It looks like Heidi Klum and Seal are in for a bitter divorce. The couple were married for seven years before they announced their separation in January, with the supermodel officially filing for divorce in April, citing ?irreconcilable differences.?

The couple released a joint statement about their initial separation and it appeared as though things were amicable, but RadarOnline reports that there are a number of contentious issues and ?the gloves are about to come off.?

When the 39-year-old model filed for divorce, she listed that she was seeking primary physical custody of the couple?s four children, Leni, 8; Henry, 6; Johan, 5; and Lou, 2 ? a request which Seal has since countered, demanding that they get equal time with the kids.

According to the website, the ?Kissed by a Rose? singer has also contested Klum?s claim that the couple have no joint assets that need to be divided between them. Given that Seal is worth a reported $15 million, while Klum is worth $70 million, it?s poised to be a big battle with plenty to argue about.

Another point of contention is the fact that Seal used personal photos of their children in an ad campaign without Klum?s permission. An insider explained that the model didn?t want their private moments made public, and she acted quickly by hiring a lawyer who had the video removed.

?Heidi isn?t trying to cause trouble. She?s just trying to protect her brood,? a friend explained to the website.

Klum also opened up to Allure magazine in April about this painful time:

?It?s hard, just like for other couples. People go through our trash cans. It?s crazy. And you know, we have four kids; they have to go to school,? she explained, adding that you just have to deal when things don?t work out as you planned.

?Because sometimes life throws you a curveball and then you just figure it out and deal with it, but my dream always was that. To have the perfect family and have lots of children and a beautiful garden and trampolines and swings and things.?

Source : Huffington Post


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