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Ho MCE Inspects Ongoing Projects

Ho MCE (in white shirt) Inspects Ongoing Projects
Ho MCE (in white shirt) Inspects Ongoing Projects

Honorable Divine RK Bosson, the Municipal Chief Executive for Ho, embarked on a comprehensive day tour within the Municipality to meticulously inspect ongoing projects, encompassing Roads, Storm Drains, Bungalows, and Astro Turfs, among others. These endeavors mark the continuation of the Secondary City Development Project, facilitated by the Urban Development Grant (UDG), on June 4, 2024.

Delineating the utilization of UDG funds, the MCE highlighted the allocation of UDG 1 and 2 towards the construction of Market stores at the Ho Central Market. Additionally, UDG 3 was designated for infrastructural enhancements, including Cemetery-by-pass to Barracks Newtown Road, Ola-by-pass road, Market-by-pass (Charcoal Street), and Blissam Road. UDG 4 and 5 have been earmarked for further road development and establishment of an Astro Turf.

Ho Mce Inspects Ongoing Projects
Ho Mce Inspects Ongoing Projects

Commencing the tour, the MCE and his team visited the Astro Turf project site, the second of its kind in the municipality. Spanning 100m by 65m and costing approximately GHC 3.5 million, this turf is slated for completion within six months. The MCE emphasized its significance in fostering the growth of established industries within the municipality, particularly sports (football) and the creative sector, by providing a conducive environment for training and play.

Mr. Selorm Kwami Dewortor, representing Banstead Construction Limited, provided insights into the project’s components, including floodlights, a car park accommodating 52 cars, a 6-seater washroom, a security post, and wire mesh fencing. He assured that progress is on track, with a projected completion before the November deadline.

Transitioning to road constructions, the team inspected the ongoing construction of the Cemetery-by-pass to Barracks Newtown road, a 2km stretch managed by First Sky Company Ltd, with a budget of GHC 13 million. The road has undergone prima seal treatment and awaits the first coat.

Subsequently, the team visited Bob Coffie-Philes Road, where Mr. Jerry Govina, representing Sapel Construction Ltd, assured the team of timely and quality delivery. Meanwhile, the Ola-by-pass road, Market-by-pass road, and Blissam road are in various stages of completion, with the expectation of being ready within two months, as indicated by Mr. Gabriel Tsegah from Bans Consult, the consultant overseeing these projects.

Ho Mce Inspects Ongoing Projects
Ho Mce Inspects Ongoing Projects

The inspection culminated at the Togbi Howusu-Dedey-Anikpi Road, a conglomerate of roads at Ho-Dome and Ahoe, overseen by Kpalua Construction Limited. Reflecting on the progress, the MCE expressed optimism in the contractors’ ability to deliver high-quality work within the stipulated timelines.

Expressing gratitude to the government for prioritizing development in Ho, the MCE acknowledged his role as a conduit for progress and urged citizens to recognize and reward good governance. He emphasized the pivotal role of collective effort in propelling Ho forward, underlining his commitment to sustaining the development momentum.

The inspection, spearheaded by the MCE, was attended by key stakeholders, including the Coordinating Director, Mr. Henry Yao Amesimeku, the Physical Planning officer, Mr. John Ntebre, Mr. Gershon Bannamah, the Municipal Urban Roads Engineer, as well as contractors, consultants, representatives from the Ghana Water Company, the Road Safety Authority, and the media.

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