millions of people who see the same problems, read the same Quran, have a human mind like me, etc but will they even learn? Since that encounter I have wrote about cleanliness, but this seems to be the next big religion leaning cleanliness. There is a verse that says, ‘a good word is like a good tree, it roots are firm in the ground and its branches up in the sky…’. So the seed of few good words on Mosque+ cleanliness was when and in front of under thousand people? How many years do trees grow to flower or why did God gives me lot more words, to reach lot more people, and to have how much impact on earth and life after death? I reluctantly go to mosques and lot less than before, partly due to cleanliness, questionable sermons that lean on hadiths than Quran and conscience, and the hypocritical stand of many Imams on marijuana laws than marijuana. The leaders of the Mosque are alienating people, African leaders are making young Africans run from Africa. Facing them to change is best , not run. They can change through urging or build your Mosque when you can; focus on education and consider political run if you like politics enough. When the inspiration comes, I feel optimistic, when the respond is weak, I feel like a ‘rejected prophet’. As Jesus said, ‘many are called, few are chosen’; many are also guilty, called to repent, but few repents until when? May many repent and God help me with or without their repentance. My beloved late father (pbuh) was an Imam who complained about long Friday sermons of some Imams, citing some people are sick + and leaders should be considerate. So how many Imams can have time for Sermon and time for Friday prayer with no more than five minutes difference in the spirit of tolerance? Meaning , if sermon starts 12:00 or 1:45pm and prayer starts at 2:00, how long should be your prepared sermon or are you against planning for sermons, out of care? Beside the sick, I have a conscientious business appointment for Islam+, how can you respect time for God versus the public? Can people respectfully hit the wrist or stand up for prayer if an Imam is so inconsiderate and keep preaching? What is so hard in saying we will continue a sermon after prayer for those who care, then pray for the sick+… We have a responsibility to respect time and the chapter time, even with Imams or presidents who disrespect public and personal rights. I believe Muhammad (pbuh) would have respected time, precisely or tolerably, if watches existed. May God give us much better Imams.

Optional note 2:

So the Angels of God went around or was it God himself? Hello God, here are the cameras of the toilets at the Mosques versus churches, markets, nightclubs, etc. They are not equal by atom’s weight, ‘their efforts are diverse’ on and beyond cleanliness, and some have varying levels of excuses, especially the leaders? Their political + leaders do not seem to care about those at the bottom; but we saw a man called Jarga, if you inspire him the truth, he is not afraid to speak up; and if you give him the means he will improve them or punish where he can and should. He also have problems, but he seems to be eager to repent, if you give him a break. He loves the health you give him raise on, he loves the knowledge+ you give, he hates the poverty you test him with , he loves the sweet air of Jihnack+ from the trees and oceans for the hours upon hours, but he hates to walk a distance just for toilet and be bombarded with foul air of meat eating excrete? Did you know the excrete of vegan and vegetarian does not smell as bad as meat eaters? He loves the Badafos green fence idea you gave him, the flying crafts, and many other things, but wonder when will you act enough and make him act towards achievements? He loves the description of heaven in the Quran and believes the parts of it that can be on earth is good to seek or why were the hints?

What is the reward of a person who helps improve the cleanliness of millions or billions of people in heaven and on earth? The one you inspire to ‘warn or excuse’ deserve what percentage beyond money? The ordinary person who echoes towards helping others deserve what from you or creatures?The billionaires who may act deserve what from you or to the one you inspire to make them act? Aha! Ch.74:6 says, ‘ And show no favor seeking gain’; well, the primary purpose of activism or ‘favor’ is not seeking gain, but it is never forbidden for people to be grateful or for a worker to get less than one percent of what he helped create? Or why did a verse says, ‘give something to Muhammad when you visit’? Gratitude for time and efforts. If it takes you thirty minutes to read, it may take me 3 to 8 or xyz hours to write and re-read how many times? Since last night or early morning, I get some of these inspirations and was too excited to do my personal work of even fencing for my garden. I exercise and get lot of happiness from God, and children came to me asking for a gym… I told them God is yet to help me enough for me to business and help you all, especially you the children. Then After I write until I even slightly missed zuhr prayer times, may be I am missing even Asr prayer, so let me go pray and come continue .

