Helpline for suicidal persons: Call now!


Thirty people have so far called the helplines 050 991 4046 and 020 681 4666 four days after it was set up by the Mental Health Authority for persons in need of psychological help or contemplating suicide.

According to the head of communications of the Authority, Kweku Brobbey, all those who called for help have been counselled.

The recent spate of suicides among Ghanaian youth is similar to the Ebola crisis that hit some West African states a few years ago, Dr Yaw Mfodwo, a consultant psychiatrist and Chief Executive Officer of the Brain Clinic, has said.

According to him, the situation is epidemic following reported cases on a daily basis and should be blamed on the poor mental health service structures in the country.

Two more alleged suicide cases were recorded Monday in Ashaiman in the Greater Accra region and Affram Plains in the Eastern region.

Adom FM’s Kwame Yankah reported that a driver, Bright Wovi, who is said to be in his mid-30s was found hanging on a tree close to a park at Jericho, a community in Ashaiman.

The second suicide case was reported in the Akye Amanfrom in the Affram Plains South district of the Eastern region involving a young woman, Leticia Amaki, 26, who was found hanging on a water reservoir near the Presbyterian Clinic.
Before these cases, one incident was reported last Saturday at Achimota in which Belinda Gabla, 14, a primary five student reportedly took her own life.
It brings the number of alleged suicides deaths to six in the last month. This forced the Mental Health Authority to launch a helpline to help depressed persons and others in need of psychological counsel.

Mr Brobbey explained to Joy News that although resources are constrained, his office ensures every call from prospective patients was treated with utmost urgency and given help.

“Some of them call in and they tell you they need help and the line drops so we make the efforts to get back to know those who genuinely need help and we help them.

“When we call them back we get to know those who need advice and we advise them to go to the right place we know they would get the desired help,” he added.
Responding to issue of filling the vacuum between the time someone calls the helpline and the time he/she receives help, Mr Brobbey said, “it is about what the person needs at the time of the call.”

He noted that they cannot solve all the problems from the people who call explaining that “irrespective of us talking to them, some people may still go ahead, but we believe that whatever intervention we are giving, may be successful in getting some to change their minds.”

The helplines are 050 991 4046 and 020 681 4666.

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    • I have been living in this life alone no help from anywhere, the hope I have is God, my dad my mom is mentally not sound am really suffering I want accommodation please I need help I want to end my life am really frustrated I need help

  1. my only hope is my life in me.
    I have been a stanched addict of gambling and I am in serious debt of GHS 40000.
    I am on the verge of losing my job because of 3000gh. I want to end it because i have disgraced my pastor, family and friend It seems hope is finish for me.

      • Pls i need financial assistance.
        Am depressed n don’t know what to do again.
        A frnd introduced a car business to me … So i also introduce it to someone who showed interest. The person gave me the money (20,000gh) and i send it to my friend who is in Canada to bring the car to us.
        But unfortunately he didn’t bring e car .and now the issues has become headache to me… Now this case is with e police i dont ve money now to settle this people.
        Pls i need ur help.

      • Please I need help am i need please can help to rent , to put my head and work please am suffering ryt now am sleeping in church the church too is moving to a new place am deing inside am always loosing weight, am makeup artist but no help from anywhere jxt struggle all by self I do home service

  2. I don’t know where and how it may end but It keeps telling me to end it so I will be free till eternity.

  3. Who can relate? I don’t want to die, but I don’t want to live. I have so much to be grateful for yet nothing to live for. Say friends and family, a bright future or whatever crap people spur. I’ve been suicidal since 2017, and the only sensible thing stopping me is saying “why the rush?” Cos you’ll die eventually so why not try and actually live what’s left of your life, like actually live. Take risks, do that thing, make a bucket list if you want. Cross all that off and if you still feel like it, by all means. 3 months ago I woke up everyday making an attempt, tbh I’m glad I didn’t succeed

  4. Please help urgently, please right nw am left alone and am treated like a dog, I went everywhere (hospital, praying camp’s, shrines) and it is getting worst,am at the verge of getting mad because of my depressions and anxiety please, please I need ur help urgently,no one greats me, people spit on me infact everything u can think of.I have been tagged with all manner of bad names you can think of on earth.

  5. I just want to end everything. i have parents who barely even care and i dont think they ever will. i wanna end it all by next month and maybe then people woould even in the least way care about me

  6. Someone should kindly help me please am dying suicide on heavily on mind lately plsss hear my cry . 0549702642

  7. I wish every could die alongside me. Cuz the world is fucked up, and if I don’t get to live how I want then no one should.

