Healthy Prostate is also good for Women-Dzifa Bedi

Prostate Cancer Ambassador Yvonne Dzifa Bedi
Prostate Cancer Ambassador Yvonne Dzifa Bedi

Prostate Cancer Ambassador Yvonne Dzifa Bedi , an accountant has advocated for women to stand by their men as prostate health is also good for women.

Prostate Cancer Ambassador Yvonne Dzifa Bedi
Prostate Cancer Ambassador Yvonne Dzifa Bedi
?Just like the way healthy breast is also good for men, healthy prostate is also good for women because the prostate gland is the powerhouse of our men. It is sad to see our men with catheter in their dig and those suffering from the side effect of prostate cancer treatment. Dzifa is using the month of September to help raise awareness and call for support to help fight the disease in the country.

?I believe men and those who love them deserve better. This September mark as global prostate cancer awareness month, I pledge to raise my voice to encourage the men I love to know their risk of prostate cancer ?stated Dzifa.

?In Ghanaian families, women are the ?gatekeepers? of health because men simply don?t like to go to the Hospital,?

According to her when it comes to prostate exams some men may feel the exam is embarrassing ? much in the same way some women feel about gynecological exams. But it?s important to encourage the man in your life to have regular prostate screenings.?

Some of the potential side effects of prostate cancer treatment can be daunting. ?Symptoms such as urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction ? often called ED ? can affect the quality of a man?s life, making him embarrassed or depressed,? Dzifa notes when she visited Men?s Health Foundation Ghana clinic at Dodowa-Akoto House to join hands in raising awareness on prostate cancer in Ghana .

?Fortunately, we now have treatments available for urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction. These treatments are effective for many men with incontinence or ED.?

?Men who have prostate cancer ? especially those who experience side effects such as incontinence or ED ? really need compassionate moral support,? She advises. ?The more women know about prostate cancer and treatment, the better able they will be to communicate with the men in their lives about prostate problems in a gentle, understanding manner.? I know we women don?t want our men to sleep on duty! No at all. They must be men at all times.

According to research married men are more likely to survive prostate cancer than unmarried men and she believes women must stand by their men hence her campaign STAND BY YOUR MAN for this father?s day for Men?s Health Foundation Ghana. Men?s Health Foundation Ghana leads change, believes men deserves better treatment. She advised women to help their men to go for prostate check to save their lives.

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