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Heard VS Depp: Guilty woman in a Guiltier Society? 

Mindset matters at the personal level, and systems matter at the social and government levels. Changing or improving mindsets and systems can be for good or bad, and is not the easiest task.

Amber Heard seems to have a sick mindset, but the western world have a sicker system that enables folks like Amber Heard. The jury found him guilty, found her more guilty, but the most guilty were not directly in court? The extreme matriarchal activists who argue mere accusations by a woman warrant light to medium punishment before hearing facts from both sides sets the foundation of the bad system; the mainstream media profits from rich folks’ stories, so they rush to pressure the other party and ignore the poor folks stories and effects; the companies react in fear to punish prematurely or be punished by the enabling guilty public; so unless the real or partial victims have evidence and courage to go to the courts of humans and/or God, one manipulator can do lot of damage in a faulty system with dangerous loopholes.

The history of humankind must be understood through facts: We evolve through the cultural eras, which were mixtures, but largely deceptive and abusive matriarchal systems; then comes the Religious Eras, which under rescued men+ as test and many male leaders woefully failed to warrant the secular governments; many of our secular governments dangerously lean on matriarchal systems of thought, even when headed by males. We must evolve to what I call Humanism, with an alternative or second meaning, not the manipulative ‘feminism’ that is based on anger, obsession with punishment against men due to a fraction of bad men, financial affairs, etc.

Sick vs Sicker:  when I claim Amber Heard is sick, and the western world is sicker, some may accuse me of hating women and/or the west. They claim she has a disease like how white ‘Terrorists’ and ‘murderers’ are  often under diagnosed as having ‘mental problems’.

I am not denying she has mental issues (ignorance), but that does not mean she may not be guilty of dangerous lying and cruelty that society must punish. Society also have illusions, but when Society denies there are millions of lying women desperate for public attention, money, sheer hatred against men or their ex partners, etc then Society is not just enabling liars, but indirectly baiting liars and may commit cruelty before under confronting liars.

Mind vs mindset: Mindset in today’s context is like an operating system (frame of mind), apple versus Windows as example. While Receiving, all humans prefer kindness, so where we differ is while seeking and while giving. Some people will lie for minor to major happiness,  and such will likely lie to escape pain. After certain growth,  people can resist lying from dangerous situations to actual state of varying pain. People who have good or great religious leaning mindset tend to value Truth and patience above intelligence and kindness; and this does not mean truth is oppose to intelligence or kindness for a second.

It simply means to act when certain of truth  and defer some things to God for judgement. Evidence matter to such folks, especially on punishment related matters. People with bad or corrupted religious leaning mindset tend to value illusion as intelligence, in fear, over truth, and kindness; plus they hardly know the super good deed call patience, towards others. They want to punish everything,  or claim God will punish the whole society if they don’t punish even personal sins. People with cultural or Secular leaning mindset are very similar to bad and fearful religious folks, they tend to value human intelligence or questionable kindness over truth. The mind is just like a presented window screen (a fact or lie), so different mindsets may analyse and show it differently.

Almost anyone can seize your mind temporarily, but your mindset will then help you grow more or go down more. Thousands or millions of people will see this article (exact mind flash or exposure),  but why the results (effects) will vary among recipients? Mindset. Since our mindsets are built overtime based on our choices and God’s choices,  we are like some having Windows 3.1, 95, towards the latest windows; while others different versions of Apple operating systems. So imagine the same sets of programs (mind) flashed before such varieties of mindsets? The west have created so much divisions between man and woman for so long, they do not understand even the LGBTQ problems they are under facing are partly by their injustices (privileges) they created for women. When heterosexuals fought, they think it is irrelevant to ask who hits first or if small men do not marry bigger women.

If ms. Heard or xyz screams first and hits first, let us still arrest Mr. Depp or xyz? It may seem kind or intelligent, but is it just and intelligent in the long term? Such a rigid system fuels arrogance on many women, but time exposes gradually. Even before LGBTQ was legalised in the u.s, when two lesbians or gays fought, the police will arrest the one who identified as male, not interested in who hits first.

