History is important than science-Prof Konotey-Ahulu


Professor Felix I.D. Konotey-Ahulu, Fellow of the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences (GAAS), has underscored the importance of history to society, although science has been used to achieve many things.

“History is what happens and we must be careful to emphasis what happens rather than what people say about science”, he said.

Prof Konotey-Ahulu said this in Accra at a lecture on the topic: “History Surpasses Science”, in honour of Centenarian Dr Emmanuel Evans-Anfom, former President of GAAS to celebrate scientific excellence.

“We are leaving in an age where science has been elevated to a position which does not deserve to be because everybody is talking about Scientists discovering something as if it is the truth but Scientists also tell lies”.

He said the country must not be deceived in thinking that whatever science is used to prove, was a fact, adding that Historians like Scientists, seek truth and use objective techniques of fact finding and arriving at generalizations.

Prof Konotey-Ahulu said history helps to understand society, how people relate to each other, gives opportunity to see how daily lives have changed over the years, and what goes into the fostering that change.

“It is clear that history provides sense of identity because, knowing the past of one’s family is very important to some people in finding a sense of image”.

According to the Professor, history played an enviable part in the lives of every country because it inspired people to take action of their own lives, stressing, “Our past can have a huge impact on the future and we need that inspiration to teach us that”.

“History teaches us warning signs. Society has been able to take warning signs and fight against them and knowing what events lead up to a large extent, helps us to better predict and influence our future”, he added.

He commended the contributions of past Presidents of the GAAS who have presided over the affairs of the Academy and have been described as “the most progressive of world’s academicians in African matters.

Dr Evans-Anfom was born on October 7, 1919.He is one of the country’s living legends and a great pioneer of the medical profession.

He was elected into the Fellowship of the Academy in 1971, served as Vice President, Sciences from 1977 to 1986 and was elected President in 1987 to 1990.

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