  8. Comment:I Need help just save me am in danger as am upset n i dont know what to do.I have not seen live the way i think it could be for me.Since i complete shs til now i have not get money to go to school.

  9. I always wanna commit suicide buh the only thing I have to leave for is a son whom I thought killing also.i have nothing left.shame is a life I leave now.they said I have done things I never did.please help I have no one to talk to just tell them what I feel.just to talk to.please help

  10. I really need help and it’s so much that I can’t explain everything on this platform,
    IF only someone is willing to help then this is my line +233552809687

  11. I really need help from an NGO who are human rights activist in order to come into a case between a magistrate handling a case between my ex-wife and I whereby the magistrate is in relationship with my ex wife.The rate at which this man is drilling me I want to commit suicide.

  12. Help me. Am very depressed, I want to die. I have been searching for a job but I can’t find one. I don’t have money, I need a job.

  13. Get a lawyer from legal aid. Every region has legal aid and they would help you. Also you can report the magistrate to CJ and the evidence and ask CJ to change the court

  14. Go to legal aid. Every region has one and they can help you. You can ask around at the court for legal aid or the lawyer’s who do pro bono. But before you can accuse the judge you must have evidence of his close friendship with your wife. Also report to CJ.

  15. I’m owning a lot of people but I own a friend 50gh and the harassment I’m going through I want to die I need help

  16. I have seen it all, leaving this world will be the best option, I am someone who is quick in action but the only thing still bothering me is my sick mom who loves to the core, right now I’m just dormant, I don’t feel like communicating with anyone, I don’t ague I don’t discuss I’m just dumb, I think is good I go, life has taught me so many lessons, for me to say this means I’ve seen the worst part of the lesson

  17. Please I need a job
    Have been unemployed and struggling
    Ma field is graphic design B. Art
    But any job that pays is welcome by me

  18. Please I really do need help because I can think of is that I want die so I won’t feel this pain anymore. Am so depressed about my life that I think everyone’s life would be better without me in it because no matter what I did I kept letting people down.

    • Why would want to end it all.
      Do u think after you end everything all the problems will be solved. Life is worth living even if you’re facing hardships it’s just God’s test for you. You have a purpose in 5his life of yours. God has everything planned for you since the day you came on this earth. You are meant for greatness. Just call on to him and He will always be there for you.

  19. I called today for help and I was spoken to by a doctor on this platform. May God help us all. There’s still hope. Thank you Dr. Osei.

  20. Trying to come out depression, no one to help me with my educational needs sm being ignored by family, family can help but they want me to die for them to spend at my funeral so I think the best way is to end it myself, I hv tried several times but something comes up I really need some help me further my education.

  21. Anytime, I write test, I fail, me taking part in family meetings my points are not taken I do have money yet I don’t have satisfaction for anything oh I miss the old me, there no other options here for me apart from the one in my head

    • I feel like committing suicide ….I blame everything on myself but …this point I don’t even know where to start or go

  22. I don’t know where to even start from but I need someone to talk to and also help me can’t explain myself here ..feel like killing myself in the coming says..lost hope and everything ..233550842251

  23. Hello please I don’t know what’s happening to me I feel like no one love me in this world
    I feel bad for myself since I have no one to talk to
    I need help

  24. Need help…HV lost hope and everything.. committing suicide has crossed my mind from yesterday till now

  25. I’m not in deed of a financial assistant no
    I just need someone to talk to me to make me feel loved this my number if anyone interested 0264054873

  26. I feel depressed and sad due to challenges all around my life . People always see and wonder how. I can cope with all my problems. I feel suicidal what stops me is my son and mother who are dependent on me . I really need help

  27. I have been struggling with depression since 2017, tried committing suicide last year 😭😭…. wondering if life is Worth living cos I don’t know if my life can ever get better?

  28. I’m still searching for a drug to end this life now. Everything is messed up from the beginning. Marriage breakup has made my life bad since I was 10. My step mother treated me bad and now my life is miserable. I want to end it now I don’t know when and how my life can get better. The only reason I’m still alive is because of my mum . Told him I might commit suicide one day and she started crying but I can’t live this life anymore

  29. I see myself as a burden to my friends and family now. I want to end this now and I’ll be no more. Please send me anything from your heart 0551787199 . Hmmm life 😪💔

  30. I’m 23. A single mom and student with support from no one. Due to school fees and expenses of my five year old, I owe up to 6000cedis. I work really hard but some how it’s still hard.i feel like such a bad mother sometimes. At times I just want to leave my kid at school and just end it. Don’t judge its really hard. Because of this 6000 I might go to jail. The person in question keeps threatening me. I feel I might end it anytime soon.

