His Mouth Leaks?


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If you are fond of creating a mess with food dropping from your mouth onto the dining table or onto the carpet, do not visit my friend Ernest.

Yes because it piss him off seeing you creating a mess with cramps all over the place that he  spends a lot of quality time to clean the whole mess after dinning.

When you visit Ernest you will never go back home without being served a local Ghanaian dish. No matter what he will serve you food so you have to be aware of not soiling around.

So the first thing he will ask you before serving you the dish is,” master tell me does your mouth leaks”?

He asks such a question in order for him to spread a whole big sheet of paper beneath the table in order to collect the drops from people’s mouth as they put the food into their mouths.

Bringing it into our current government system, the same question can be put to the communications director at the castle Koku Anyidoho,”massa wano enyoo” to wit “my friend your mouth leaks?”

See the problem he created for himself when the shining black stars were playing against their counterparts fromLesothoat the Baba Yara Sport Stadium and the floodlights went off for an hour.

Koku Anyidoho, in an Idi Amin military junta style, granted interviews to numerous media stations issuing a dismissal notice to an innocent regional director of ECG where in fact the president has not even thought of it.

But special thanks must go to the journalists who asked critical questions which forced the communication director to come out from his shell and eat his humble pie after all.

Excellent cross fire took place as I listened to both sections through News File on Joy F.M. where the exact recorded words used by Koku Anyidoho was played back to him which made it impossible for him to deny thereby saying the decision was taken when he met some senior ministers.

First he said president mills was upset about the situation and will let heads roll. Then when the journalists forced him to eat his humble pie he said it was some senior ministers who took that decision and asked him to communicate without the president’s awareness.

Oh yeah, he being the president’s spokesman can go to public with a purported statement from the head of state without Professor Atta Mills instructing him, the communication’s director to do so?

My Gosh. This guy can lead a palace coup because he can simply go on air and say that henceforth the president is no more in power and when asked will say the decision was taken by some senior security officers and everyone would have no choice but to obey.

All jokes aside, this Koku guy is more than someone whose mouth leaks so bad. If not how can he issue statements only for the president to come out and deny it all the time?

Where does he get his facts from? Does he consult his master the tax professor to go through everything he wants to say before going out? Or he feels superior to the president therefore choosing his own path that brings trouble to him all the time.

Was this Koku Anyidoho the same guy who defended the president on his assertion that he when elected as president will consult ex-president Rawlings in morning, noon, day and night? I do not remember but it seems he was.

Then he should tell the whole country why he has not been consulting his master morning, noon, day and night before smearing mud on himself by making statements only for the president to deny afterwards.

Do not get pissed of Koku if I ask you “do your mouth leaks” because is just to find out how I can help you to overcome the shame, frustrations, pressure and all the disgrace you are going through.

I have just heard that a statement has been issued from the president’s office sidelining you henceforth from making statements on behalf of the old man so I am going to keep my advice in my head anyway.

But if you still need it, please padlock your lips from now onwards and the problem will be solved naturally. It is simple and stupid.

Do not let your mouth leak again.


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