A foolish heterosexual thinks that won’t affect him or her, but the police records will indicate male violence against female, and even without evidence of violence, plus two males or two females were fighting. This means one million or xyz LGBTQ fights in a year will be added and presented as heterosexual fights to affect mindsets and justify what? Once you accept a lie, you forward more lies or jump right into cruelty until you discover the importance of truth. The statistics become scarier to cause the little girls fear boys and the cowardly women justify arrogant obsession of punishing men as intelligent.

Since we have a good God, He tends to continue to rescue humans through options and hard rescues. Cameras are the best friends of untrusted victims before naive culprits, but the worst culprits appeal to the fears and arrogance of smaller culprits. Police abuse against mainly blacks existed long before cameras are under exposing them, but governments are still resisting cameras against abusing cops even in florida+. The victims are not always total victims, just like Johnny Depp. The millions of blacks+ in Florida should have bought all forms of body cameras, challenge the unjust laws, and fight back vigorously if any judge thinks the truth from cameras in public space is dangerous.

Potential Victims can forward excuses of not able to afford cameras and other excuses, then want society to work overtime to their rescue? Without the strong evidence Mr. Depp presented, even men like me would have doubted him and defer for God to judge. Even a minimum wage worker can order body cameras from China+ to force u.s industries reduce camera prices to bring a more balanced culture of cameras. When your belt camera, my cap camera, her sunglasses and shoe cameras, his chain and watch cameras, etc capture an abusive police officer or street abuser, we can still have the social contract to wait 24 to 48 hours of police cameras to accept their analysis or confront them with angles to angles.

Your real eyes make decisions within seconds or minutes, so please do not ask hours to review and analyse five minutes video. When dating, do not ask him/her, put your cameras in your private home and never allow a law that dictates where to place cameras in your private property. The public space is primarily government’s responsibility to fund cameras, but secondarily for smart civilians to co-police with cameras than eyes they may choose to doubt based on your gender, race, profession, or unrelated past history you evolved from than their systematic racism, sexism, nationalism, etc. When married, convince your partner that cameras are great for learning purpose and should be everywhere, except your bedroom… The happiest home can use the camera to teach a child you were once humble and hate to see others cry, why are you losing the road, look at how you were? The slightly messy home can learn who tend to react with scary screams over what they deem stupid versus lies or cruel.

Empathy vs truth: Empathy is a fairly small branch of kindness that illusory people may value over truth and the higher kindness truth can bring. Empathy or questionable Empathy is when Obama stands at a prison gate of mainly marijuana users to use words and gestures that make headlines for political gain; whereas truth is it takes the semi bravery of Trump to try to legalise hemp at the federal level or bravery of Trudeau to legalise even recreational cannabis nationwide and give people real reasonable freedom.

Empathy comes with excuses and unnecessary delays, while blaming others who may act if you try with enough efforts. Empathy is when Biden spends hours with one or few sick people to get praises, while denying millions even medical marijuana. Empathy is when you cover the late reporting ‘victim’ as ‘hero’ and side with reckless approach, but under cover the timely reporting victims and the successful resisting potential victims and actual victims. Truth is millions of women understand protection is primarily personal and secondarily public, so they take reasonable caution for themselves and society. If they fail or a terrible culprit face them, they try during and after an attack, not choose indifference or cowardice. 

A Mindset influenced by a questionable media that repeats ‘many rape claims’ are not prosecuted or not successfully prosecuted is choosing vague fractional facts , just like Amber Heard forwarded. The truthful are courageous, the liars are cowardly, indifferent, and banking on the arrogant.

Even without evidence at hand, Amber Heard or XYZ can say God can make  him confess or the investigators may gather evidence through better ways than NSA and convict him. If they do not convict him, the trial will scare him or her to save other potential victims? No! ‘Caring should be one way, personally and/or just one gender’? I will keep the evidence of a potential criminal offence, no one will charge me with withholding evidence and they won’t say my refusing to file charges is gambling other women than a verdict against a liar.

