Hillary Clinton’s Health In Doubt Ahead of US Elections


Questions about the Democrat presidential candidate hopeful’s fitness has further assumed disturbing speculations after Hilary Clinton completely forgot what she was talking about while criticizing her main contender, Bernie Sanders, in front of a cheering crowd at Scranton, Pennsylvania over the weekend.

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

An American online media reported that the Democratic front-runner paused for a few seconds, losing her train of thought, then quickly powered on with her speech.

According to the report, Mrs. Clinton has in recent times raised questions about her health, continuously coughing through speeches, an indication she is potentially suffering from post-concussion syndrome.

The 68-year-old, according to Radaronline.com then passionately spoke about what she would do differently than Bernie Sanders as president, “…We do not need another big contentious debate about healthcare,” Clinton said. “We need to make what we’ve got work really well and improve it and the get the cost out of…upward spiral…now I want to mention two other things…”

The report says this confirms Republican frontrunner; Donald Trump’s statement last month that he believed Hilary Clinton does not have the energy necessary for a U.S. president.

“I think she doesn’t have the stamina,” Trump said. “You watch her life, you watch how she’ll go away for three, four days, she’ll come back, and she’ll go, I think she just doesn’t have the stamina,” Trump was quoted to have said.

A book written by journalist Ed Klein which details the rocky relationship between the Obama and the Clinton family revealed that although Mrs. Clinton’s health issues have been kept secret for fears they will ruin her eligibility to become president.
The excerpt on her health includes a claim from a cardiac specialist familiar with Clinton’s condition as saying her clotting in the brain could have developed into a stroke

In further excerpts of the book reported by Drudge Report, the author claims Hillary Clinton’s health problems, which have included the blood clot between her skull and brain, were revealed in a trip to hospital after she fainted.
He wrote she had a track record of fainting and a tendency to form blood clots.

‘She also suffered from a thyroid condition, which was common among women of her age, and her fainting spells indicated there was an underlying heart problem as well.
‘A cardiac stress test indicated that her heart rhythm and heart valves were not normal.

The author added: ‘She had managed to keep her medical history secret out of fear that, should it become public, it would disqualify her from becoming president.

Her health has also become a talking point in recent weeks as speculation continues over whether she will run for the 2016 presidency

In defending his wife last month, former President Bill Clinton said it took his wife ‘six months of very serious work’ to get over her concussion induced health issues but she is fine now, Mailonline reported.

A piece written R. Siva Kumar, a writer with the heading:Hillary Clinton Seems To Suddenly Lose It During Speech wrote
“It was a bit discomfiting to watch the 68-year-old Hillary Clinton completely forgetting what she was saying.”

Over the weekend, in a Scranton, Pennsylvania, speech, the Democratic front-runner slammed her rival Bernie Sanders in front of a crowd that was loudly cheering her. She then passionately went into rhapsodies about how she would take her actions forward, instead of Sanders, if she is elected President.

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