Here’s why people are fascinated with classic architecture, according to Vivian Sanchez

Vivian Sanchez

The mixture of modern art and classic architecture is always a good combination when it comes to design. It’s great to keep the traditional look and add a modern style as well.

Born in Venezuela, Vivian Carolina Sanchez is a lighting designer and civil engineer, and the founder/CEO of “The Lighting Studio.” Vivian worked on several projects during her days spent in Venezuela. Although she is a structural designer, she always has been showing interest in arts and design projects. When she started her career as a civil engineer, she met her future husband Gustavo. She then began to focus on lighting design and new trends in lighting goods, and learning everything there is to know about the lighting business.

With her past expertise, Vivian Carolina Sanchez saw an opportunity to go to Miami with her husband, where she began learning and seeing designs from a different perspective. This is when she and Gustavo decided to establish “The Lighting Studio” as a firm that offers a global service to produce lighting design projects. As the main goal, they have decided to focus on architectural lighting while also incorporating decorative and distinctive luminaire components. Vivian admits that the idea is to offer their customers and homeowners not only the retail product but also the experience of receiving a complete design on their lighting projects.

Vivian Carolina Sanchez, a mother of two beautiful daughters and a proud owner of one of the most successful design studios, showed her interest in art and architecture from a very young age. She always had a passion for history and new tendencies as well. Vivian never wanted to stop learning and obtaining new information. She always has been looking forward to new ideas and more inspiration to do her job. Her unique style is a mixture of the classic and modern side of designing. That`s why Vivian always combines the art of aesthetics with modern architecture.



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