I know the media lies that people do not sympathise with female victims enough, but if I write half the facts and/or some lies, what percentage of people will empathise with me before the whole truth versus percentage of people who will confront my lies than my person, if caught? I will get publicity and potential more contracts than the restitution from criminal offence.  I get more contracts, he get less contracts, even without evidence? ‘That Bastard should have known he should have worshipped me, regardless of my mistakes, lies and cruelties? ‘ The companies who believe my lies to punish him will never be tried and there is no God to judge them; or if I go to Mecca or Rome, fast, and pray, a just God will wipe out those sins between creatures? Nothing to lose and lot to gain, temporarily? No wonder why the Koran said: ‘He is the Judge to rejudge what judges misjudge or never judge’, as per ch. 95. 

If we look at ch.103 and try to place intelligence and kindness inside the chapter; a big chunk of intelligence will fall under faith or why the Bible says, ‘fools say there is no God’? A big chunk of kindness will fall under ‘good deeds’; but the remaining two are super good deeds? The remaining two are also worded very differently: ‘Exhort each other to Truth, and exhort each other to patience’?  One of my favorite English translation Koran (recitation) cannot see the value of that Repetition and why each other? Because truth is hardly exclusive to a group/person, until you meet the ultimate liar(s) or full truth; it has to be ‘each other’ between partners , parents and child, siblings and neighbors, employer and employee, leaders and the led, world leaders of East vs west; etc.

But if there was no Repetition of ‘each other’ on patience, then people may debate if patience should be one way? This is undoubtedly the greatest chapter in the Koran and virtually everything in the Koran came from it. See it as the thesis of the Koran without disrespecting how other lengthy chapters help us understand like operating systems (mindsets) enlarge from a base and keep growing to give us more features. From a building perspective, see the chapter as the foundation and may be even with walls, but conscience as the roof ch. 95 task us all, to improve.

A Religious person without conscience can be very dangerous, but faith and humility can rescue the sincere religious folks than the disbelievers and hypocrites. When Saudi Arabia or xyz tells you to read the chapter and not practice the later part from home to other authorities, then quote unclear verses or worse some hadiths, please refuse. The whole world was ‘created for truth’, so split at Truth and respect your part of patience till you meet the Lord more explicitly.

Poor vs rich folks: In a bad system, the rich are covered more, but that does not mean millions of poor people do not suffer through that bad system, arguably different levels. I am a victim of western bad system due to my gender and/or race. While in Canada, in one of my ex-work places, I was nearly fired and thanks to the resisting of a younger female manager. Detailing it here will lengthen the article where space and time matter.

In a nutshell, a white woman accused me of sexual misconduct, and the terrible mindset of a white female manager directed another white female manager to fire me without any meaningful investigation, not even asking me. The younger white/junior female manager refused to fire me or even investigate, because she believed I was innocent, it was personal,  or reasons best known to her. Just like millions of women choose not to side with Amber Heard, after the evidence. I survived the firing, but the other guilty manager was never the same towards me after.

She was scared of firing me directly and wanted someone to do the risky dirty job? If you cannot see how Amber Heard wanted the companies and people to do the dirty job for her, then I think you are dangerously blind and deserve to be raised with Amber Heard in Hell… Until we kill the mindset, rich folks may avoid it more now, but mere accusations can hunt poor folks where only God may help. When it was time to leave that job, I decided to set the records straight with lengthy resignation letter and how wrong many of them were. Devils do not like resisting folks. So one of them called a female devil police officer in Edmonton to try to lure me.

I told the officer that I wrote the facts, if she want to charge me, she can proceed or leave  me alone. She refused to respect no, and literally harrased me, but I am too poor to sue Alberta, Canada, and the west?  So I just sued them to God and they fought me beyond my views for marijuana legalisation.