Life! How hard to predict and plan for? God’s plan may come in between, part of it is often nice, but part of it can be very puzzling. So after praying, it was memories versus wishes or imaginations. I live in an Island, so the cold breeze of the ocean and left over of cold from the west hits in the evening towards the night. How nice would it have been if I owned a nice bathroom with jacuzzi and other goodies? Actually I bought a cheap jacuzzi and bathtub I am yet to utilise for reasons not worthy of mentioning. Sometimes I wonder if God make me buy things to help some business people than help myself. Thankful either way, he may eventually let me use them or give me even much better ones. I have to use well water to shower and the bathroom is not so great. Worse, Mr. Like it hot does not have a heater in the makeshift bathroom. Stop whining! You can use gas to heat water where need be. If you cannot afford gas, use firewood, but do not go to bed without shower or bathing. Why do Africans call it bathroom instead of showroom, or failed to spare enough room for a bathtub+ when affordable ? ‘Oh! It is cold’. Stop finding excuses, do some press up or whatever to warm yourself up rather than warm the water. Finally, God helps me to shave and shower without press up or heated water, but no sane person will deny wealth is nice. Still poverty is not an excuse to be personally dirty or let your environment dirty. Then memories came: one of my sweep freak aunties often say, she heard, ‘shower in the morning takes away seven sicknesses, and shower in the evening gives you seven sicknesses’; these questionable sayings should be strongly confronted or Africa may suffer. How about if you do not have up to seven diseases? Does the evening water have seven diseases or how will the physical, emotional, or mental diseases enter you? Is the saying cultural, religious, scientific, etc? Above all, does it make sense or concur with a conscientious God? A good farmer who works in the evening will have to shower every evening and will thirty by seven diseases in the month kill him or her? No! Water removes diseases, by the Lord of cleanliness and ablution of any time. If your girlfriend or would be wife believe in such, s/He may not shower before and after sex? I know traditional Islam focuses on shower after sex, but conscience and science demands shower or bath before and after sex; please make it a culture and may God help us lot more. Needless to say, I showered in the evening without fear.

Although the focus is on Mosques and Africans, I always want my writings to be as balanced as possible, to possibly avoid misunderstanding. Humans evolve, the west had huge problems of filthy life styles and part of it persist to date. The fact remains, today most westerners understand the dangers of dirtiness and Africans are slowly understanding this crucial fact. Their governments act and educate more, many African governments under act and under educate the masses. We can highlight both dirty whites and dirty blacks in the west, dirty Arabs or Asians, but that does not help us in anyway or justify where we can learn and benefit ourselves. So I still prefer how Africans wash with water after toilet, except we should use soap , during and immediately after. Such soap is personal , but can have spin-off effect to reduce or eliminate odor for next user. Those who can afford it can first wipe with hemp toilet paper, but please wash with water and soap after. Since most people are less likely going to bring soap, we must consider having soaps in all toilets, including public toilets. Do we have to build special boxes to avoid stealing or use smart cameras? People take small containers of water and no soap box to wash themselves, but you need lot of water to pour in pit toilets to care for others… So recommend buckets, smart tanks, or bigger containers in your educative videos.

Is there one Muslim country or billionaire ready to invest on camera factory to help beyond Mosques? We all agree improving the character of the human being is the highest help, and we know a culture of cameras will improve world character. Invest in it as business and the zakat part can go to Mosques and the vulnerable. Until then, let the locals organise, write to your health ministers, presidents, etc and let us make God and the Angels be proud of us, let us help ourselves with God’s help.

Optional note 3.

Islam is centrally the Quran, which does not change in content, only the interpretation; but there are questionable windows, including so called hadiths and sayings of scholars; also very safe doors and windows called conscience through ch.91. Conscience is indeed part of Islam , higher than even the Quran, and can change or grow , as it comes from the Lord of the ‘Ascending throne’ and Ascending ways and achievements. So when they claim young women are ‘not preferred ‘ in the Mosque, ask them where they get it from? Not in the Quran, nor of high conscience, so it is from fearful assumptions of elders with spouses they prefer than their friends’ daughters? Do you risk sexual emotions, health, or terrorism when you visit which Mosques versus which others? I honestly believe believers of all genders should frequent the Mosque, just decently. Dress properly and have separate areas, but even tolerable mixing or interaction is OK. What learning, working, and indirect fun can young women add to the Mosque? God does inspire every where , including the Mosque, so I cannot support unnecessary forbidding after reading ch. 96, ch.66, and conscience. Young women can clean female areas better than old women, and even be allowed to clean men’s area as well dressed employees. Young women can bring more men to the mosque, and God can conquer both in good ways or at least save the boy from going to much worse places. Take your young wife there or a younger Mosque or xyz going girl may steal which brothers? The same young girl you may implicitly deny the Mosque may miss important information from a good Imam, God’s inspirations for choosing Mosque than naming ceremonies, or rectify a misleading Imam through social media… Helping her and young men meet at universities , work, mosques, etc makes lot more sense than many other places. Culture of cameras and conscience can reduce many fears we have. The problem is many Imams are yet to admit conscience is the first and last test of humans, and higher than the Quran that repoints us to it. The Quran is still vital, but you cannot compare what God teaches versus what Angels or humans teach, except conscience also have levels and that is why ch.103 is the jewel checklist for conscientious folks. It is also a chapter that some Christians or xyz may respect than hadiths leaning Imams or hypocrites. You can read the chapter in many so called Islamic countries, but practising it is forbidden?

