Helping out in the kitchen who should support?


Indeed, our fingernails were purosely created for due to the veracity of our body itching and the hands were also created for innumerable activities before we will desire to eat a mouthful and to be glutton of food it will depend on the sumptuous food and how our dexterities hands were in accrity to prepare it to be palatable.

It is amazing that some people of this view ae saying that in our part of the world we have what we called genda roles and that works at home is often shared between males and females and that the girls roles is using condiments for cooking which should not be changed, some people that i interviewed whole heartedly disclose to me that girls are better cooks than boys and therefore it will be wrong,absolutely wrong for a boy to help in the kitchen while boys activities are there.
Frankly, i approached a certain boy known as FELIX QUAYE of his perception.”Boys are not intrigued about kictchen, they often feel comfortable in being with their fathers than their mothers and therefore kictchen would be a wrong place for boys”, said FELIX QUAYE..Upon all these i turn my attention to a certain girl to also ear fron her and she exudes confidence ?by saying that who says boys cannot do what girls do in the kitchen did not DR KWAME NKRUMAH REITERATED THAT BLACKMAN IS CAPABLE OF MANAGING HIS OWN AFFAIRS.Do we not have boys who cook more than girles do, is it a matter of training?According to her”is not it ridiculous to say that because boys are often sdeen in the company of their fathers thet cannot help in the kitchen?
However, with the numerous questions raiese above it is obvious that the said arguments that i would like to state emphatically is that assignning the roles of cooking to only gilrs and not allowing boys to help in the kitchen is a serious discrimination against gilsrs.Meanwhile. our 1992 constitution expressly forbids discrimination which is base on genda.Our educational curriculum, for instance we have HOME ECONOMICS as a programme whisch offersd by boys as well.
FELIX QUAYE, discolse to me that at the cooking in the kitchen involves exerting a lot of energy and since in most cases boys do better in jobs involving the use of brute forec with training and educatiobn they will even do better than gilrs if they help in the kiictchen.
FELIX QUAYE who is the C E O of the medea netwok empahsiezed that, in this modern time . menm are supposed to help in the kitchen together with their wives ehen both partners are at home and the woman is preparing meals foa the family.It follows that husband would do that better when they start helping in the kitchen.
He also added that, boys ?helping in the kitchen would offer them proper training before they mmarry since they would be expected to assist their wives in the kitchen even their wives are not around.
korle gonno,accra
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