Heard VS her top supporters: Well, this one we see similarities than contraries in our contrast. Heard claims people mock her lies, but what percentage mocked her claims before Depp’s evidence? Probably people mocked and insulted Depp based on mere accusations when a media house refused to ask evidence or were denied evidence? NewYork Times ran an irresponsible opinion that claims ‘why we love to see a woman go down’? There is a big difference between a woman and lying woman, a woman and cruel woman, a man and lying man, etc.

Why do they mistaken angry beating of lies and liar, as happy beating of a pretty woman? Many Men go to prison for their crimes, women pay fines, where criminal offences may be staring. I will love to see the bad system go down than Amber Heard go down, and may God curse all those who want to retain or export/import this bad system of harming men based on mere accusations. Heard’s closing arguments claim what message we are sending to victims of domestic violence, or false claimants and culprits? The verdict says she was a small victim and big culprit to Depp, but I think she is even a smaller victim and bigger culprit to society, regardless of how the media may choose selective fractional truth from social media to keep the bad system.

NewYork Times may never publish my higher truth than the lies they publish, and they may forward excuses God may confront in due time. Amber Heard recklessly chose lies, and double down with greed? Her supporters accepted lies and double down by accusing society, the truthful, or anti lying folks? The time I spent on such writings is not wasted, but I certainly prefer many things than public confrontations. However, life demands we help others learn in gratitude, or the liars will temporarily rule earth, hurt countless folks, mislead others.

The Truthful men and Women must unite and understand the need to confront a bad system. There is little to smile in rescuing one man, when millions are still at risk; or the fall of one celebrated liar (brick), but the lying system (foundation) is still adored.   This is far from the ‘death of me too ‘ movement as some claim, but I hope it is for the death of that approach, which predates ‘me too’. Real victims are encouraged to come forward with evidence,  potential victims are encouraged to invest in cameras and every helpful means. Once we agree there are millions of lying men and women, cruel men and women, stupid men and women, then it becomes too dangerous to Gamble a whole gender, especially after knowing a just God with much bigger cameras+ is at the near end of the tunnel.  May we Triumph lot more and be much more blessed than Heard and Depp combined. May God bless Showlove Trinity: Let’s learn, let’s work, let’s have fun.
By Jarga Kebba Gigo
An Activist and Transformer
Twitter: jarga-k-Gigo@jarga-k-gigo
Note: Normalised wrongs vs un-normalised wrongs: Wrongs largely  done by men are hardly Normalised by  any society, partly because they are much discussed and more explicit.  Implicit wrongs do exist for both genders, but many society tend to Normalize many largely female wrongs, but that does not mean they are not dangerous or subject to judgement . It is vital to try to save all genders,  but the Devils and the media seems to be hunting women more and sometimes as ‘favor’. Tell your family, especially young girls,  that men are not your enemies,  but fear, greed, and arrogance.  Sadly, all three have been Normalised in the mindsets of many women, as ‘being woman’. These characteristics existed even before humans were created, and that is why the Koran described Satan as ‘s/He becomes one of the arrogant’. If you dismiss religious wisdom, look in animals and you will see how fear, greed, and arrogance are so destructive. So if they give you millions of questionable women as evidence that it is normal for women to behave bad, try to see or show good girls and other good women as evidence for others to learn from, and not copy the evil ones they present as ‘woman’. Similarly are with men, but we tend to confront the greed and arrogance of men in love for women. This means God, nature, and the best of men and women will confront the guilty women and defeat even the men who side with the guilty.
They use fractional facts like physically weaker to justify fear, but even confronting cockroaches become difficult when you gradually normalise fear. The greed, we will use financial greed as example. They will deny simple facts like Trump accusing many women are financially greedy with threats and Implicitly admit it with arrogance later. What is so hard in saying even the Trump tapes admit some women resist the rich ‘Trumps’ even in the west,  and much more in some societies? Then pray and teach to get more stable women. By arrogantly enacting laws that if the ‘Obamas’ and ‘Macrons’ were bosses to their wives, they should be prosecuted or were breaking laws. Your arguments indirectly admits many women will subdue to the wishes of good or corrupt bosses, just like Trump, depending on status of marriage or real intentions? This argument ignores the good women and try to over protect the bad ones, rather than see how to educate the bad or weak ones. The arguments become very clumsy than Amber Heard’s arguments,  especially if God clearly teaches you through marijuana . Over protection repeatedly hurts the ‘favored’ through out history, especially long term.
Boys actually need to be taught lot more about the dangers of lie, without minimizing the dangers of cruelty. Between lying to versus lying for, the sins of men on lying may be much more than direct cruelty. Once a man successfully avoids lies, it becomes easier to avoid cruelty. Believing in God greatly helps all genders, because once you know God’s cameras are on and that he punishes lot harder than humans, you become very careful. I have been severely punished by God for a mistaken cruelty, ‘friendly unwanted groping’, and if I were to make another mistake, I will rather speak Truth and face human punishment than lie before God, especially to the public. When you lie, it worsen things and run after you or wait for you.

