Historic events of February 28, 1948


With reference to the incident of 28th February 1948 reported on Ghanaweb 28/2/14 occurred at the OSU Christiansburg Castle crossroads should not be forgotten.

This act of bravery claimed innocent lives of the following MARTYRS Sgt. Adjetey, Cpl. Lamptey & Cpl. Attipoe.

These people met their untimely death when a British Police Officer serving in the then Gold Cost Police Force who was protecting the Castle cold-bloodedly gunned them down.

Reflecting on these events in the past it shows how Ghanaians have used harmless peaceful demonstrations to hand in a petition on behalf of the Gold Coast Ex-Servicemen to the British Governor at the seat of power at the Christian Borg Castle. Ghana must never forget this act of bravery. This is because boldness and strategic vision impacted on events that followed. It was narrated on ghanaweb 28/2/14 that there was looting of European owned stores/shops that follows throughout the whole country. Therefore causing the then British Government in Westminster to set up the Watson Commission, which paved the way for constitutional changes leading to Ghana?s Independence.? What a remarkable achievements.

History also remembers the no nonsense approach of Late Nii Koblah Bonne of Osu Alata (Osu Alata Mantse; Boycott-Hene), who organised the boycott of European goods thus stimulating awareness to Ghana?s Political awareness at the time.

I will join others in saying that it is about time Ghana seize this unique opportunity and include these people into our history books and recognised these bravery with a? monument to honour these gallant heroes in the struggle for the independence Gold Coast from the Imperialist.

There are already too many public holidays, which is not cost effective for our economy however I would agree that the names of these significant Martyrs should be on our currency and postage stamps. I will challenge the current Government and the British Government to jointly pull resources together in building a museum at the very spot they people fell and ignite history of the efforts of ordinary Ghanaians. Thus we could be in the form of a mini Madame Tussaud museum with statues of these brave people and some ancient artefact used during the colonial times. This would attract tourists coming to Osu Oxford Street etc and money generated could be used to improve the general out look of that area.

Hopefully in two years time two Governments that is, the British and Ghanaian Governments would jointly fund this project to unite both thus acknowledge what had happened and move on from here.


Author: Mercy Adede Bolus? (columnist)

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