  31. Life has not been good to me and I think it is about time to say good bye to this world,.becox the more I try ,the more things get bad for me

  32. Please l need help l use all my money to open an electrical shop and get it registered, l run out of capital due to illness, l have recovered but no work, am starving to death, l don’t have family l lost my mother at a very tender age, l have no idea of my father because my mother never mentioned him. I just need support to get materials in my electrical shop to get it operating so that I can sort myself out with that. Please help if you can.THANK YOU

  33. I just don’t the best way to do it Like I would’ve done it long ago, I think about suicide every day and can’t seem to stop thinking the best way to end my life. I don’t even know why I’m still alive because nothing seem to get better, the struggle continues and there’s no hope! The best thing that can happen to me right now is if I’m dead! Nothing works for me and I’m better off dead! God please take my life because I can’t stand this life anymore!

  34. Please can I have doctor Osei number, I really need help and I need some to talk to concerning my life so I can overcome this depression and sucidial thoughts.

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  36. I don’t know how to call this .. but i feel like no lights exist around me .. and that I am a disappointment especially to my mother .. after all her effort i still can’t take her out of her suffering .. I don’t have dreams again .

  37. Is wanting to be left in isolation a problem…I feel like a burden to the people around me…I almost committed suicide today,someone found me and critically judged me.i feel like the worst person

  38. My name is abubakar Mohammed my life as being hell .well I was born in nigeria my dad is a ghanian and my mum a togolese am born in a family of four but now three .very poor baground everything I try to lay my hands those in succeed and my mum is very sick we lost how elder brother because his the bread winner so I tolt of changing enviromen .to come my father land Which is Ghana since have it’s not being easy to get a gud job that I can feed talkless of sending something to my siblings .all I just need is a good job to do ..because have given up on my dreams .I just want to survive .since have come to Ghana I stay at offinso that where am managing for now
    Pls a good and god fearing should pls me help me out before I end my life of failure because I had nothing to live for
    Pls call me if you can help ….0591918508

  39. Can someone suggest a simple method for committing suicide I don’t want hang my self I want to take something that will kill me like drugs pls just tell me that I want to no pls

  40. Someone should pls any drugs name that can kill easily pls that all I want pls help me tell me any drugs name please

  41. I am in a relationship where my boyfriend is send to be an angel,anything he does isn’t considered as a crime but I am always abused with words even from my pastor who thinks I am the problem in the relationship,by the time you will receive this message I will be gone so don’t bother helping.I hope they will be happy after seeing my dead body

  42. Seriously sometimes I also think death is the only way I know am young and I have alot to live for but it’s getting really hard since I completed shs recently I know people’s reason might be better than mine I know i just feel like sometimes that life ain’t worth it been filled with so much rage n depression that I sometimes cut my self from everyone but it’s still doesn’t work everything I do turns out wrong my mom blames me for everything sometimes her words hit me more than anything all I want to be is successful for her but we’re will I start from I know 19 is a young age n you can do more with you life n I shouldn’t be stressing over success n money but I just want to give the best life to my mom tried every form of making a little cash but it’s either I get ripped or it doesn’t work out I just want to be successful n give my family the best but it seems I can’t even do that with how things are going

  43. I just don’t want to disappoint anyone further I just don’t want to be useless in life I don’t want to fail am so afraid of failier maybe my mom will feel better if am not alive maybe she will be more free from all the pain I cost her I just don’t want to be a failier it feels like it’s better just to end it all

  44. I just don’t want to disappoint anyone further I just don’t want to be useless in life I don’t want to fail am so afraid of failier maybe my mom will feel better if am not alive maybe she will be more free from all the pain I cost her I just don’t want to be a failier it feels like it’s better just to end it all

  45. I know am young n just completed shs but I just want to be be successful so bad it but how things are going I feel like I maybe on the road to failier I can’t fail I don’t want to be a failier it’s better to end it all after all I don’t even know my purpose for living anymore I just don’t want to be useless

  46. Please I need someone to talk to. I have been battling with depression and suicide thought since April this year. Last night I almost killed myself and my two daughters. I don’t need financial assistance, all I need is someone I can pour out my heart to. 0571988581

  47. Am Gloria my husband has left with two kids so life hasn’t been easy for I and them so I went a loan to start up a business I was Robb one when coming from de market so now I can’t pay the loan so the bank want to arrest me I can’t stand all that shame and disgrace so I want it by killing my self

  48. Look,those writing comments about wanting to die,no one actually cares not even this website,you being depressed in Ghana means you are death already,am also suffering from depression and I even called the Ghana helpline but no avail,am planning on how to leave this painful and fake world,and mind you there’s no mental health unit in Ghana here, this country is not the right place to be suffering from depression cos you gonna suffer until you can’t cope no more and take your own life,I always say”it’s better to commit suicide and go to hell than be on earth and be living in pain”

  49. I really need help, cos I’m dying and I feel left out. Please I need help, pls call this number 0596287864 because I can’t help it.