A billionaire or her fans can easily help her pay, but how can you pay for the lies to the people, waste tax payers money, waste people’s time, etc. Settle out of court where need be, but avoiding lies and cruelties is the best route. People will avoid ignorance anyway, our crime on the subject is often over avoiding.

The devil took the route of supremacy based on God’s choice, the right to tempt even with lies, and /or right to tempt and don’t serve, and/or right to tempt recklessly with indifference and don’t serve or under serve? How many women/racists of the west and beyond are taking this path as freedom? I told the world ‘freedom without knowledge is dangerous’, but freedom with lies and indifference against a person or whole gender or race is what? You are pushing us and we are pushing back, except many women and whites+ are finally waking up to see it is not all about the visible power. God (truth) truly exists and the longest respite will come to an end. The real victims will eventually smile, but God may demand from each on some, similar to the Heard VS Depp verdict.  Turning the other cheek may work with some ignorance based sins, and using the tongue for possible learning, but that approach is dangerous on lying and cruelty types of sins.

If you allow her to scream at you until it becomes a habit, she will scream at your children or the next man who may inherit her and run like Elon Musk.  He said, ‘At their best, both are incredible ‘? At their average and their worst are vital, because I do not like visiting hell or the bottom of hell to semi-rescue anyone. We must never allow the worst of men to be used as men, the worst of blacks as blacks, the worst of Muslims as Muslims, the worst of any group as that group, then use the best of a group as that group. May we all learn and help as many people as we can from all genders and races to understand the importance of truth and the necessary sacrifice to fight lies even with cameras some may abuse and cowards fear. I urge Depp, Cosby, Elon Musk, restitutions/seizures from Epstein, and others to help finance  camera factories to speed up the inevitable culture of cameras the Devils are trying to delay like worldwide marijuana legalisation . Urge shifting the billions from the military budget towards cameras and donate internationally than weapons and tampons.

