This week?s tourist sites may be unknown to most readers though they have existed in their various locations for several years. What is intriguing about these two falls is the fact that they are located in the same region and actually situated not far from the popular Boti Falls.

Despite their close proximity to Boti falls, it is rather surprising that these two falls have remained hidden and underdeveloped for such a long time.

As if to buttress the fact that they are unknown, there is close to no information, on their location, features or any other information associated with tourist sites, even on the World Wide Web.

In our quest to put the spot light on these neglected falls, Hidden Treasures? online search only brought up scanty information on today?s tourist attractions. Most of the information gathered are from expeditions of foreigners who were curious enough to visit even the ?unpopular? falls.

Despite the limited information, their expeditions actually gives a vivid description of potential revenue generators that have been underdeveloped and neglected for far too long.

This week, Hidden Treasures brings you closer to Akaa and Asenema Waterfalls, two other waterfalls in the Eastern region, close to Boti falls, but has existed in the shadows for all these years. Enjoy?

Akaa and Asenema Waterfalls

Akaa Waterfall is located near the Akyeremateng village in the Akuapem North District about 2km away from Boti waterfalls. It takes sources from the Boti river, the very river from which the Boti Falls takes its source. It flows for most parts of the year just as the Boti Falls.

Asenema Waterfall is one of the hidden gems in the Akuapem Hills. There are many waterfalls in the Eastern Region, but Asenema is only 15 minutes in tro tro from Akropong.  The drive to get there is wonderfully scenic, with beautiful views across the rolling hills that are so typical of this region.

There is no entrance fee, and it?s just a 5 minute walk from the main road along a marked trail.  Ok, so aside from taking a few pictures and enjoying the cool spray from the water, there?s not much to do, but as it?s so near it?s definitely worth a visit all the same.  Perfect for a half day outing, just like myself and seven of our volunteers did this morning!

Our most recent weekend drive about took us from the first cocoa plantation to some spectacular rainforest waterfalls in the Akuapem Hills, outside of Accra, and north of Aburi.

The first sets of falls, Asenema Waterfall, was lesser known and a little tricky to find, especially if you were to miss the roadside sign. The posting at the trailhead said that we needed to call O.B. in the village in order to get permission, so we did.

To be honest, I halfway considered not calling as it felt like a prime opportunity to pay far more than was reasonable for entrance to the falls. I was both surprised and embarrassed when the guide, who was the son to the man who owns the land surrounding the falls, expected nothing from us.

The hike in to the falls was not too difficult and it afforded us the sounds and sights of a lively little stream fed by the falls. There is very good flow at this time of year, as it is the rainy season, which is why we wanted to make this trip before the dry season sets in.

The man who guided us explained that his family is trying to develop the site to make it more of a tourist attraction. While this would undoubtedly be very good for his family and for the village, the eco-tourist in me shuddered when he suggested that they want to alter the base of the falls to create a swimming pool for visitors.

Unfortunately, I cannot argue against his thinking that this would probably bring more people, even if we would not likely be among them.


If you are thinking of an unforgettable experience whiles in the Eastern Region, then BEIGE village is the place to check out. Read this.

BEIGE village, Tourism ?star of the east?

BEIGE Village, one of the recent hospitality abodes in the country is taking the Eastern region by storm. 

At the tenth 2014 national tourism award organised by the Ghana Tourism Authority, it was adjudged the ?Best Three Star Hotel of The Year? in Ghana.

Prior to the national recognition, BEIGE Village also won the ?Best 3 star Hotel in the Eastern region? at the regional tourism awards.

This was to recognise and reward the innovation BEIGE village has brought to the hospitality industry including the addition of tour packages to its services which is gradually becoming the flagship of its products.

The initiative has not only promoted tourism in the area but also continues to enhance domestic tourism particularly eco-tourism in the region.

Strategically situated at New Abirem in the Eastern region, BEIGE Village has, through its promotion of tourism, become the gateway to the region. Currently, the village has a golf resort and spa.

It offers an outdoor swimming pool, spa, golf course, fitness centre, and free airport shuttle service and can be described as the channel through which eco-tourism has been boosted in the Eastern region.

The emergence of BEIGE village with its related tourism initiatives have unearthed many more of the tourism potential of the eastern region by not only identifying the sites but also bringing them to the attention of both domestic and foreign tourists.

For instance, besides the well-known attractions such as Botanical Gardens, Wood Carver?s Village at Aburi and the Boti Falls, the Umbrella Rock at Kwahu and the Geological Hiking on the Odweanoma Mountains are gradually becoming household tourist attractions. 

Again, through BEIGE Village, other tourist sites like the Asenema and Akaa Waterfalls near Boti, the Somanya bead-making centre, mango farming at Kwaoso, the snake stream and the mystery palm tree as well as the Tetteh Quarshie Cocoa Farm at Mampong Akropong have increased their potential to attract more patronage. 

In the words of the Brands manager of BEIGE Group, Mr Michael Djanie, BEIGE village can be described as an ?Out of town destination? where visitors have less distractions and become sound psychologically during their stay.

?BEIGE village is very good destination for instance for conferences because people cannot sneak out and go home in the middle of meetings. Our ?Take you on a tour trip? through which visitors to the village are taken on a tour round some tourist sites and back to the village is very refreshing and exciting?, he said.

Well, when next you are in the Eastern region, make it a point to visit the Akaa and Asenema Waterfalls and the BEIGE village, for an unforgettable encounter with nature.

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