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Heretical bishop excommunicated a true Catholic priest


Bishop Simone Giusti of the Diocese of Livorno in Tuscany, Italy, illegally excommunicated Father Ramon Guidetti. In doing so, the bishop ipso facto earned a latae sententiae excommunication for alignment with the manifest heretic Jorge Bergoglio. The so-called guilt of Father Guidetti was that on 31 December 2023, he stated the fact that the manifest heretic Francis Bergoglio was an invalid pope. The bishop described the statement of this truth as a manifestation of schism. We ask: How can it be called a schism to separate oneself from a manifest heretic who is not a pope? This is an absurdity.

Jorge Bergoglio, as a manifest heretic, has excommunicated himself from the Church and therefore cannot be its head. This is the teaching of the Church Fathers, Doctors of the Church, and Paul IV’s dogmatic bull, and it is rooted in the very nature of Sacred Scripture and Tradition.

Bergoglio’s doctrinal declaration Fiducia supplicans enforces the ecclesiastical blessing of the sin of Sodom. Bergoglio is, ipso facto, subject to anathema – God’s punishment “let him be accursed” – for a sodomite anti-gospel (Gal 1:8-9). In addition, Bergoglio has dedicated himself to Satan under the guidance of a sorcerer in Canada. It is not a schism, but the duty of every bishop, priest, and believer to separate from an arch-heretic who has excommunicated himself from the Church.

Bishop Giusti has committed a crime against God and the Church, namely:
1) he misused his episcopal authority to falsely label a Catholic priest as a schismatic,
2) he thus publicly aligned himself with the sodomite anti-gospel promoted by the manifest heretic Bergoglio.

So who is guilty? Father Guidetti or Bishop Giusti? The priest is innocent; he is in fact a confessor of the faith. He bravely confessed the truth that the public heretic Bergoglio is an invalid pope and occupies the papal office illegally. This is in accordance with God’s Word and Tradition. The priest made this confession as a reaction to the heretical document Fiducia supplicans, which introduces a different faith and sodomite anti-morality. This has nothing to do with Catholic teaching anymore! It is not the Catholic Church anymore! Bergoglio is at the head of the rebellion against all Scripture and all Tradition.

Fiducia supplicans promotes the blessing of sodomite unions, thus mocking God’s warning against temporal fire (2Pe 2:6) and also boycotting the threat of eternal fire (Jude 7). Fiducia supplicans is the official and vehemently imposed spiritual suicide of the Church in radice.

Whoever accepts and promotes the declaration Fiducia supplicans ipso facto places himself under the latae sententiae excommunication. At the same time, such a one is subject to God’s punishment “let him be accursed” (Gal 1:8-9) for another, that is, sodomite anti-gospel. Whoever submits to an invalid pope, who is a manifest heretic, automatically receives the sodomite anti-gospel and is likewise under the anathema of the statement “let him be accursed”. This penalty of anathema follows from the very essence of the Gospel. It is about a public renunciation of the Saviour and the way of salvation.

If Bishop Simone Giusti fails to repent adequately and dies in this state of obstinacy in heresy, he will be eternally condemned.

How is it with the so-called schism today? If this bishop considers faithfulness to Christ and separation from the heresy and the heretic as a reason for dismissal from the priestly ministry, he proves again that the punishment is due to him and not the priest. The bishop even threatens the believers with the penalty of latae sententiae excommunication if they attend the Holy Mass of this true Catholic priest. In the case of the priest, it is not a schism, but in the case of the bishop, it is a spiritual schizophrenia.

Bishop Giusti turns the whole teaching of the Church and the Code with its paragraphs on its head. The Code is supposed to protect the teaching of faith and morals, but he abuses it to punish the true faith! The Code’s authority is conditioned by a sound foundation. If the foundations of faith and morals are destroyed by heresies, the Code itself no longer has any justification. The church documents are also invalid if the heresy has become a new faith. This is also emphasized by the dogmatic bull Cum ex apostolatus officio. Bergoglio’s declaration Fiducia supplicans introduces a different faith and a pseudo-gospel.

We call on all believers in the Diocese of Livorno to respect the fact that their bishop incurs a latae sententiae excommunication and at the same time God’s punishment of anathema, that is, God’s curse (Gal 1:8-9).

Dear believers, if you have the salvation of your immortal souls at heart, you must separate from the heretical Bishop Simone. You can no longer attend his Masses, because they are invalid. The sacrament of Holy Orders conferred by him is null and void. The Masses and ceremonies celebrated by him are but an embarrassing spectacle and a religious farce. Blessings from this apostate are an abuse of God’s name. Instead of blessing through this heretic Simone comes God’s curse. It is necessary to separate from him; otherwise a curse will fall on everyone who obeys and submits to him. This clear position is based on Holy Scripture and Tradition.

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops

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