Individual vs systematic wrongs: when a woman starts work, does she have to worry about an individual wrong or systematic wrong? Can a liar put her in trouble without evidence or can the cruel ones be confronted with resistance without hurting the innocent at the workplace? We sure need to protect the good women, especially the married ones who were introduced and those who self introduce and say I am happily with a partner? What mechanisms or baiting we set for questionable women at the workplace? Can a lying woman cause a man be fired based on accusations, small one sided evidence, and refusing to investigate or hear the other sides?  Why do smart men have to pray to God when we start a new workplace? Why do I have to fear just one lying woman can get me fired and I am too poor to hire great lawyers like Depp’s? Why do I have to see a beautiful and single nicer than ‘Michele Obama’ every day and with seeming good character and fear to ask her out? May be capitalism wants me to finance the bars, clubs, and their bad than few good girls, to avoid marijuana and Co workers who may be good or bad? They said Obama and Macron were lucky or abusive like the actors who met at the workplace? I believe millions of workplace relationships went fairly well, but we have to focus on the worst thousands as care and balance?  Or are they claiming some Saudis are right, women should be at home, not tempting at the workplace? Why can’t we have equal conscientious dresscode at the workplace and most public places we cannot avoid than TV and movies they regulate? Conscience should be mutilated like some tribal clitoris in secular governments or be used for one group? Advertisement affect minds and lying don’t seem to be a crime in some worlds? One have the right to tempt and the other the responsibility to resist, forever? Do women have responsibility to resist or endless rights to tempt and not even be asked? I told the world asking is Godly and begging is devilish, and Jesus said ‘no one can serve two masters (ends)’ like asking and begging? So they said, they choose a culture where men beg with one knee to propose, and often bounced to forcing or other abusive behaviors? A white girl was glad when a richer white man begged her and they separated within months under my eyes. She claims the man later wanted her as ‘prostitute’, but she told him ‘the only one worse than a prostitute is the one who takes a prostitute’.

I do not totally agree with her analysis/echo, but admit brothels are hell for unfortunate men, stupid men, or those trying to run from women who are worse than prostitutes? A Chinese or Asian girl resisted a married boss who tried to get her ‘over drunk’ to have sex? The Arab wife chose separation after learning they went to club and he never told her? Well, may be there were other issues, but separation came. The white boss came after the same Chinese girl with ‘serious begging’, and the Chinese woman or many women cannot resist begging and/or big money? Why is she blind to how a married man, whose wife was coming the next day, still thinks sex with a drunk woman is nice? Men are largely sexually stupid, including myself, but I refuse temptations when I get relatively good service? Your wife or girlfriend telling you ‘please don’t stop’ is much nicer than a semi dead woman with alcohol and still resist or sue after? An FGM woman may not scream much, but better than many a prostitute.

Some prostitutes may be better than some wives, who become porn stars in a house you cannot run away from? Please do not rape your wives, I refuse to rape even a girlfriend and once successfully defeated her through Koranic hints or reflex. When she refused me and I went to a different bedroom instead of beg, then she came running and ask ‘why are you like this’? Sometimes we find good ways and get lost after, but can we find lost good ways more than lost OK partners? Women are not doing men sexual favors, God is doing both favor. So let both be grateful or one not beg or force the other.

Baby, you are a girl allowed to punish a man based on accusations; you can bankrupt a company after tempting a weak boss and get others jobless for the sin of one man? Tempt him, he will not have evidence; then gather evidence and sue the company for yourself or to share with me and the sins? No! I cannot be a pimp, but some women+ deserve to be jobless due to bad mindset, but what sins have I committed to be jobless for so long ? Did I over resist sexist Devils or racists who hate marijuana and sanctioned me? Keep on searching and in better ways than Bob Marley and some suggest. And avoid coming close to married people, or you risk being charged with up to Gambling children’s lives? The green girls call marijuana do give higher happiness than average anti marijuana sex, and may help you get wife/girls without begging on a knee…

The spirits of Harry Anslinger,  Nixon, and Biden cannot stop marijuana, inter racial or inter tribal relationships, healing above Obama care, etc. A high and/or smiling woman looks so pretty. A scared or crying woman of even pretty Amber Heard is so ugly, but a rapist have multiple mental diseases and dangerous blindness we must avoid. ‘Bring back’ our good boys and girls, and feel free to take our bad boys, bad girls, and LGBTQ? Africa should not just be Heterosexuals, but the best of heterosexuals. Let’s pressure our women and men to be good, or send them to the sand or snow to learn the hard way. If either visit the graves due to stress, cause and allow will be judged. If God cannot or do not want to live with an arrogant Satan in wide heaven, please do not ask me to live with an arrogant woman in a house/mansion, especially after knowing millions/billions of humble women want to be grateful towards men. Tell her love means: Let’s learn, let’s work, let’s have fun.

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