Our men need to be married with preferably zero dowry, teach to seek higher than sex, and be reminded ch.4:123/124 shows it is not about religion, culture , or desires. Ch.49:13+ shows it is not about race, country, gender, etc. Endless verses talk about ‘Lord of the East and west’, hinting there is good in both, but varying levels of conscientious folks who may be tested through ch.103. How many believing men and believing women can interact in the mosque or anywhere and still avoid evil? Stop trying to over cater for the weakest men through religion, or weakest women through western + government laws… Think conscientious standard first, then cater for average… Stop thinking from group or by groups, and think personally with the understanding you know very little about even your parents, spouse, or children. Meaning, assume good, but God knows the inner thoughts and 100% choices of humans, but how can you deduce from the 10% choices you know about a person or just heard about? Some assumptions are bad is indeed factual, some lack of assumptions can also lead to hell, or why the verses, ‘if they had used their minds, eyes, and ears, they won’t be in hell? ‘. You will need conscience to even interpret the Quran and God is always there with you when reading it. So avoid reading the Quran in fear, greed, or arrogance– read it in hope, love, and conscientiously. After knowing the Quran well, God can remind you verses to solidify conscience. Many little things or claims can scare the cowards; many little possibilities can tempt the greedy; many little things or words can offend the arrogant. Verses say, ‘On the friends of Allah, they shall not fear nor worry’; so how many friends of Allah exist beside Abraham (pbuh) or can you be more conscientious than Abraham and be a closer friend to Allah than Abraham or xyz? Should you cry if you are same or next to Abraham, Muhammad, Jesus, etc or one thousand position below them and still a friend of Allah? It’s a full moonlight inspirational article, ‘we have joined [the light of ] sun and moon’, so do not ask me why it seems daring. ‘Radiance of delight is on my face’, through the favors of my Lord and may it ever rise, including when raised from death. May the best of it be upon us, the believers in conscience.

Optional note 4:

Dear Customer or guest user: This toilet should be appreciated, so keep it clean or we will not forgive those who abuse us through sins between creatures and refuse to learn.

1. Bring enough water , about xyz gallons, based on research, to wash and pour on the pit to reduce odor. Refill the bucket inside, it is for those in a rush and handicapped or xyz who may not be able to bring their own water. You can refill through tap or well around xyz. Refusing to refill is sin against ‘disabled’ + folks.

2. Use the soap reasonably, our soap donors work hard or xyz soap or company sponsors it, buy their products or services (phone+)to support them.

3. If you happen to make a mess by mistake, check to your right or xyz to clean it properly. Care is vital.

4. Respecting these guidelines matter or you may be banned from using it. Refusing to respect these guides, especially guide one, can lead to premature full toilet/tank, and that denies services to others and cost us money to rebuild or empty.

The best of people will respect out of care, from guide one. But some need guide 4 , because they worship money… using God and terms like ‘sins between creatures ‘ are vital to convince some people. Someone will read it at a public toilet, learn to do similar at home, and/or post on social media for others to learn.

Public Toilets are very hard to keep clean, even in the west. Where are the companies, group of jinns, or xyz who can make a great door for public toilets, as business partners with me? A door with face identification or xyz camera to open toilet doors, then the camera moves automatically as you close the door; then after you dress up, you will move to a part of the door for the door to move another camera, take pictures before it opens the door for you to leave… You may need multiple cameras. I do not think I need to add other features to add or how to police it, from social media shaming, banning specifically at a spot and sharing to an institution for more banning, or even court fines…

Where are other caring manufacturers, plumbers, or group of jinns to help build special tanks and other things for public pit toilet flushing? You will need one small tank, one big tank, and a simple method of connecting to fill the big tank once an hour or day. The small tank will hold enough water to flush the pit toilet in smart ways, then automatically or manually refilled? Many toilets, especially market toilets in SeneGambia demand payment to use, but the service is still poor. Mayors, health personnel, and even caring tourists or xyz should learn and understand the Kind Lord is not blind to those who care. I feel sorry for many an African+ child and knows some will learn, some will re-teach others, and we can punish the rejecters of simple efforts.

There is a verse that says, ‘human beings ‘ can be worse than animals and this is sadly manifested through stupidity on some until when, on lying on some, and on cruelty or indifference with some. The African dog will dig to cover his or her excrete, but why would African, Indian, or xyz children or adults defecate in the Bush or side road and refuse to do like or better than dogs? Someone will step on it or suffer the odor unnecessarily? You can claim God or Dog’s mother taught dogs+ and some parents refuse to teach their own children , but where are the human authorities who refuse to teach like or better than Jarga? If someone passes, the odor is sin against you as victim who refuse to teach or culprit, but will you leave it there for others to taste the odor or go post on social media for a remedy? Or just say it’s life until God helps a caring marijuana guy or how many marijuana folks are careless like Jihnackans, Gambians, or xyz, who may or may not learn? Western dog owners are now forced to move with something to clear their dog’s excrete, because of many concrete roads that prevent their dogs from doing like African dogs. If s/he can clean a dog’s excrete, can you do yours and/or a careless culprits’ excrete? You can use a knife or even bush stick to dig a small hole and cover in care. They move with something (bags) you may not have and human excrete can be much worse, so educate and introduce culture of cameras to improve human character. So may God bless those who share and help me improve mankind, especially Africans, by any means necessary !. May I improve the lives and health of billions or millions. There is an article I wrote about sins between creatures, search for it to learn more and help save humankind, at least those who believe God exists, his cameras goes beyond human cameras, and sins between creatures is not one to one as some scholars misinterpreted.

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