  50. Im very much depressed and want to end my life. Everyone around me is progressing in life whiles im stucked and retrogressing. I failed my maths in 2018 wassce , took it again but I failed. Failing maths means I can’t further my education to be who I want to be. I’ve been to 6 different auditions and no call backs.And it’s so sad that all the ones I was better than at school are in the University .
    Everyone one looks good ,,but for me I look very bad like an old woman . What I don’t understand is right after ShS things became so bad that we had to relocate from Accra to the village. Even my younger cousins here at the village are going to the university whiles im still home. This isn’t the only reason y I want to commit suicide. Growing up as the only female amongst 5 boys I always felt I wasn’t enough , I endured physical, emotional and verbal abuse from both parents, I always felt I wasn’t enough for them. It came a time where my dad even told me he didn’t want me amongst his children. My dad prefers stepping money on his relatives than me. I feel when I leave the world they will be happy n wouldn’t have to cope with me. The only thing stoping me is 1. Fear_ even though I want to die im still afraid n also I don’t want to go to hell.😩
    2. The thought of a better tomorrow is also stoping me ._ they say no one knows tomorrow, maybe my life is hard today but they will be my testimonies for tomorrow….. But I really want to die , I feel hopeless, lost ,and I feel like a loser. I haven’t eaten properly for a week now and I cry everyday 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 ohw Lord please remember me please

    • You need to understand that even if the situation is worse today, it will eventually get better tomorrow. You should not be nagging over those things, for things are meant to change and get better each day. Probably, the reason behind your failure is the minor mistakes that you have committed, or maybe, that was not your day.

      You should keep faith in yourself and hope for the next day to turn better for you. It could be the worst situation for you today, but it will gradually get better, and with the changing time, you will have new hopes and wishes to turn in your favor. Therefore, the best thing that you can ever do is not to give up. Remember that giving up is a sign of failure, and with the changing time, if you can keep your faith and hope on yourself, you are sure to succeed.

      A lot of people cannot withstand the harsh situations, and they tend to give up. Do not be one among them. Strong people will wait for the next day and won’t miss even a single opportunity to give their best shot. Be the one likewise!nothing-is-permanent-dont-stress-yourself-too-much-because-no-matter-how-bad-the-situation-is-it-will-change

    • Yaasan, good afternoon.
      I hope you can see this and reply.

      How are you doing today?
      Life’s hard, yes.
      We only hope on hopes for a better tomorrow like you said.
      Do not give up yet uh.
      Let’s keep trying.
      It will be well soon

      I just discovered this platform and I am not sure I will be back here again.
      But if this message reaches you know that someone(a stranger) somewhere is touched by your message and cares.

      Be Strong and Courageous

  51. I’ve been pilfering for too long I got saved by God but because my mum doesn’t believe in me, she always insults me and threatens to report it to the school authorities so that I’ll be kicked out of school and u know that the tongue is powerful so that evil spirit attacked me again and I kept on pilfering now she has told the authorities I think there’s no way out but to take away my life so I’m taking in methanol to end this misery

  52. I’ve been pilfering for too long I got saved by God but because my mum doesn’t believe in me, she always insults me and threatens to report it to the school authorities so that I’ll be kicked out of school and u know that the tongue is powerful so that evil spirit attacked me again and I kept on pilfering now she has told the authorities I think there’s no way out but to take away my life so I’m taking in methanol to end this misery

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  55. Please I really need help of 5000
    I have involve myself in gambling didn’t know it want help me
    Am student too
    I want to take my life if no help

    • Life is fuck up and vanity upon it.i am seeing nothing meaningful in life it just struggling and sleep with the same repeating . I fucking hate living and all this mental doubts . For fellow bro and sis suicide is not the answer. Let have hope and faith those are the expression that keep
      me going .remember time reveals.

  56. Can you teach me how to die I really want to die right now I am planning on going to take overdose drugs or maybe eat a poisonous food am empty 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  57. Life is fuck up and vanity upon it.i am seeing nothing meaningful in life it just struggling and sleep with the same repeating . I fucking hate living and all this mental doubts . For fellow bro and sis suicide is not the answer. Let have hope and faith those are the expression that keep
    me going .remember time reveals.


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