Hogbeza Planning Committee begins rituals towards 2023 festival 

Social Hogbetsotso Rituals
Social Hogbetsotso Rituals

Chief Priests and Diviners on Monday successfully performed divination rituals at Awadada’s Court to pave way for this year’s Hogbeza.  

This divination rituals, which forms a critical part of Anlo Hogbeza activities, was earlier scheduled for July but was disrupted due to some misunderstandings.

The activities were performed under the supervision of Torgbui Satriakor III, Chairman of Hogbeza Rituals Committee and Torgbui Subo II on orders of Torgbui Zewu II, Dufia of Anloga and Awadada Torgbui Agbeshi Awusu II at his court.

“Today, we invited our diviners to come do their usual rituals, it was  successful, the deities told us the destiny (Kporli) on which we should do our activities this year, it demanded some special sacrifices, we shall obey the gods in that regard to complete the entire process then we move on to the next phase of activities for the festival,”  Torgbui Satriakor told the Ghana News Agency (GNA).

Torbokor Kuatsikor, one of the diviners in charge, stated clearly how they performed the rituals and promised to support the chiefs to perform the necessary sacrifices to complete the process.

“We did our part, we told out chiefs what needs to be done and we shall support them to complete the process.”

Torgbui Subo II, Planning Committee member, in his interview with the GNA said that all has commenced perfectly towards the festival this year.

“It is true we faced some obstacles, but as Anlos, we believe in peace and as you can see, we are taking every step one after the other to have a succesful festival…I can assure all natives to keep calm and trusts us,” he said.

Dufakaka is one of the first and critical rituals performed to invoke and seek the blessings of the deities and destiny on which the kingdom should celebrate their annual festival

According to the programme by the publicity Committe, there would be ban on noise making and drumming from September 10th to October 1, 2023, followed by other activities towards the climax on November 5, 2023.

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