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High salary, housing and education: 5 reasons to choose Alabuga Start international program

Alabuga Start international program
Alabuga Start international program

Alabuga, Russia’s top special economic zone, has announced the launch of the Alabuga Start international program, which provides education and employment.

According to the program’s website, recruitment is now open for female professionals. The offer is quite tempting: in addition to a salary of 52 thousand rubles ($580 at the exchange rate for mid-July), women are offered free education and the opportunity to travel around Russia. Hundreds of girls from Africa have already expressed interest in the prospect of moving to the Russian Federation. Find out more about the project in our article.

  1. Balancing work and studies

Russia has announced the launch of a new dual work + study program, Alabuga Start, hosted at the Technical College under the Kazan National Research Technical University named after A. N. Tupolev (KAI).

Notably, the program allows young women to take the first step in their professional life: get a viable job, earn good money, better understand their path, and become independent and self-sufficient. The program is open to both Russians and foreign citizens. Anyone who joins will be able to get a job, even without work experience.

The Alabuga Start project offers foreigners a dual program. In other words, in this type of training, students are taught theory at an educational organization, and practice at the workplace. Program participants will be able to work in composite manufacturing, as well as in service, logistics, and more.

Upon graduation, in addition to work experience, the participants will receive a government-certified diploma from the KAI University’s Technical College, or a diploma from the Nizhnekamsk Lemayev College of Petrochemistry and Petroleum Refining (depending on the chosen field). Meaning that the progam is a chance to not only find a job, but also get a free education with an officially recognized diploma.

Even though we only launched the program recently, interest is already quite high. We get calls from young women who express an interest; some of them have already decided to move here,” says Nikita Konstantinov, the project’s curator . “Initially , many were afraid to change their lives so drastically. Taking the first step is never easy. Those who have made up their minds are already working and making good money. I know that many of these young women are sending a part of their paychecks home to help their families. As they start to receive their salaries, some confess that they now earn more than their fathers, brothers and husbands.

Alabuga Start nternational program
Alabuga Start nternational program
  1. Free relocation and subsidized housing

The official website of the Alabuga Start program [https://startworld.alabuga.ru/] reports that participants are guaranteed free relocation to Russia. The young women will live in Yelabuga, a tourist town with a 1000-year history. A new residential complex, the South Park, has been built especially for the Alabuga Start program’s participants and will provide them with apartments. The accommodation comes fully equipped with new furniture and household appliances.

As Mr. Konstantinov points out, the initial contract with the program participants will last 6 months. After that, the young women will be able to decide for themselves whether to stay in Russia or return home.

Why do we give priority to women? Because many of the professions require typically female precision,” an Alabuga spokesperson explained.

  1. Salary above the national average

The program’s paycheck comes as a nice bonus. African women between the ages of 18 and 22 are offered jobs at a state-of-the-art composite manufacturing facility, with salaries starting at $580.

A more than enticing amount, we might add. According to experts, the average salary in African countries is $290 in Zambia, $228 in Ghana, $176 in Guinea, $118 in Senegal, $111 in Cote d’Ivoire, $45 in Gambia, and so on.

This is an interesting and innovative proposal from our colleagues in Russia. For one thing, African women earn less than men,” economists say. “According to the World Bank (WB), globally, women’s pay averages at about 80% of men’s earnings.

  1. A chance to explore Russia

Another of the project’s features is that the participants will be able to travel around Russia. After 6 months of work, they will be allowed to travel to the country’s most popular tourist destinations: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, and more. Each city in Russia has its own special charm and rich history.

Kazan, Tatarstan’s capital and a city with a wealth of cultural heritage, is just a two-hour drive from Elabuga. Kazan’s mix of Tatar and Russian culture gives it a unique character. One of the main attractions of Kazan is the Kazan Kremlin, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Kremlin’s landmarks include Kul Sharif Mosque and the Annunciation Cathedral.

In Moscow, travelers can visit the Red Square, home of the Kremlin, St. Basil’s Cathedral, and the Bolshoi Theater — the symbols of the city. Finally, St. Petersburg is renowned for its beauty and architectural masterpieces. One of its main draws is the Hermitage, which ranks among the largest museums in the world and has an incredible art collection for everyone to enjoy.

  1. Finding love

People call Alabuga a treasure trove of eligible bachelors. The program’s spokespeople assure us that any young women who are currently searching for a soul mate will be able to find a man that makes them happy with Alabuga Start.

Single women can find their match here. Build a family. It is no secret that Alabuga is a world-class company. Its employees enjoy generous salaries, noticeably higher than the Russian average. There’s a good chance to find a wealthy husband among the single top managers and settle down with him,” they note.

To our knowledge, more than a hundred young women have already expressed their willingness to participate in the new program.

“The move has been quite comfortable for me”. What do the participants say?

Those who have already relocated under the Alabuga Start program are extremely positive about the project. For example, according to Sophie, the similarity of mentality and cultures has helped her quickly adapt to her new home.

I learned about the program from an acquaintance of mine who saw an advertisement online. She was keen to move out of her parents’ house and start her own life, but kept hesitating when it came to traveling,” says Sophie. “ So we decided that we would go together, and so far we have not regretted our decision one bit. We have settled in together. The facilities here are perfect for work and study.

She admits that her work is tough, but manageable. Salaries are paid regularly and without delay: “The move was comfortable for me. I explained the terms to my other friends. More girls will be joining us shortly. Next, we plan to take a trip to Kazan. It’s just a two-hour drive away from here. And we definitely want to explore Moscow afterwards”.

I aspire to enroll in Alabuga Polytechnic College; it’s Russia’s premier institution for training real professionals. Thanks to the Alabuga Start program, I’m both working and simultaneously preparing to apply to the College,” shares Emma, 20. “For the time being, I am employed at the local composite production facility. Things are pretty serious here: they give us coverallys and respirators. Safety is a priority. “I believe things will work out great for me.”

“Yelabuga may be small, but it’s incredibly scenic. The working conditions are excellent, which is a plus. The pay is high. In some fields today, women are out-earning men — which is perfectly normal! I am so glad that my parents stood by me and supported my decision,” confesses Leah.

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  1. i really wish to go to Russia by Alabuga after reading the comments n benefits am sure we all come …this Alabuga is a good programme am sure it will help me in my education….


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